Dollar Tree sells a $1.00 eye cream. I tried it.

The other day, I was walking through Dollar Tree and spotted a $1.00 hydrating eye cream in the beauty aisle! One dollar. Could a one-dollar eye cream actually be any good? As a blogger, bargain lover and beauty lover, I had to find out.


Dollar Tree eye cream


I bought it. I know skincare experts have gone back and forth on whether or not an eye cream is even necessary, but I’ll tell you this — I started using an eye cream when I was 28, and now, *cough cough* years later, I have no wrinkles around my eyes. So, I’ll keep using them.

While the ingredients do have a few common ingredients to other eye creams I’ve tried, I am not thrilled with the consistency of it at all. It runs out of the tube like milk. I can’t feel it when it’s on, which some people may like, but I like my skin to feel moisturized. After a couple uses, I’m not a fan.

Dollar Tree eye cream

I’m partial to thick eye creams. The only thin-consistency eye cream I like& feel effective is Olay’s. While I am a die-hard Olay girl in many areas, I do float around with different brands of eye cream based on price. In the absence of other deals, I like Salma Hayek Nuance’s Smoothing Anti-Aging Eye Cream. As of late, I’ve been using L’Oreal Youth Code Eye Cream, which I picked up on a crazy clearance deal for .12 per tube.

For .12, it’s much better at moisturizing than Dollar Tree’s Enregin eye cream is. (Sorry, Dollar Tree.)

Enregin eye cream


  1. Sarah says

    I actually started using this years ago and after a few weeks of using it had complements and questions about what I was doing diffweent. So for someone else to notice is a big deal.. Not mention its a heck of a deal for a dollar!

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