Back to Campus decorating and organization


As our daughter counts down the days until she moves into her first apartment at college, she’s been busy thinking about the kinds of things she’d like to bring along to help with organizing and decorating her first place…  

College apartment-hunting with our daughter


When we started looking at apartments, we were pleasantly surprised to see how reasonably priced off-campus living is at Eastern. We began apartment hunting in March by looking at several properties online…  

Reminder: Wash your reusable shopping bags


Here’s something I admittedly don’t do often enough: Wash my reusable shopping bags. I actually do prefer using reusable bags when I shop, because I think they’re much stronger than the thin plastic ones…  

Free Wi-Fi in the woods

tree on ground

We have a three-trunked weeping willow tree on our property, and over the years, one of the trunks has split from its siblings and progressively leaned over to rest on the ground. It was time to cut this tree trunk away…  

Goodbye to the wedding dresses

wedding dress

One of my friends reached out and said she didn’t want to keep her wedding dress anymore. She wasn’t sure if it was worth trying to sell it. “You’re good with money — do you think it’s worth anything?”  

Simple Canvas Prints: Grab yours for 80% off + a giveaway!

canvas mantle

Have you got a blank wall at home that’s just crying out for a favorite family photo? Simple Canvas Prints places your memories on canvas at an extremely affordable price! And, I’ve got one to give away to a lucky reader…  

What Is It? A fun Christmas gift swap


Last night, we had our first annual “What Is it?” swap (and oh yes, this game will be repeated next year!) We all had a silly, laughter-filled evening with the crazy gifts and strange items everyone brought to the table…  

Our family’s unusual Christmas gift exchange idea


This year, my sister came up with an interesting idea for our family’s Christmas gift swap. She was inspired by the “What Is It?” segment on This Old House, where a guest asks the show’s hosts what the purpose of an unusual-looking item or object is..  

An impromptu Christmas party, and the spirit of giving


My daughter’s friends descended on our living room for an impromptu Christmas party, with bags, boxes and gifts in tow, and the house quickly went from quiet to festive. The sound of Christmas carols filled the room, and giggles followed…