Jill reviews it: Baby Foot exfoliating foot peel

Disclosure:  I have received a Baby Foot foot peel for purposes of review.

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As soon as I became aware of Baby Foot, I wanted to try it! Baby Foot is an exfoliating foot peel that’s wildly popular in Japan. Forget foot baths, pedicures, foot files and pumice stones. Baby Foot promises baby-soft feet with no physical exfoliation. It’s a gentle skin peel made from fruit acids that painlessly and effortlessly peels away dead, dry, and rough skin on your feet.

Does it work? I couldn’t wait to find out.

Read on for my experience and review of Baby Foot!

NOTE: If you are bothered by photos of bare feet or skin peeling, you may not wish to continue. For the rest of you who want to know if it works… read on!

How does Baby Foot work? The Baby Foot kit consists of two plastic booties filled with a clear gel. You put the booties on for one hour, then wash the gel off. Then, you wait. Peeling commences a few days later, and it will continue on its own until the dead skin on your feet sheds itself off. Easy enough.

Before I began, I figured I’d better take some “before” photos. I’m the kind of person who goes barefoot all the time when I’m home, and after a summer of running around barefoot outside, working in my garden, taking martial arts classes, you name it – my feet were dry and in need of some attention:

Day 1 – 9/17/14:

Baby Foot’s instructions recommend soaking your feet in water before you begin. In reading through other reviews online, one hour seemed to be the average time other people were recommending. I set my feet in a bowl of warm water and kicked back on the couch for an hour.

Then, I dried my feet off and put the Baby Foot booties on. The directions instruct you to put a pair of socks on over the booties to hold them in place. It also recommends not walking around with the booties on — this is good advice. Your feet feel like they’re swimming in a slippery bag of jelly, and walking at this point could actually be dangerous. So, I again sat on the couch for another hour. (Good thing I’m a blogger – I worked while Baby Foot worked its magic…)

After the hour was up, I carefully toddled into the bathroom and removed the socks and booties in the bathtub. I rinsed my feet off, and then… I waited.

Days 2 through 4 – 9/17/14-9/20/14: Nothing happened. I wasn’t discouraged yet, because many other reviews I’ve read claim that you won’t see any changes until the fourth or fifth day after the peel. You are recommended to soak your feet each day in water to help loosen the layers of dead skin though, so each day, I’d soak my feet in warm water for an hour. I did this every night until the peel was complete. The directions also recommend not using lotion, as moisturizing your feet can prevent the dead layers from peeling away. They also recommend wearing socks, especially once the peeling begins. I wore socks each day too.

Day 5 – 9/21/14: On the fifth day, I took my socks off and saw that the peeling was beginning:

Excellent. I looked forward to seeing what would happen tomorrow.

Day 6 – 9/22/14

Things really started to happen now. Baby Foot’s instructions advise not peeling pieces of skin off with your fingers, but I can tell you that it’s very tempting to want to do so..! I tried to resist the temptation and let Baby Foot work its magic. It was definitely doing something. To avoid grossing out everyone else in the house, I also wore socks anytime I wasn’t photographing my Baby Foot progress.

Day 7: 9/23/14

This evening, after I did my nightly warm water soaks for an hour, I noticed a lot of skin falling off in the footbath. I was also traveling for work this week, so I had to continue my soaks away from home. I improvised by asking for a clean wastebasket liner and filling the room’s wastebasket with warm water. (Hey, it worked.) This was the day I saw the most peeling. After I soaked, I took a shower. When I ran my hands over the soles of my feet, skin peeled off in enormous, large flakes and sheets. It was morbid and delightful at the same time. I was really happy that I was showering in a hotel room after I saw how much skin had accumulated in the shower drain! I had to clean the drain out afterward, or it’s quite possible that the hotel maid may have thought I skinned a small human being in the tub. This was, by far, the day I shed the most skin.

Day 8: 9/24/14

All day long, I could feel the skin peeling off my feet into my socks when I’d wiggle them inside my shoes. I should add that this process never hurt, tingled, or stung at all – it was comfortable, just a little strange.

Day 9: 9/25/14

On this day, the peeling had really slowed down. My feet were noticeably softer and I was pretty happy with the results.

October 28, 2014

In the days and weeks since I used Baby Foot, my feet have stayed soft. I took the above photos a couple days ago after taking a shower — this is without lotion or moisturizer. My feet have stayed soft and pink! I’ve ever been able to achieve this level of soft skin with traditional foot treatments like pumice stones or the PedEgg.

I would definitely use this again if my feet returned to their dry state again, but I’m also using lotion regularly now to prolong this new, soft-skin state. At $25, Baby Foot costs less than the cost of a pedicure. And, unlike many dry-foot-skin remedies or solutions, this really works! For these reasons, I have to rate Baby Foot as a pretty good value. After seeing my baby-soft feet, guess who else in my household wants to try this next? My husband.

You can Order a Baby Foot foot peel online from their website. When you visit the site, look for a 10% off pop-up ecoupon too!

Read reviews of Baby Foot on Amazon



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UPDATE: Giveaway has ended! Winners are CouponAl and Chapulin! 

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  1. Supermom10 says

    Since I live in dry Arizona …. I am barefoot or wearing sandals at least 8 or 9 months out of the year. This would be appreciated win for me & my family.

  2. amjacobs909 says

    I would love to win this for my husband! He asks me to rub his feet, and it just disgusts me because of how dry and scaly they are!

  3. llamalluv says

    I used this product a few years ago, and was terribly disappointed because I did not get the same results that you did. I followed the directions exactly, which was pretty difficult because at the time I had a very active 1 year old and finding the two hours needed for the first day was really trying. (Also as soon as I put the booties on, I had to go to the bathroom, so then I had to sit for an hour and try to think dry thoughts). Maybe I should try it again?

  4. dkmulder says

    He wears work boots every day and has continuously peeling skin on his feet. He has tried lots of remedies which haven’t worked for him. This looks interesting.

  5. jaymed says

    I would love to try this! Getting older means spending more time with the ped egg and other methods. This looks like it’s so much more effective.

  6. rdeeb1 says

    I have tried this before and loved it. I have been wanting to get another one because my feet are not looking to good after this past summer.

  7. SSMark1 says

    Worth a shot. I’d love to see the guys on Venice Beach that break glass in bags and then walk on the broke pieces use this stuff & then walk on glass!

  8. debzing says

    Thanks for taking the time to do the review. I can’t wait to try it, although I might be better off having my husband try it first … his feet are much worse than mine!! Love all you do. Thanks.

  9. eathealthy says

    My feet could use this treatment after a summer of going barefoot and wearing sandals, but I think my husband’s feet are worse than mine!

  10. mvmatenaer says

    Sounds like a long procedure but looking at your results well worth it. I would like to try it (esp. if I win as it is a little pricy)

  11. Sunnythesunflower says

    OMG My feet are so bad, that I keep socks on all the time, I really need this. FINGERS ARE CROSSED!!!!!

  12. kkris812 says

    Granted I would love to get it for free but I might need to buy either way.

    And btw…a nail tech told me one time that lotion doesn’t do anything but instead to use petroleum jelly at night and sleep with socks on. I used to sleep with socks on as a kid but can’t do it now so i keep them on for as long as possible.

  13. savemethemoney says

    I would definately give it to my daughter who walks around barefoot all the time. She needs it!
    Really cool and gross at the same time like you said!

  14. dhp1959 says

    I can never get my feet smooth even after trying many products. I’m always snadpapering my feet according to my husband. LOL

  15. heatherandjohn says

    I would love to win this product! We are going to Kauai in December and it would be awesome to have cute feet!

  16. juli says

    Sounds a lot better than using crisco and Saran wrap like my orthopede told me to do to make the cracks and dryness disappear!

  17. kate114 says

    If you picked winners based on feet photos sent in, I am sorry to say I would win hands (feet lol) down! Thank you, Jill, for another fun giveaway!

  18. MamaHan says

    Wow, this sounds exactly like what my poor feet need. Thanks for a chance at the giveaway (and the warning about the pics!) Jill! :)

  19. callmesan says

    Pick me. Pick me. Pick me? Pick me. Pick me. Pick me. Pick me. Pick me? Pick me. Pick me.Pick me. Pick me. Pick me? Pick me. Pick me.

  20. meg@tynerpc.com says

    Looks like it really works! Have Tried everything and nothing works! This could be the solution! Thank you for the opportunity!

  21. Stephanie mccune says

    This is the BEST treatment for dry calloused feet i have ever used. I have pedicures regularly every 2weeks and still i found within 2days my heels were cracking. I no longer have them razor my feet which i believe make the cracking worse. The peeling is incredible and i am so impressed by the results that this is a treatment I am doing quarterly on my feet from now one. It does not get batter than this! Well worth the price…..

  22. says

    OH MY GOODNESS, This works really well. At first, I didn’t see anything happening after almost 5 days but lord let me tell you, it was scary to see all that skin coming off. I’d say it peeled for almost 2 weeks and now it’s exactly as it states… I now have baby feel.. Sooo soft, no hard skin nothing, this is GREAT!!

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