Ebay makes major changes to coupon sale policy

Ebay has announced new and significant changes to its policy for the resale of coupons:

Allowed: Sellers can only sell up to a maximum of $100 value in coupons or 25 valid, unexpired, original coupons per month, whichever limit is reached first. (The 25 coupons limit includes multiple coupons purchased from a multi-quantity listing.)

Not allowed: Coupons for “free” products-including coupons where the coupon holder buys some quantity of items at one price and gets some number of items for free, for example, “buy-get-one-free” offers, or offers for free shipping-may no longer be sold on eBay.

Starting September 1, 2013, listings for these coupons that don’t comply with these policy changes will be removed. After September 1, listings in violation of this policy may be subject to a range of other actions, including restrictions of buying and selling privileges and a suspension of your account.

There are more details on Ebay’s site about this change. And of course, Ebay’s Community Forum has coupon sellers in a tizzy wondering how they’re going to continue operating.

I think this change is great, though. Getting rid of all free-product coupons and Buy One Get One Free offers will eliminate a huge percentage of the counterfeits being sold on the site. And, restricting sellers to a total of $100 in value or 25 total coupons per month will reduce Ebay coupon resale to a “hobby,” not a viable business model.


  1. NFriday says

    Hi- I am glad they are finally cracking down. I am sure that most of the free coupons are counterfeit. Where is anybody going to get 100 legitimate coupons for free tide to sell on ebay?

  2. VJB says

    Hopefully this will turn things around down the road and we start seeing the types of coupons we saw 1+years ago.

    Am I interpreting it correctly… sellers can only sell up to $100 in coupon values or 25 coupons for a given month total (all sales for the month) or is that the most they can sell to each individual buyer in that month?

  3. NFriday says

    Hi- A lot of the coupon sellers on ebay are talking about moving to ecrater. There are lots of coupons for sale on ecrater right now, and supposedly the fees are much cheaper than ebay.

  4. NFriday says

    Hi- I’ve been searching on most of the other large couponing blogs, and I only found two other sites that mentioned this, and one of those sites was MUM. As a matter of fact one of the blogs still tells people to go to ebay to buy coupons.

    BTW- While I was in Barnes and Noble this afternoon, I noticed that they had the book Extreme Couponing for sale, and in the book she admits that most of the free coupons that are sold on ebay are counterfeit, although she does tell you to look them up to make sure.

  5. dolrskolr says

    Never bought a coupon {ahem – paid for someone cutting them}. I might actually see coupons on tear pads instead of just the cardboard backing because the rest were taken to sell (I’m thinking). Of course, there will be those who will purchase items with these coupons and then garage sale, flea market or whatever. But, my chances might have gotten a little better though in case many don’t want to do the OOP purchases.

    Although I hope inserts continue to be put in our newspapers. I can see reliance for those that don’t get the coupons.