FREE Noosa yoghurt on Jewel-Osco MyMixx



Jewel-Osco shoppers, head over to MyMixx to load an ecoupon for a FREE 8oz. Noosa yoghurt. Load by 2/12 and redeem by 2/13/17.


  1. SSMark1 says

    Even if you don’t like this yogurt, you still get a BONUS Monopoly piece if you get it.
    Looks like the odds this year are closer to 1 in 5 for a free item vs. 1 in 200 in years past!



  2. grandma says

    Out of 15 pieces I got one free 16oz bag of baby carrots and an instant winner of 2 bonus game pieces.
    Be sure to check your receipt for the MyMixx taking off the $2 for the yogurt. Just left the Huntley Jewel and
    it did not come off my receipt. I noticed it before I left the store, so went right to the service desk.
    They were aware there is a problem in their system that it is not coming off , but my cashier never made me
    aware of it. Service desk handed me the $2 in cash

  3. says

    Another reader wrote about the Noosa yoghurt not coming off. I went to Jewel today and got the yogurt, but my MyMixx did not come off either for it. They had to manually take $2 off at the register.

  4. assassin says

    worked for me 7-something p.m. on Sunday, on Lemon flavor.

    the issue could be flavor related.

    my store has some newer flavors (some outright say it on containers, while some might just be new to this store), with shelf stickers dated 1/30 and having a black bar in place of numbers that are usually to right of the date, yet are listed at $2.29 with no $2.00 sale sticker — all of this meaning the product was likely added to the store on 1/30.

    they probably would’ve rang up at $2, but i avoided them anyway. this decision was based on a situation with newer-tagged Chobanis (both the Flips and the drinks) not triggering the “Buy 5 flips, get 1 drink free” last week. the newer flips had $1 sale tags but didn’t mention the deal, while the newer drinks lacked sale tags but rang up at sale price. i wound up buying 8 flips and 2 drinks then to make it work. :/ two back and forth trips across the store; sure the customers waiting behind me were thrilled.

    • says

      That’s a good point — I bought the apple flavor, which did say “new.” The MyMixx offer didn’t say anything about specific flavors, but that could certainly have been an issue.

  5. SSMark1 says

    It looks like the MyMixx fiasco has been fixed… again by Sunday.
    It was fixed a week ago as well, since this same thing happened the prior Saturday.
    That’s the 2nd Saturday in a row that MyMixx wasn’t working correctly at times on the freebies or the digital coupons.
    Look at your receipts for the past 2 Saturdays & complain if you didn’t get the MyMixx digital coupons applied to your receipt.
    The store can’t take the offer off your MyMixx if they are manually adjusting.
    They manually will adjust it at the register or give you a refund at customer service.
    You will still have that offer loaded on your next trip.
    I believe the gas rewards were still going through as well as the transaction getting fed to SavingStar (love those freebie moneymaking bananas when you buy 1 banana & Broccoli this week! YAY!!!).


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