CVS/pharmacy update: New changes to ExtraBucks when filling prescriptions

Beginning February 1st, CVS/pharmacy is rolling out some new changes to how you accrue ExtraBucks when filling prescriptions. Here’s an overview!

ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards is a new opt-in prescription program for ExtraCare members. When you fill 10 prescriptions at CVS, you’ll earn $5 ExtraBucks, with a limit of $50 ExtraBucks earned in the pharmacy per year. This limit is per person, not per household, so each person has their own $50 ExtraBucks limit to earn annually in the pharmacy. You can sign up right now online.

With the new program, you’ll also also earn credits toward ExtraBucks for other pharmacy activities, such as managing prescriptions online or getting a flu shot.

Previously, you earned $1 in ExtraBucks for every two prescriptions filled (which you are still doing with the new program.) Now, with the new program, you also earn credit toward ExtraBucks for other pharmacy activities, not just filling prescriptions. And, with the new program, you’ll get your money faster. Previously, pharmacy rewards were paid quarterly. Now, Prescription ExtraBucks will be paid out within a week after the 10th prescription is filled or 10 pharmacy credits have been earned. Allowing each member of the household to earn their own rewards at the Pharmacy is a new feature too.

Note that this does not affect how many ExtraBucks you can earn shopping in the store! There’s some disinformation going around that there is a $50 ExtraBucks limit per person on anything you buy at CVS — not true. The per-person annual limit is only for ExtraBucks earned at the pharmacy.

CVS sent over an infographic with additional details of the new program, which is below.


  • Supermom1024. Jan, 2013

    Oh wow! I am liking CVS even more now!! Thanks for the information.

  • USMaleNV25. Jan, 2013

    Thanks for clarifying the program Jill…sorry if I spoiled the surprise…but I knew you would have full details…I think my friends training made it seem like the credits that a customer will earn from the Rxs they purchase would be like a point system…glad that isn’t the case. Please forgive me for jumping the gun on things… :) Also, the $50 per person is awesome!

  • ericapaige8526. Jan, 2013

    Is this going to work with Medicare Part D plans? The current one doesn’t work. I fill about 7-8 prescriptions a month so this would be awesome for me if it works now.

    Second, take a look at this HIPAA authorization:
    I hereby authorize CVS/pharmacy® and its affiliates to share my prescription and other health service records, including my email address, with the ExtraCare® program to enroll me in and administer the ExtraCare Pharmacy and Health RewardsTM program, and to inform me of new programs I may be interested in.

    I understand that (1) my treatment, payment for treatment and eligibility for benefits does not depend on my signing this authorization; (2) once I sign this authorization, under law, my health information may potentially be re-disclosed and thus is no longer protected by the federal Privacy Rule; (3) I have the right to cancel this authorization at any time by calling 1-800-ShopCVS or at, but that my cancellation will not apply to any action that CVS has already taken based on this authorization before then; and (4) I am entitled to a copy of this authorization once signed by me.

    I don’t know how I feel about that. Thoughts?

  • Green Is Good27. Jan, 2013

    Thanks for always keeping us posted on everything CVS!

    I heard from a CVS cashier that they will be stopping the green bag tag program this year.

    Have you heard anything about this?