Chicago Tribune newspaper home delivery for .75/week

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Start your new year off with low-priced Chicago Tribune (and all its coupons!) delivered to your door! Sunday delivery is just .75 per week!

You can order up to two additional Sunday papers with specially-tiered pricing to maximize your couponing power, and it’s even cheaper than buying your papers at the dollar store. (Plus, you don’t have to go to the store!)

Call 1-855-438-8742 to subscribe with any of the following codes:

Single Copy Offers Discount code Price
Sunday Edition, 1 copy JCSO .75/week
Wednesday and Sunday delivery, 1 copy JCWS $1.49/week
Multiple Copy Offers* Discount code Price
Add 1 Sunday Edition JCX1 .75/week
Add 2 Sunday Editions JCX2 $1.99/week

*Maximum 3 Sunday copies per address, within the Tribune’s delivery area. Length of offer is 26 weeks of delivery.

Again, these are PHONE-ONLY offers. You cannot use these codes to sign up online, as the online system is only set up for one subscription. Call 1-855-438-8742 if you’d like to order. Do NOT try to use these codes at 1-800-TRIBUNE, as they will not work. You need to use this special phone number for this offer.

Legal: This subscription is a continuous subscription, but you may cancel at any time by calling customer service at 1-800-TRIBUNE. After the introductory offer period, prices on future billing periods may be higher. Price good for a minimum of 26 weeks. Delivery will continue after the introductory period, and for all subsequent terms at our regular low rate unless the Chicago Tribune is otherwise notified. Not valid with any other discounts. For new subscribers only or those who have not received home delivery in the past 30 days. To discontinue delivery, you must notify Chicago Tribune in writing or by phone.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate codes. Read full Disclosure Policy.


  1. camplus4 says

    my daughter is a new subscriber . She wants to start couponing. The Tribune would NOT honor 75 cent delivery. Helping her I demanded to speak to a manager who finally agreed to only one copy? yes we used special phone number , Yes we had all codes, yes she is a new subscriber. WHY so much trouble? anyone else have this problem??

    • says

      I have no idea, but I will reach out to my contact at the Tribune. I know they have overseas call centers, and I suspect it is an issue with some of the staff not knowing about the codes. The codes come directly from the Trib — I have a sheet of them they issue to me in writing each year.

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