Phosphate dishwasher detergent fans: Cascade Professional returns under a new name

Fans of phosphate-based dishwasher detergents know that this is a topic I’ve written about passionately over the last few years. I like detergents that work, and I don’t like detergents that don’t. It’s pretty simple, really.

After experiencing dismal performance from consumer-grade dishwasher detergents when phosphates were phased out in 2011, I tested out several varieties of phosphate-based detergents, ultimately selecting Cascade Professional Line as my detergent of choice. It seemed to work the best in my dishwasher, and even though I couldn’t buy this product with coupons, it was well worth spending my non-coupon dollars on because it worked.

Unfortunately, Cascade Professional was recently discontinued too. I went on a buying spree and purchased several cases to tide me over until I could find a replacement product that I liked just as much.

Recently, several readers have brought to my attention that Cascade Professional has reappeared under a new name: Cascade Fryer Boil Out. Now, the original Cascade Professional Line had instructions on the back for both dishwasher use and for cleaning deep fryers with it.

This new Cascade no longer has the dishwasher instructions on it. However, guess what it does have?

The same ingredients as the old product I know and love.

It’s brilliant, really. While the ban on phosphates extends to dishwasher detergents, the ban evidently doesn’t extend to fryer boil out products. How about that.

Another site that now carries Cascade Fryer Boil Out, Restockit, notes “Although Cascade with Phosphates detergent has been discontinued… “Boil-Out” Cascade is being purchased by customers like you. We encourage you to learn more about this product and its ingredients.”

Translation? Wink, wink… we know what this is. “Customers like you” also know what this is.

I’m elated that once my stockpile of “the good stuff” finally runs out, I’ll be able to purchase Cascade Fryer Boil-Out and continue to enjoy remarkably clean dishes.


  1. Ruby Red says

    What ever happened to that dollar box of detergent from Dollar Tree? I think the box is yellow, trying to remember the name of it. Sunlight, I think? I can’t remember what blog I read it on, but someone mentioned that it has phosphates in it. Have you heard of it or tried it?

  2. jacknval says

    I hope GFS carries this new one also. I hated buying the cases from Restockit. At least at GFS I could buy one box along with my other purchases to use their $5.00 coupons.

  3. mocars2 says

    I went to the Schaumburg GFS last week and talked to the manager and they acrry a fryer cleaner that has 5 tablets for high $$ but can’t get the Cascade. I asked him how well he sold the Cascade pro Dish washing and he said it didn’t sell very well – BS!!! – He didn’t have a clue of the market and what was happening. When I tried to explain it he had a blank look on his face and at that point I knew I was wasting my time.

  4. mocars2 says

    In your write up you said another site carries it – Did I miss the 1st site that carries it or do you mean another site besides yours Jill? thanks

  5. mama doodie says

    I placed an order on 12/31/14 for the six box 85oz size and received an email today from paypal showing that it was cancelled. When I checked on Comet’s web site with my order number, the only thing I could find was “This product only delivered to commercial locations.” How can I order this? This was the cheapest one I could find.

  6. mocars2 says

    I placed an order via phone on 12/9 and have never rec’d it and no emails answered but they charged my credit card. Were you charged?

  7. mocars2 says

    I found it cheaper on Chicago Craigslist – than buying a whole case on Amazon or Restockit. It’s a couple bucks cheaper per box than getting a whole case per box. So you don’t have to buy 6 boxes unless you need that many; AND it is the exact same stuff as the old Pro Cascade (been using it for a couple of days now) and now I have shinny flatware again hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.