Does anyone else do this?


Whenever I have a tube or bottle of scented lotion or sunscreen, I don’t toss it out when it’s “empty…” because it usually isn’t. It’s often really surprising just how much is left inside the package…  

What’s inside the Summer 2016 Walmart Beauty Box?


Are you a member of Walmart’s Beauty Box program? These boxes are FREE with a $5 flat fee to ship them to your door. Walmart issues four Beauty Boxes per year. I got my Summer 2016 box this week, and here’s what’s inside…  

What’s inside the Spring 2016 Walmart Beauty Box?


Walmart’s Beauty Boxes are FREE with a $5 flat fee to ship. I got my Spring 2016 box yesterday, and it’s got a whole bunch of goodies inside — really, the best-value-of-products box I’ve received yet…  

Review + Giveaway: Fight dry skin with AmLactin


As we get older, the skin on our hands, arms and legs needs moisturizing and regular care. I put AmLactin to the test recently, and I’ve got $100 worth of AmLactin products to share with a lucky reader!  

Making your favorite Wen haircare scents last longer

wen last longer

Some Wen haircare scents are not my favorites when compared to others. I really love Mango Coconut and Apple Spice, but Pomegranate is just “okay” for me. I think the Fig formula is my least favorite. Here’s how I make my favorite Wen formulas last longer.  

What’s inside the Summer 2015 Walmart Beauty Box?

Walmart Beauty Box Summer 2015

Are you a member of Walmart’s Beauty Box program? I got my Summer 2015 box today, and it came with full-size Neutrogena mascara, a full-size Revlon lipstick and many other trial and travel-size goodies!  

The day my hair turned orange

Hair turned orange

“Your hair is orange,” my mother said. She looked curiously at my hair, which indeed, was an unusual shade of orangish-brown. What happened? The day before, I’d colored my hair at home, as I’ve always done…  

Summer Wen deals for Wen haircare lovers

Wen summer

QVC has several specials running on Wen cleansing conditioners for June: Three-packs of 16-ounce Wen cleansing conditioners are $64.92 as part of a limited-time special, and Wen gallons are on sale too…  

A deceptive Wen email advertisement

Wen advertisement

Heads up for all of my Wen haircare lovers (yep, I’m one of them too.) As you know, I’m always pursuing the best prices on this pricey haircare product. I’m convinced that the December QVC gift set they’ve done the past couple of years is one of the best ways to get the lowest price […]

Problems shipping & receiving Wen seasonal formulas

Wen Pumpkin scent

If you’re a subscriber to Wen haircare auto-delivery through, and you’re on a plan to receive seasonal product formulas, this may be of interest to you. In the summer of 2013, I signed up with Wen to receive their seasonal formula plan. I got the summer scent in my orders (at that time it […]

Jill reviews it: One year with Wen Hair Care

One year with Wen

In 2013, I began reviewing Wen for one month with week-by-week updates for my blog readers. After the first month, I did a six-month check-in post. I’ve now been using Wen for 16 months, and I continue to use Wen regularly. I purchase Wen for my own use and have not been compensated for writing […]

In the “Why didn’t I think of that?” department…

Aloe vera gel in the refrigerator

One of my friends recently shared this brilliant tip that I’m about to share with you… If you use aloe vera gel to soothe a sunburn, keep your bottle or tube of aloe in the refrigerator. The gel already feels soothing when you apply it, but refrigerated? It adds an extra level of cooling that […]