Check out the crazy Amazon packaging I received

A few days ago, I ordered some edamame soybean seeds on Amazon. (Yes, our garden is off to a late start, but it’s getting there!) As I’ve blogged about before, it’s gotten tough to find soybean seeds at garden centers or in stores.

While I was placing an order, I added some rolls of Con-Tact paper. The Con-Tact paper was listed as an Amazon add-on item, which means that you need a $25 minimum order to ship them, even though we were ordering with Prime.

I was at $23.95, so I looked for a small item to push the total over $25. It’s nice if your filler item is something you actually need, so I picked this cabinet door knob for $1.05 for a cabinet I’m building for our daughter.

Two boxes arrived from Amazon:


The box on the right contains the four rolls of Con-Tact. The box on the left? It contains the single cabinet door knob. I started laughing when I opened it!

I realize not everything you order from Amazon ships from the same place, but I would guess it cost more than $1.05 for them to ship that single knob in its own box! Funny, isn’t it?

(I’m still waiting for my edamame seeds to arrive…)



  1. AMy says

    That is crazy! I get the idea of add on items, but it seems to defeat the purpose when it ships separately – and like that!
    I’ve found some great seeds at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. They carry edamame and are very reasonably priced. You even get a free packet of seeds with your order! They put out the most beautiful catalog every year. I’m in no way affiliated with them, just a happy customer.

    • says

      Thank you! My seeds actually came today in a third package, LOL. I really have just ordered them from Amazon the past two years out of sheer convenience. :) They are heirloom seeds from David’s Garden Seeds through Amazon.

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