An under-$20 all-around-town shopping trip

$20 Day Out

I headed out this morning to do a few coupon deals and pick up some things around town.

Five InnovAsian entrees – $3.99 each ($19.95)
Six Country Time lemonade mix canisters – .99 each ($5.94)
Six Kool-Aid cherry limeade mix canisters – .99 each ($5.94)
Four Garnier shampoos – $2.99 each ($11.96)
Subtotal: $43.79

I used:
Five $2 InnovAsian coupons from the 2/28 SS
Three $1-off-2 Country Time coupons from the 4/10 SS
Three $1-off-2 Kool-Aid coupons from the 4/10 SS
Four $2 Garnier coupons from the 4/10 RP2


I paid $19.79 and got a $5 Catalina and a $3 Catalina, both for buying Garnier. All that for $11.79! We like the InnovAsian for quick dinners on scout and sports nights  — pair them with rice & edamame, and you’ve got what my kids call “take-out at home.” I’m also well stocked now on .49 lemonade mixes for theme park trips (sport bottle + lemonade mix means never having to buy drinks in a park) and camping trips this summer. 


Then, I headed to Walmart to grab bargain dryer sheets…
Six 34-ct. Gain dryer sheets – $1.97 each ($11.82)

I used: 
Two $5-off-3 coupons from the 4/3 PG

I paid $1.82 for six – that’s about .30 per box.

I looked for the Rave trial size hair sprays too (FREE coupon in the 4/10 SS) but our Walmart is currently sold out.

jcp pillows

Next, it was off to JC Penney, as they sent me a new $10-off-$10 in the mail earlier this week. I really didn’t need anything, but I never like to let a $10-off-$10 go to waste! If nothing catches my eye sale-wise, I usually use these coupons for things like towels, socks or home goods. 

Today I saw that JCP standard bed pillows are on sale for $12, Buy One Get One For a Penny. I bought two pillows ($12.01.) After the $10-off-$10, I paid $2.01 for two pillows.


Lastly, I headed to Dollar Tree. Our daughter will be getting an apartment soon as she heads off to the university, and we’ve been making a list of things she needs. (She’s already been collecting furniture, small appliances and kitchen gear in preparation for her move!) Before getting some of the little kitchen and bathroom essentials on her list elsewhere, I thought I’d stop by Dollar Tree and see how many things I could check off for the low, low price of one dollar each. I bought: 

  • A sink dish drainer
  • A plunger
  • A shower caddy
  • A shower curtain liner (she already has her KISS shower curtain ready to go — just like the one we have here at home. Really.)

I spent $4. In total, I spent $19.62 (not including tax) on all of these things – so many deals!

20 day



  1. Erica says

    Will you post a list of things you are getting for your daughter’s apartment? Our son is going to ISU in the fall and we are just starting this whole process too.

    • says

      You’re not the first reader to ask – I’ve had another ask if I could write about the entire shopping-for-colleges process too and what went into our decisions (living on campus or off, private university or state, etc – I haven’t forgotten your questions, Greg D! :) I do plan to write about everything from school selection to setting up an apartment soon…

  2. wolverine70 says

    You made out well on this trip, Jill!

    I bet tears still flow when you drop her off at school though, despite the fun of getting her ready!

    • says

      Oh, my goodness, yes. It’s only beginning to sink in that she is really leaving. I am glad that she’s done the community-college to-university path, as we got to have her around a little longer. The preparations are fun but bittersweet. We’ll miss her!

  3. Liz Ob says

    This may be personal preference but I really love the fabric shower curtains that cost a little more. Still under $10 I think but they don’t stick to you and you can throw them in the washer when they get icky. I’ve had mine for 3 1/2 years and got one for my mom last year too.

    • says

      She actually has a fabric shower curtain (we have the same one) but it doesn’t keep all the water in the tub. The liner’s just to give it a little more water protection :)

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