Chicago Tribune home delivery: Just .75/week!

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Chicago Tribune home delivery service is a convenient way to have newspaper inserts and coupons delivered right to your home. You can order up to two additional Sunday papers with specially-tiered pricing to maximize your couponing power, and it’s even cheaper than buying your papers at the dollar store. (Plus, they’re delivered to your door!)

Call 1-855-438-8742 to subscribe with any of the following codes:

Single Copy Offers Discount code Price
Sunday Edition, 1 copy JCSO .75/week
Wednesday and Sunday delivery, 1 copy JCWS $1.49/week
Multiple Copy Offers* Discount code Price
Add 1 Sunday Edition JCX1 .75/week
Add 2 Sunday Editions JCX2 $1.99/week

*Maximum 3 Sunday copies per address, within the Tribune’s delivery area. Length of offer is 26 weeks of delivery.

Again, these are PHONE-ONLY offers. You cannot use these codes to sign up online, as the online system is only set up for one subscription. Call 1-855-438-8742 if you’d like to order. Do NOT try to use these codes at 1-800-TRIBUNE, as they will not work. You need to use this special phone number for this offer.

Legal: This subscription is a continuous subscription, but you may cancel at any time by calling customer service at 1-800-TRIBUNE. After the introductory offer period, prices on future billing periods may be higher. Price good for a minimum of 26 weeks. Delivery will continue after the introductory period, and for all subsequent terms at our regular low rate unless the Chicago Tribune is otherwise notified. Not valid with any other discounts. For new subscribers only or those who have not received home delivery in the past 30 days. To discontinue delivery, you must notify Chicago Tribune in writing or by phone.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate codes. Read full Disclosure Policy.


  1. staceymott says

    I just cancelled my Sunday only paper after not getting it for 5 weeks in a row. Their customer service was awful. I “escalated” my complaint which meant I got a phone call during the week from another person who said it would never happen again. What good is the deal when they don’t deliver the paper? I’m in Yorkville.

    • Debbie says

      I too am having this very same problem with them in 5 weeks I had to call them every Sunday they credited me 1 time 3hour late delivery and I had to purchase the Sunday paper twice They use to be so great about the delivery but now it sucks can’t get threw on the phone will have to wait to call tomorrow

      • says

        When you call, ask if you can have your carrier’s phone number or contact info. It’s not always easy to get it from them, but if you can, then you can call the carrier directly. Your carrier gets fined/punished if they miss deliveries and you make a report of it through the Tribune vs. calling the carrier directly, so some carriers will prefer you call them to settle it vs. reporting a complaint with the Trib.

        Another way to get your carrier’s info this time of year — see if they leave you a note or Christmas card one of these weeks. If so, they may leave their name & number in the card.

    • Stephanie Re says


  2. David says

    The Chicago Tribune had the most unreliable delivery service. Over several years at multiple addresses, I feel like I’m on the “pay no mind” list. Why don’t they want me to read their paper?
    And the customer service is ineffectual.

  3. Ron Longley says

    I have been reading the Trib since the mid 60’s and have had home delivery for many years. I live in South Bend and love the paper for many reasons. For several years I have had a variety of different delivery personnel, all have been a poor representative of the paper. Late deliveries, (in good weather) no delivery, etc. The present delivery person now has 4 routes I am told. My paper is here one day a week 8:30-9:30 and the rest of the week I get it between 10:30 AM and 2:00 PM. I have complained locally several times in the past with no results. The local manager once told me, “maybe he could run his route backward”. I am contemplating unsubscribing after all these years. I want a morning paper! It seems to me that I could get 4 routes done by 11 or 12 each day if I got up in the morning on time! It is shameful that no one cares about me, the customer. Ron Longley

    • says

      Al, have you tried calling the Tribune? (1-800 TRIBUNE) I post offer codes from the Tribune, but I do not work for them directly. I would recommend calling the paper and asking for credit for your missed papers, then see what the problem is with delivery.

    • says

      Melody, I do not work for the Tribune — I just post the discount codes here to help my blog readers get a deal on the paper. I would recommend calling their customer service department or 1-800-TRIBUNE for that info :)

  4. addicted says

    Hi. Does anyone know of any codes for weekly subscription? I just got my renewal and it’s up from $4.75 a week to $7.50 a week. OUCH!

  5. Linda says

    Hi, I used the code you gave me last summer for the Sunday only Tribune and now it has expired. Am I able to use the newest code for the next 26 weeks? If so, would you be able to post the current codes? Thanks!

  6. Lani says

    What if I don’t live in the Chicago area? Can I get delivery in another state? I realize it will be mailed & be a few days late, but will they mail it?

  7. rALF says

    Just did it this AM (11/16/16) and no issues whatsoever. Dialed the number shown above, pressed #1 for the offer, and done. Nice things about this offer, is that it will renew at the same rate. Thanks Jill.

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