Chicago Tribune home delivery deal: Just .75/week

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Looking for a subscription deal for the Chicago Tribune? Get the Trib (and all its coupons!) delivered to your door for less than you can buy it on the newsstand! Sunday delivery is just .75 per week.

You can order up to two additional Sunday papers with specially-tiered pricing to maximize your couponing power, and it’s even cheaper than buying your papers at the dollar store. (Plus, you don’t have to go to the store!)

Call 1-855-438-8742 to subscribe with any of the following codes:

Single Copy Offers Discount code Price
Sunday Edition, 1 copy JCSO .75/week
Wednesday and Sunday delivery, 1 copy JCWS $1.49/week
Multiple Copy Offers* Discount code Price
Add 1 Sunday Edition JCX1 .75/week
Add 2 Sunday Editions JCX2 $1.99/week

*Maximum 3 Sunday copies per address, within the Tribune’s delivery area. Length of offer is 26 weeks of delivery.

Again, these are PHONE-ONLY offers. You cannot use these codes to sign up online, as the online system is only set up for one subscription. Call 1-855-438-8742 if you’d like to order. Do NOT try to use these codes at 1-800-TRIBUNE, as they will not work. You need to use this special phone number for this offer.

Legal: This subscription is a continuous subscription, but you may cancel at any time by calling customer service at 1-800-TRIBUNE. After the introductory offer period, prices on future billing periods may be higher. Price good for a minimum of 26 weeks. Delivery will continue after the introductory period, and for all subsequent terms at our regular low rate unless the Chicago Tribune is otherwise notified. Not valid with any other discounts. For new subscribers only or those who have not received home delivery in the past 30 days. To discontinue delivery, you must notify Chicago Tribune in writing or by phone.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate codes. Read full Disclosure Policy.


  1. KiM says

    Hey Jill,

    I like getting my sun times for my coupons only yet I will say the coupons haven’t been very good for awhile. It’s the same ones or things you really can’t use. Worse is they expire so quick….why?? It’s seriously annoying. You can’t imagine how many times I went to use a coupon only to discover it expired.

    Please talk to the people who put out their coupons and ask them to get their act together. I’ve been so disappointed. I am ready to cancel my paper. I’ve tried to sign up for coupons yet with a limited income cannot afford to keep buying ink and paper for my printer. Ink can get pricey. Please help. I wanted to write the paper myself and say come one start giving us coupons we can use again. With longer expiration time.

    • says

      There are a few issues at play here. The expiration dates have been shortened specifically to combat coupon resellers, which have long been a scourge on this industry. Over the past couple years, but especially in recent months, manufacturers are really becoming proactive with the shorter dates. If you are unhappy about the short dates (you’re not alone, of course) the resellers are the ones to blame. By shortening the window of usage, they are making it more difficult for resellers to have coupons available to ship as the shipping time cuts into what is now, for many offers, a short window of time.

      As far as “talking to the people who put out their coupons and getting their act together” — coupons are a privilege, not a right. They’re a marketing tool used to drive people to purchase a product. Brands offer coupons specifically to drive purchases. They aren’t gifts to help us out financially, although many of us use them that way. They are designed to bring a product’s price to a tipping point where buying the products becomes attractive.

      The newspaper has no control over what kind of coupons, values, and expiration dates appear in the inserts. It is not up to them, and it’s not within their control. The types, values, and duration of coupon offers are completely up to the brands and manufacturers. They are free to run coupons for their products, or choose not to, at any time.

      The other issue: Typically, the newspaper with the largest circulation in any market area has the most and highest-value coupons in it. In our area, that’s the Chicago Tribune. The Tribune has more coupons in it than the Sun-Times, and the coupons they have are typically higher dollar value too. This is the way it is all over the country — many brands want to spend their advertising dollars in the publication with the largest number of readers.

      • Kim says

        Thanks for the reply regarding my frustration with the kinds of coupons and offered and the duration or lack there of on expiration. I am sorry to say I did not understand your response about expiration being short because of resellers. What exactly does that mean and why do the purchasers of the news paper primarily for the add papers and coupons have to pay the consequence.? I also get that it’s a marketing tool to get us to buy the product yet it seems it’s the same products over and over. For example how many cans of cream of soup can I possibly need in a month. Plus because expiration is so short it’s difficult to run out and get something when I don’t need it right then yet had expiration been longer I would buy it. Yet often don’t try something new or make that purchase because now the coupon has expired.

        Anyway, my point no writing was hoping you may have been able to give input to the companies that do put out the coupons being that you encourage coupons and suppprt us in finding the best deals. I’ve just been disappointed in the availability for months now and yes as a single mom on a tight budget I do use them to save some money and will often purchase the item offered because I can save on it. Maybe you can tell me who to write to suggest better coupons and longer expiration dates. Thanks, KIM

        • says

          I will try to explain further. The issue of insert diversion is rampant. This means that the inserts intended for you and me to receive in our newspapers are being diverted before they reach us — in most cases, they’re being stolen from the newspapers or distribution centers before they’re even collated in the newspaper. It sounds like a small problem, but it’s grown out of control due to the number of people willing to buy them online, and also from the number of people willing to take the risk of stealing them for resale.

          (Yes, the newspapers -should- keep these things under lock and key, but they simply do not view pallets of coupon inserts with the same security a pallet of dollar bills would receive. Just look at the news from last year & how many arrests were made in cases involving coupon insert theft. In one case, a police officer was stealing them for his wife to sell on Instagram.)

          To discourage this, brands have shortened the dates to the point in the hope that they won’t be worth stealing. Coupons with a two-week date have to be stolen, cut, organized, listed online, and shipped to buyers in a time window that’s shorter than ever. And yet, it’s still a problem.

          I do speak with a variety of manufacturers regularly, but until the issue of insert diversion is solved, I simply do not think we are going to see longer expiration dates. Somehow, the newspapers involved with ongoing diversion issues need to step up their security and not allow the inserts to be stolen in the first place.

  2. Bess says

    I signed up for a 1-year Sunday only subscription last year in July. I’ve already received a renewal notice for March 2017. So, my subscription got shortened by 4 months.

    CT is so annoying. Yes, they do say that our billing period is going to be shortened because they may publish 9 premium issues. I don’t how they calculate the equivalent of 9 premium issues. If 9 premium issues = 9 weeks, then a Sunday-only subscription should have been shortened by just 2 mos (or 2 mos and 1 week), but not by 4 months.

    Anyone noticed this ultra shortening of subscriptions?

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