Coupon Matchups: Jewel-Osco Deals of the Week 3/22/17 – 3/28/17

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Top weekly deals:
.75 Bush’s baked beans, .75 Zatarain’s rice, $1.17 Kellogg’s cereals, $1.25 Ken’s salad dressing, $1.42 Gain dish detergent, $1.63 Go-Gurt, $2 Simply Orange juice, $3.49 Bounty Basics and Charmin Essentials, $3.99 Curly’s BBQ tubs, $3.99 Tyson chicken nuggets, Unilever Buy 4 Save $2 sale

March Big Book of Savings deals:
.75 Azteca tortillas, $1.13 Glade air freshener sprays, $1.22 Louisiana hot sauce, $1.25 Ken’s salad dressing, $1.50 Fantastik Scrubbing Bubbles, $1.75 Butterball smoked sausage, $1.95 Butterball turkey bacon, $1.99 Nonni’s biscotti, $2.49 Farm Rich Bakery, $2.74 Maxwell House coffee, $2.99 Jose Ole taquitos and snacks, $3.44 Mazola oil, $4.99 Curly’s pulled pork, Buy 2 Save $2 Unilever sale, $15/$5 Garnier sale, Buy 3 Save $3 Colgate sale

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Note: I refer to coupon inserts found in the Chicago Tribune, as it is the newspaper with the largest quantity of high-value coupons for Chicagoland. Need a deal on the Tribune? Get Sunday delivery for .75/week!

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  1. assassin says

    “$1 Sale iems
    The following items are on sale for $1 each:

    • Hormel Rev Wraps and Bites 2-2.7 oz.”

    also a 50-cent MyMixx or on these.


    “$2.99 Chobani yogurt 4-packs
    4-packs of Chobani yogurt cups are $2.99 each”

    a recent $2-off-2 MyMixx makes these $1.99 a pack, or 50 cents a cup.


    “Quaker Chewy Bars or Snackwich Bars, 6-7 oz., Select Varieties”, are 2/$4 . there’s (at least) a 1-day overlap with a Checkout51 $1 off Snackwiches, bringing them to $1.

    if you’ve been combining Checkout51 with the sale Breakfast Flats and Squares this week (Tony’s has a better sale ending Tuesday [iirc] of $2 on the Flats, at least 2 of the flavors), then completing a trifecta by Wednesday night can net you another $1 from the website.

  2. Calibabydolly says

    I thought I saw a 50c MyMixx coupon off the 5 lb. box of Halos? Check your accounts to see if you may have it as well. $2.49 for a box of Halo’s is awesome…..also I thought I saw it on Mobisave for 10c back as well!

    • Calibabydolly says

      Yes, my Halo’s cpn. expires 4-15 on MyMixx. Also there is $1/4 McCormick dry mixes which can be used on the gravy packettes for 75c, making them only 50c after the cpn with 4. that one expires 4-14

  3. Savings so Big the Software Censors Them! says

    some new high value/percentage ones (all expire 03/31/17):

    1) “Buy One, Get One Free BUY any (1) BELVITA BREAKFAST BISCUIT and get (1) BELVITA SANDWICH BREAKFAST BISCUIT FREE*up to $2.99”

    2) “SAVE $1.00 when you buy ONE (1) Milka OREO Chocolate Candy Bar (1.44 oz. or larger, any variety)”

    3) “Buy One, Get One Free Buy (1) TRISCUIT or WHEAT THINS and get (1) GOOD THINS FREE*up to 3.29 (3.75 oz. or larger, any variety)”

    4) “FREE TEDDY SOFT BAKED ONE (1) box of TEDDY SOFT BAKES Filled Snacks (6 ct., any variety) FREE* up to $3.19” — best for last!

  4. assassin says

    some new high value/percentage ones (all expire 03/31/17):

    1) “Buy One, Get One Free BUY any (1) BELVITA BREAKFAST BISCUIT and get (1) BELVITA SANDWICH BREAKFAST BISCUIT FREE*up to $2.99”

    2) “SAVE $1.00 when you buy ONE (1) Milka OREO Chocolate Candy Bar (1.44 oz. or larger, any variety)”

    3) “Buy One, Get One Free Buy (1) TRISCUIT or WHEAT THINS and get (1) GOOD THINS FREE*up to 3.29 (3.75 oz. or larger, any variety)”


    4th attempt posting this. 1st and 3rd quietly tossed by software, while #2, posted while logged out, was apparently rejected by a moderator; why?

    has anybody eaten a Milka Oreo bar yet? if so, how are they? i haven’t — dessert backlog too big — but will feel less guilty about taking the manufacturer to the cleaners with all these (near) freebies if they wind up tasting like rancid eggs and fish.

    • says

      I have the anti-spam software set pretty high (my blog gets hit by spammers every day, and the fact that you don’t see much public spam means that it’s doing its job most of the time.) I am guessing these got snagged due to all the “Save” and “Buy” text, which are also words spammers like to use. Sorry about that.

      I did not eat my free Milka bar yet from the other day, but the cashier at my store said “they are SO GOOD!”

      • assassin says

        ah, ok. i do tend to stick to simple copy+paste when having multiple deals in one post. guess i’ll need to resort to paraphrasing, or work pointless tangents into my posts that no bot could ever duplicate. ;)


        can confirm that the BelVitas are $2.99 on sale locally, as that is the B1G1F limit. also, i forgot to mention that Checkout51 has $1-off-2, bringing the grand total down to a nice $2.


        also, while the 1.44oz Milkas are on sale locally for $0.67, they run into that stupid coupon limit flaw, so no moneymaker there.

  5. Calibabydolly says

    Oh those Milka bars are good! The milk chocolate is imported from Belgium. The center is pretty sweet and has small pieces of Oreo cookie mixed in. Its not gooey, but rather firm. My husband and I have been splitting a bar after lunch. I have gotten quite a few for free or MM since they have been resetting on the apps. Hopefully they will reach their limit soon….or I will need some new pants! :>)

  6. Penny says

    On the “FREE TEDDY SOFT BAKED ONE (1) box of TEDDY SOFT BAKES Filled Snacks (6 ct., any variety) FREE* up to $3.19” was that a clip on Wednesday only item? I can’t seem to find mine on mymixx

    • says

      Penny, I’m honestly not sure — I was browsing my own MyMixx when I discovered it. I didn’t get an email or anything from them notifying me. The one I clipped had an expiration date of 3/31/17. :(

    • assassin says

      i looked at the list just now when logged out, and it’s still there. it’s highly unlikely they specifically barred you access to it, so either:
      – you’re overlooking it; go through every last Grocery page.
      – it momentarily disappeared, and was replenished.

  7. assassin says

    at least locally: the Quaker Breakfast Flats and Squares are still on sale for $2.50, through 3/26. meanwhile, the $2 Snackwiches (and i’m assuming the Chewy granola bars, but didn’t check their date) are through 4/2. so i bought one Square and one Snackwich.

    as mentioned, flats, squares, and snackwiches all have a $1 Checkout51 offer. until a few days ago, the Squares had a generous $1 coupon holder attached to the shelf. an alternative is “Save $1.00 … on any 2 boxes of Quaker® Breakfast Flats or Breakfast Squares”.

    i already have all the flats i want, and was planning on the third leg of the Checkout51 bonus coming from Real Medleys oatmeal, on rollback for $1.50 at Walmart, and having their own $1 Checkout51. my total cost would’ve been $2.50 + $2.00 + $1.50 – $1 cpn – $3 C51 – $1 bonus = $1. i would have been an instant legend! but nooo; the thing already fell to “0 Remaining” — nevermind that there was no warning a few hours earlier they were running out. so i’m just at $4.50 – $1 – $2 = $1.50, admittedly nothing to complain about.

    trying to coordinate 3 of these things to a week proved to be a pain, so i’m aborting that quest. the flats i got last week don’t count now, even though it’s really just the same offer continuing, and the medleys option is gone (watch it come back next week, alongside a reset bonus, just to taunt me). guess this is a lesson that mobile devices have their uses, as i was in Walmart on 3/23, but couldn’t remember for sure which oatmeal cup was eligible, so was planning to nab it on a return visit. also, that cumulative bonuses shouldn’t be a key factor in whether to buy (they weren’t here, but dollar signs were flashing in my eyes); sometimes, we’ll just have to settle for mere store sales plus coupons plus itemized web rebates. ;) the plight of a slow bargain hunter.

  8. assassin says


    first 2 paragraphs: information people can use, depending on their store’s sale dates.
    next 2 paragraphs: my brush with coupon/rebate immortality, and likely settling for a day of coupon/rebate greatness.

    • ChristianCJK says

      Lol! Btw, my Quaker Medleys C51 was $1.25.

      Personally, coupon/rebate immortality means paying $0 or going NEGATIVE.

      Case in point: Last night I’m at Target to hit that Trident/Target/ibotta money-maker… and I notice that there are new packs of 14 sticks supplanting older packs of 18 sticks. So I start cruising the checkout lanes for the 18-stick packs, and I come across a box of cinnamon packs with 50-cent coupons attached to them. So, what to do? ;-)

      Needless to say, what was initially going to be 76-cent money-maker turned into a $1.50 money-maker (sans 8-cents tax)!

      And I don’t even chew gum… lol!

      Admittedly, a dollar for your Quaker haul would be most impressive. :)

      • assassin says

        i occasionally go $0 or negative for 1-2 small items, but haven’t achieved that for a sizeable group or starting price.

        wasn’t aware of any Target deal; congrats. what’s the price breakdown?

        i did that Ibotta at Walmart, where individual packs at 96 cents somehow already work out considerably cheaper than the ridiculous $3.29 Jewel charges for a 3-pack. they’ve gone from $2.89, up to $2.99, and then recently $3.29, with extremely rare and usually small sales, and Walmart’s stayed at $2.24 all the while. i’m familiar with the old saying about selling things at a loss: “we’ll make it up on volume!” but what about the inverse, of not selling any at all: make it up on margin?

        i also saw the 18–>14 count travesty when at Walmart. the stick weights on those have gone up a tad, but not enough to compensate. oddly, some gum types with the labeling overhaul stayed at 18. the reduction was one reason i too went from lane to lane to lane. employees were roping them off as i browsed, probably thinking i was going to rob them. (meanwhile, you escaped with your money-maker apparently undetected…)

        i’m probably gonna be back in Jewel on Tuesday for other items. so if the C51 is still available then, maybe i’ll pick up a Flats i don’t need, and increase the total to $2 (bringing my net average from 75 cents down to 67). might also be in Tony’s for black grapes; slightly possible they extended their $2 Flats sale, which’d be a coup.

        • ChristianCJK says

          Well, if you have been tracking towards that March Mania $10 Bonus (ibotta) in the same manner with which I have been, you’re probably gonna go negative on the lot by end of month anyway when you factor it in.

          Trident breakdown:

          Buy 3 Trident Gum Single Packs .99 (Reg. Price) = $2.97
          -.74 (use 25% Off all candy Target Mobile Coupon (text CANDY to 827438) x4/9
          -$1.49 (use 50% Off Trident Gum Single Packs Target-Cartwheel x4/1
          –Earn $1.50 Cash Back wyb 3 Trident Gum Single Packs w/ibotta app
          = .76 money-maker after stack & ibotta

          I believe I was somewhere around 72-cents after all of the above before giving them the 50-cent coupons… I only used two, which was enough for the Target computers to take the total down to 8-cents, which was what the receipt stated was 7.75% tax on $1.00. I think my post here would get excised for length if I tried to explain how it came to that… lol! :-D

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