Clearance Febreze at Jewel — and Febreze Air lost nearly an ounce!


I went to Jewel this afternoon, and I spotted a bunch of Febreze products are on clearance. This time of year, I usually cut and carry all of the available Febreze coupons in case I hit some clearance deals, as I’ve been remarkably lucky over the years to score out-of-season holiday scents of air sprays and fresheners as the winter season comes to an end. Here in the Cataldo house, we don’t mind if the bathroom smells like pumpkin spice or sugared cranberry all year long… as long as it was a good deal, right?

I also noticed in recent ads that Febreze Air Effects sprays are rebranding to “Febreze Air,” so I figured the Air Effects would be dropping in price soon. In fact, all of the Febreze Air Effects sprays are now on clearance at my Jewel-Osco, presumably to clear the shelves for Febreze Air’s arrival.

However, the word “Effects” is not the only thing that Febreze Air sprays have lost. Take a look at the new Febreze Air next to its older fraternal-twin spray. It’s been hit by the Grocery Shrink Ray


The old spray (right) comes in a metal can and contains 9.7 ounces. The new Febreze Air (left) comes in a plastic “can,” and it contains 8.8 ounces. That’s nearly an entire ounce less of Febreze! Of course, both cans have nearly the same dimensions, so the change isn’t too noticeable unless you’re paying attention and have new and old cans side by side.


I’m comparing cans of Febreze Unstopables sprays above, but the new, regular, non-Unstopables scents of Febreze Air (again, sans “Effects”) are also in plastic cans and are also sized at 8.8 ounces. 


While I was shopping, a Jewel employee was in the process of stocking these new Febreze Air sprays on the shelves and further marking down the metal-can Febreze Air Effects.


My store has all of the metal-can Air Effects on clearance for $2.38. The Jewel employee said these Air Effects were in the process of being marked another 50% off, making them $1.20. 



The fact that both the regular Febreze Air Effects and Febreze Unstopables scents were all on clearance made these a pretty good deal with the new $1.20 clearance price and coupons.


The 2/26 PG has a coupon for $1 off any Febreze Unstopables product, and Jewel’s MyMixx ecoupons also have a $1 ecoupon for these. So, I grabbed five — four with my paper coupons and one with the MyMixx ecoupon. After coupons, my Febreze sprays were just .20 each!


(UPDATE: MyMixx also has another $1.00 ecoupon for the non-Unstopable Febreze sprays too! I’m going to have to go back and get another one as I missed seeing and loading that when I was in store..!)


There are other Febreze items on clearance too, but right now, the only coupons available are for Febreze Unstopables products. Still, you may want to clip these from the 2/26 PG insert and keep them with you in case you find these on clearance at your store. (Remember the two Febreze ecoupons in MyMixx too.) You may be able to stock up on the larger-sized cans too before the smaller-ounce Febreze Airs take over…


  1. Calibabydolly says

    The Unstopable smaller 8.8 oz. can (plastic?) is on sale starting tomorrow for $3.99! I will be checking my store for the clearance ones! Thanks!
    *also, as I was clipping the insert P&G coupon, I noticed the picture of the new smaller can has all the writing where the size, ounces are BLANK! Oh so sneaky on lowering the package sizes P&G!!!

    • says

      I didn’t catch that — and I already used my coupons or I would post a photo of it.. That IS sneaky..!

      I also just noticed that Jewel’s MyMixx has a $1 ecoupon for the NON Unstopables varieties of Febreze sprays too! Whoops — I missed loading that. I will update above. I’ll have to go back and get another one :)

      • Calibabydolly says

        No, it’s the picture on the opposite page where the coupon is that it shows a blank can at the bottom! Check you insert and you will see it. I looked on the coupon itself and the wording is there very small and I think it shows 8.8 oz? Its really small but the picture on the insert itself is big enough to read (or not read) on the new “Air” cans. Now I have to go check for the Unstopables cpn on mymixx. I just had the regular Febreze loaded….the opposite one you had!

  2. Theresa says

    My store price is still 2.38 on most. Yet marked clearance. Would think they would change prices in an market area. Guess not.

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