Would you buy this?

I’m looking through Meijer’s upcoming 2/19 ad, and I spotted a new P&G product:

Two giant rolls of “Bounty with Dawn” are $4.99. I had to look this up to find out more! P&G has a new press release with more info:

When activated by water, Bounty with Dawn stands up to tough messes like grease and dried food residue. Using Bounty with Dawn also produces results that are four times cleaner than a used dishcloth. It is the thickest, strongest Bounty available on the market, with 70% more fibers in each sheet and cloth-like durability to stay intact while cleaning. Bounty with Dawn can even be reused—simply rinse and wring the grease out to keep tackling any mess with just one sheet.

I think it’s interesting — I don’t know if it’s $2.50-a-roll interesting. And, we use paper towels for so many non-cleaning purposes in our house too. I’d be afraid someone would grab one of these when they wanted to reheat something in the microwave and then… well, someone might be enjoying a soapy-flavored cinnamon roll or leftover pizza slice!


  1. Violet says

    This might be a great idea for someone who only uses paper towels to clean (and might forget to use soap?) but I don’t know anyone who does this.

    Like you mentioned… we also use paper towels as napkins, and we use them to soak up bacon grease. Sometimes, if I wash just one dish (like a dusty cake pan) I might dry it off with a paper towel instead of using a dish towel for one thing. It doesn’t sound so nice to use a soapy towel to dry off something I’ve just washed and rinsed.

    So, this calls into question…. which is more convenient, cost effective, and less likely to lead to miserable accidents – having to keep a bottle of Dawn next to your paper towels and add it as needed, or keeping two types of paper towels based on whether you want Dawn on them or not….

    I’m sure you can guess that I’ll pass on this product. :)

  2. eztupp says

    my daughter uses paper towels and dish soap to wash the things tht cant go in the dishwasher. she doesnt believe in using sponges or dish rags because of bacteria. i think she would use these but keep them in the cabinet and leave the regular paper towels out on the counter for everyday use.

  3. savemethemoney says

    I think it’s s great idea for camping. Also wen my kids were little and we went to water park hotels, we would bring our own food and eat as much in the rooms as possible. This would have been great for cleaning up the dishes!

  4. montel111 says

    I prefer the Original SHAMMY to regular paper towels in the first place.

    Am I alone here?? LOL

  5. Coupon Maven says

    A $2 ecoupon for these just popped up on Mperks today.

    The comment about taking them camping, so far, has been the only one that’s somewhat interested me…

  6. MamaHan says

    I actually use paper towels when I’m trying to yank the skin off of chicken parts because it sticks to the towel instead of sliding past my hand or plastic glove. I would definitely NOT want soap on my chicken. :)

  7. Coupon Maven says

    I truly wasn’t going to, and then..? I went to Meijer today, and the 2-pack was still on sale for $4.99 – $2.99 with the current $2 Mperks ecoupon. I saw the size of the rolls – they are HUGE. And I kept thinking about reader SaveMeTheMoney’s ideas to use these while camping.

    I’m thinking they -would- be handy for campsite cleanups (dirty hands and knees, wiping down picnic table or tablecloth before eating, etc.) So, they’re going in our camping tote.

    They won’t be in the kitchen paper towel dispenser, so there’s no chance of them getting mixed up with regular paper towels in our home. And, they do say “Bounty” and “Dawn” all over them in blue, so it’s very noticeable that they’re not normal paper towels. The photo in the ad doesn’t really show that.

    They also smell very strongly of regular, blue-bottle scent Dawn, even through the packaging:

    Am I a sucker? Probably. :) But they definitely do have camping appeal.