A fun CVS Coca-Cola (and more) stock-up trip

I headed over to CVS Pharmacy this morning to pair their $30/$10 ExtraBucks sale with my stash of free Coca-Cola 12-pack coupons from all the end-of-2016 Coke Rewards points deals.  Coke 12-packs are 3-for-$10 as part of the $30/$10.

I had six free 12-pack coupons from my points, so that covered $20 of my $30 sale threshold. All the Coke would be free, so basically, I could buy $10 worth of anything I wanted and get $10 back on it, making that free too.


Incredibly, we’re down to four 6-packs of paper towels in my house, and that’s enough to trigger my internal “we need more paper towels” alarm. Viva 6-roll packs of paper towels are on sale for $4.99 this week. I added two to my cart. (ExtraBucks do trigger when they’re pennies under the spend threshold at CVS, so $29.98 worth of items would do.) The 1/1 SS1 has a .50 Viva coupon, so I brought two along.

Then, I walked around CVS for a little while to see what other deals I could put together. 


I got a $2 coupon from the CVS Magic Coupon Machine, so I paired it with the $7.99 Gillette Mach 3 disposable razors this week. (My store had “Bonus +1” 4-pack razors, so look for those if you’re doing a similar deal!) With this $4 Mach 3 printable, I’d pay $1.99 and get $1 back.

I also grabbed a 10oz. bottle of Palmolive dish detergent. Scanning your CVS card at the coupon machine will give you a .25 coupon this week. Stacking with this .25 printable drops it to .49.



I also had a $2 coupon for any vitamin or supplement from my last trip. It was expiring today, so I picked up two bottles of CVS Children’s vitamins. They’re on sale for $6.49, Buy One Get One Free. After coupon, they’re $4.49 for two, or about $2.50 each! 


Finally, it was Coke time! I added six 12-packs to my cart. I also had $10.75 in ExtraBucks from my previous shopping trip, and $3 in birthday ExtraBucks!

I split my order into two transactions, as the Coke coupons are limit 4 per shopping trip. Putting everything together with all coupons, here’s how it went:

Six Coca-Cola 12-packs – $20
Two Viva 6-roll paper towels – $9.98 (now $29.98)
One Gillette Mach 3 4ct. disposable razors – $7.99 (now $37.97)
One Palmolive dish detergent – .99 (now $38.96)
Two CVS children’s vitamins 60ct. – $6.49, Buy One get One Free (now $45.45)

I used six free Coke 12-pack coupons – now $25.45
I used two .50 Viva coupons – now $24.45
I used a $2 CVS coupon and a $4 Gillette coupon on the razors – now $18.45
I used a .25 CVS coupon and a .25 Palmolive coupon on the detergent – now $17.95
I used a $2 CVS coupon on the vitamins – now $15.95
I used $13.75 in Extrabucks to drop this to $2.20!

With $2.98 tax, I paid a total of $5.19 and got $11 ExtraBucks back — $10 for the $30/$10 deal and $1 for the Gillette!

What a fun trip — and I’m well-stocked on Cokes now.





  1. says

    I bought my Coke 12 packs in groups of 2 so that I would get $4.49 credit towards the $30 for each. I paid a little more in tax but got more credit towards the $30.

    • says

      Now THAT is a great idea that I hadn’t even considered! Yes, if you bought six 12-packs two at a time, you’d have $26.94 in credit toward your $30 instead of $20!

      Very, VERY nicely done. :D I could have gotten by with ONE package of Viva and had more of a moneymaker. :)

      • Jennifer says

        I’m usually pretty good at understanding coupon deals, but I don’t follow this one. How is buying 2 at a time better than buying 4 at a time?

        • soapboxtray says

          Jennifer, They are on sale 3 for $10 or $4.99 each if you don’t buy in multiples of 3. :-) This makes sense ONLY if you have the free 12 pack coupons. If you don’t and you are a coke fan, better to buy 9 cokes (if that is all you need) for $30 and then you will get $10 back for $2.22 each 12 pack.

          PS. You can do separate trips and with your rewards card it keeps track and will reward you when you hit the threshold. I am planning on breaking the Persil in 2 transactions and buying 5 total with $1. coupons from 1/22RP that will make them 2.34 each.

    • says

      If you save My Coke Rewards points that are printed inside the cardboard cases or bottle caps of Coca-Cola products, you can enter them into Coke’s MyCokeRewards.com site and accrue them for free 12-pack coupons, as well as other prizes. (Each 12-pack is worth 10 Coke points.) Near the end of 2016, they had multiple deals where only 30 points would net you a free 12-pack coupon. They had that offer running six times, so I got six free 12-pack coupons :) Each time they offered this deal, I put posts up in the Hot Deals section of the blog, like this one:


      They do offer free 12-pack coupons for points ALL year long, but they usually cost more points than the 30-point specials.

    • says

      Oh man – I shopped too soon! That would make this an even BETTER deal, for sure. Thanks for sharing that — I’m sure it will help someone put a nice deal together :)

  2. SSMark1 says

    I missed these Cokes posts since it was busy season at work when they were posted.
    I only got 2 coupons vs. all 6 coupons…

    Some of my codes from flaps had EXPIRED when I entered them in last month!
    I didn’t know codes expired.

    Lesson learned, don’t hang onto codes too long for those double point days.


  3. ellen says

    i got an email today that my coke rewards are ending. last day to submit codes is march 22 and last day to spend points is june 30.

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