$2.50 folding camp stools at Five Below

I’m sharing this because it’s just a crazy-cheap deal!

Back in April, as we prepared to embark on the All American RV Blogger Tour, I purchased some lightweight folding camp stools similar to this style for the trip. I picked mine up at Cabela’s for $9.99 each.

At the time, I bought four (even though there are five in the family) because we only needed four stools for the trip. They’re the perfect size to fold and carry versus bringing a larger chair.

Yesterday, I stopped into Five Below and was quite surprised to see these stools at a much, much better price..!

$3 each, or two for $5!

Yes, I picked up one more so that we’d have a complete set of five for our family. The Five Below camp stools also have a shoulder strap for carrying and a Velcro strap to hold the stool closed when it’s folded up. That’s a steal!

(Incidentally, Mr. Cataldo and I just took these stools up to McHenry’s Fiesta Days last night so we’d have a place to sit for the concerts! I love them. Perfect for when you don’t want to carry a large chair around!)

I also noticed that Five Below has camp chairs (the four-legged kind that fold into a bag) for $5 too!


  1. jelvislives says

    My son went on the Philmont Boy Scout trek – 11 days in the wilderness and bought this same stool at Five Below last year to take with him. I cautioned him that the price had me concerned and he might be spending some nights in the wilderness without a chair if it broke. He said Boy Scouts from other Troops suggested this stool as it had worked well for them on other treks. This stool is light as a feather and worked great for the trek. I keep it in my car now because you never know when you may need an extra seat.