Extreme Couponing: Quilted Northern Edition

Incredibly, more free Quilted Northern toilet paper flew out the door during tonight’s episode of “Extreme Couponing.”

Regarding coupons for free 12-packs of toilet paper, Georgia-Pacific, manufacturer of Quilted Northern, has confirmed that they “do not have any coupons of that type currently.” Counterfeit coupons for Quilted Northern have been used on the show before and were widely known to be counterfeit back in February of this year. One would think anyone getting free Quilted Northern with coupons now might raise a few red flags among the Extreme Couponing production crew, yet the show’s shoppers keep on buying Quilted Northern and not paying for it.

And tonight, shopper Aprille bought several packages of it:

Aprille told the camera that she was going for a “100% savings” trip. A miscalculation on some hot cocoa coupons not being doubled led to her paying over $9 for her hot cocoa, but everything else in her trip was free. She dropped a $1239.41 bill to $10.44, paying only for the cocoa and (apparently) the tax on it.

With no legitimate free-product coupons available for Quilted Northern, how did she do it?

Images from TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” used under Creative Commons license.


  1. Patch says

    everybody uses TP, so showing a way to get a years supply of Toilet Paper
    free is a sure fire ratings-getter..

    TLC, if they want to help people, should have a series
    called “How to find a Decent Job during a Recession”

    That is why so many people are coupon-obsessed.

    Poverty from unemployment.

    Plus, using 10 computer from your work, that is still more than 2 coupons
    per user,, isn’t that a Q violation also? Not to nitpick…