Current National Catalina offers: December 2016

National Catalina Offers


Here is a list of Catalina offers for December 2016. Most of these are believed to be national offers, though in each product’s case, I am noting the store that the alert printed at. If a Catalina is known to be a store-specific offer, I’ll note that too.

If you try a Catalina deal at a store other than the one listed, and the deal works, please comment and I’ll update this list for everyone. Again, these are not guaranteed to work at any store other than the store the alert originally printed at. (If you’re a risk-taker who doesn’t mind taking one for the team, feel free to try these elsewhere and report back…)

National Catalina Offers - December 2016

As always, these lists aren’t complete without you! If you receive an alert that’s not listed here, please post and I’ll add it to the list. I will continue to update this list as new offer alerts come in.


What do I do if my Catalina did not print?

If you were expecting a Catalina and it did not print, use this form to contact Catalina. Keep your store receipt, as you’ll need some info from it.

What happened to Catalina’s CouponNetwork website?

Catalina’s CouponNetwork site (the previous official source at Catalina for National Catalina info) is no longer online. A group of coupon bloggers and I have gotten together to share information about the Catalina alerts we’ve received. The above list list has been compiled by bloggers from around the country, myself included.


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