After-Christmas shopping at the drugstores…

My husband and I just got back from a little after-Christmas shopping at CVS/pharmacy and Walgreens. Both stores have their after-Christmas clearance sales going, with Christmas and holiday gift items at 50% off. First, we headed to CVS for the one thing I hoped to find – these enormous Lego-like brick sets:

My sister and her husband got our boys this Best-Lock 500-piece Police Station brick set for Christmas, which they love. They stayed up late last night assembling all the parts, and for kids who are enormous fans of Lego in the first place, this was a great gift. The Best-Lock sets are fully compatible with Lego, and the police set comes with a police station, police car, police motorcycle, police boat and a bunch of little figures to go with it. We were really impressed with the quality of it.

These huge sets originally sold for $19.99, which is already a great price — a brand-name Lego set of this size would cost $50 or more. But now with the clearance, they’re $9.99. We picked up the Fire Station set for a future gift for our boys. Seriously, if you have kids who are into Lego, they would love one of these, and you cannot beat the price. (I’ve bought tiny, one-vehicle Lego sets that cost more than $10!)

The Retro line of small appliances are all 50% off today too. The CD/AM/FM boom boxes are $14.99, which is a great deal too if you need one. (Our son’s former boom box recently faced an early demise due to a storm-related power surge & I was waiting for a deal to replace it. Today? Replaced!)

All of these $4.99 Beauty Book and Beauty Box gift sets are $2.49 now. Two went home with us for our daughter’s birthday next month. Then, we headed to Walgreens to look for gift wrap deals. (Gift wrap was $3.99 at CVS, so $2/roll after the clearance. I like to pay about $1 for a 50-square-foot roll, so that was still a little high for me.)


Over at Walgreens, their 50-foot rolls of Hallmark gift wrap are $1.99-$2.99, so .99-$1.49 after clearance. I also just really like the Hallmark gift wrap that Walgreens sells – the paper is thicker and nicer than some other brands. If you go, the rolls on the left side of the photo ring up at .99. The rolls with the green labels on the right ring up at $1.49.

I also like to look for semi-neutral paper designs that can be used throughout the year too, as you can see here, and their design-neutrality made me feel somewhat justified in spending an extra .50 per roll for them..! (Yes, I am that frugal. But you knew that already!)

Also, all of Walgreens’ LED Christmas 50-bulb light sets are $5.99, so $3 per string after the clearance. This is the cheapest I’ve seen LED lights this year, and we bought one more set for our tree.

Lastly, my husband said we had to buy this DVD set of 8 Christmas TV specials – all the Rankin-Bass Christmas specials and animated classics. It was $6.49 after the 50% off, and it has: – Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town – Frosty the Snowman – Frosty Returns – The Little Drummer Boy – Cricket on the Hearth – Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol Well, the kids were DELIGHTED with this (including our 17-year-old) and all three kids are cuddled up, happily watching “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” in the living room right now. Have you been out clearance shopping? What have you found?


  1. Pollysmom says

    but my fiancee is out shopping and scored some good deals at Wal-Mart. He got 2 Conair foot soak things for $9.99 each (half off), one is for us, one is to put away for a future gift. Also all gift sets were half off so he got me a set with all kinds of brushes, hair ties and clips for $5 or $6. I am forever losing brushes and hair ties, so this will be great. He said the Wal-Mart he went to had tons of stuff on clearance all over the store, and most of it was 50% off. I shudder to think what all he came home with!! LOL….

  2. sportnfood says

    My boys got a smaller set and even my four year old was able to put it together with a little assistance. I only wish I could get out today. Maybe tomorrow!

  3. Patch says

    I am still hoping to find (wish me Luck) any type of Pine Glade Candles, or those Gingerbread fragrance cones by Glade or Renuzit.

    I like anything with a Gingerbreadman or house motif on it..

  4. Coupon Maven says

    Last night we went to get a Redbox movie at our Walmart, so we popped in to see what was left of their Christmas clearance.

    My husband found this Darth Vader Santa t-shirt for $3.75. (I guess my daughter’s Stormtrooper Christmas sweater wasn’t too far off.)

    And, I picked up this Duncan Hines Red Velvet/Green Velvet cake mix for .87. It is one of the downsized cake mixes (17.6oz, down from 18.25oz.) so I will just upsize it when I make it. I got this for my son, who requested a red and green layer cake for his birthday. He wants a cube-shaped Minecraft cake, with each layer’s color representing the worlds in Minecraft. This seemed easier than using up most of my red and green food coloring..! :)

  5. Pollysmom says

    had TONS left last night. My fiancee & I went out and picked up a lot of things for bridal shower gifts to help my bridesmaids out with the shower expenses. I got some cute stuff, and nothing too “Christmas-y” about any of it, except for one little spot on a candle, but we can either peel the label off or just say who cares!! LOL…

    I even spotted an entire end cap with 4 pack Garnier hair care gift sets marked down to $4.50 so I grabbed one for myself. It has a full size shampoo, conditioner, 3 minute deep conditioner and hair oil. The hair oil alone sells for $4.97 at my Wal-Mart. I thought it was a great price on a product I wanted to try for my super dry hair. And they had TONS in all different “flavors” and no one was even looking at them!! I might go back & grab another one.

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