About those free gift bags at Menards this week…


 As usual, Menards has lots of good free-after-rebate and cheap-after-rebate items this week, including $2.99 Christmas gift bags that are free after rebate, limit 10.

I was talking to my mom last night and mentioned I was heading to Menards today. She told me to look through the Christmas gift bags for ones that weren’t specifically Christmas-themed! (We’re both fans of buying neutral-looking gift wrap designs and gift bags around Christmastime to use throughout the rest of the year for birthdays and other occasions.)

Mom said she found some pink, white, and green camouflage-style gift bags that were part of the rebate too. 



I headed to the Woodstock Menards today and browsed through a large endcap display of Christmas gift bags. While they have a large variety of Christmas-themed bags, I couldn’t find any bags similar to the ones my Mom described. I continued walking through the Christmas aisles, and then I spotted them:


Aha! There they were. However, there were no tags advertising the rebate anywhere near these camo bags, and the regular prices of these bags was not $2.98 either. I grabbed a couple of these bags and headed to the service counter to ask if they too were included in the rebate.

Mom was right — these bags are part of the rebate too! Even the girl at the service counter was excited and said “I’m going to get some after work!”


So, I picked up an assortment of white, pink, and regular (tree bark?) camo bags in addition to my Christmas bags. 

If you’re interested in which specific kinds are part of the rebate, here are the UPCs:



ALL of the rebate-qualifying Christmas bags, no matter what design they are, have UPC 6 02670 31047 4.  ALL of the qualifying camo bags have UPC 6 98027 22311 5. 

And, the rebate:


This gift bag deal runs through 12/3/16 at Menards. Don’t forget to mail them in by 12/26/16!


    • says

      You sure can! One advantage of doing so is that anything you buy with the rebate certificate is sold tax-free. Yesterday, I bought $80+ worth of stuff at Menards, used a rebate to pay for it, paid no tax, and I still have a little over $20 left on that rebate for next time.

      In theory, you can just buy the free-after-rebate stuff and keep rolling those rebate certificates over and over and over. I love Menards :)

  1. Laura says

    Thank you to “MOM” for these! What a nice find. We have neighbors who don’t celebrate Christmas but we still like to exchange gifts with them. The white bags with the snow on the trees are really pretty.

    • says

      Yes. It’s very rare to see a rebate at Menards that is only a limit 1 — they usually do that for more expensive things, like power tools, pressure washers, etc.

      Both the weekly ad and the rebate shelf tags will tell you how many of each rebate item you can buy. This gift bag rebate is a limit 10. When I blog Menards deals each week, I include the limit info too.

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