Student featured on Extreme Couponing: “The entire show is scripted.”

Monday’s episode of “Extreme Couponing” featured a University of Louisville student, Dominique, who couponed for supplies for his fraternity’s toga party. On the episode, he and his friends were shown going door to door asking sorority houses on campus for coupons. Dominique later used his stockpile of gelatin for a bout of Jell-O wrestling at the toga party, and his fraternity served snacks bought during his Extreme Couponing shopping trip.

Megan [surname removed] is a Pre-Med student at the University of Louisville. She and some of her Delta Zeta sorority sisters appeared in the episode with Dominique, and she has been answering questions about her Extreme Couponing experience on her Tumblr blog:

I’ve always wondered if extreme couponing is real/fake. Since you were on the show, what’s your opinion on it? Is it fake? Real?

The entire show is scripted. The fraternity that was featured actually did coupon the prizes for kids in one of their philanthropy events. However, on the show they made it seem like they couponed for a party they were throwing. Which was totally false. The party was scripted too. They said they couponed jello for jello wrestling but in actuality TLC provided special jello for wrestling in. Isn’t it weird they make that in the first place? haha. They also helped the fraternity coupon at the grocery store.

The scene I was in the guys were supposed to be going door to door on Greek Row collecting coupons. The producer handed us coupons to give them and told us what to say. Totally fake.

Sorry if it ruins it for anyone.

UPDATE 6/2, 1:10PM CST: Megan has deleted her Tumblr account. She emailed and asked me to remove her last name from this post, which I have redacted. Here is a screenshot of Megan’s original post.

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  1. Flag1 says

    I guess the definition of reality is different than mine. TLC lost its charm for me a year or so ago. The learning channel; really? Too many shows promoting things that are not right (toddlers & tiaras, polygamy, Extreme Couponing, etc.)

  2. hwendt12 says

    Very disappointing that a network goes down these roads…and that people actually WATCH and LIKE this stuff! Pretty sad, IMHO. :(

  3. palatino says

    You know I read that the other day and think how valid is the post, is it true, it’s a college girl’s blog etc. But when she deletes it then wants her name taken off this site……… she is drawing more attention to it then if she left it alone! Why all the distancing from it unless it’s true? Any doubt I had is gone now.

    Keep digging Jill. This is funny but I want to know where those frat guys got the 36 coupons for $6.50 off Malt O Meal. Never in my couponing life did I see that.

  4. Patch says

    Just a waste of good Jello..

    Dominique seemed sincere is his couponing ability.
    Unless he is a good actor..

    And he shows us couponers to always be nice to the
    checkout cashier..they are our Partner in saving..

    That was nice Dominique asked her to the party..