GIVEAWAY: Win an HP Envy 120 wireless printer!

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by HP. I have received an HP Envy 120 wireless printer, as well as information to help promote the product as part of this giveaway.

UPDATE: Giveaway has ended! The winner is Curtscards!

As many of you know, I’ve been reviewing the HP Envy 120 wireless printer this month. It’s a great printer that allows you to print wirelessly from anywhere in the world. If you missed my review posts about it, here are my first and second writeups. This printer even has its own email address, and when you send it an email, it will automatically print the email and attached documents out.

It also integrates with the HP Savings Center to wirelessly print coupons from anywhere in the world! You can log into the savings center while traveling, select your coupons, and they print in real time. What a great tool for a couponer — print on the go, and your coupons will be waiting in the printer tray when you return.

Want a chance to win an HP Envy 120 wireless printer? Simply post a reply in the comments under this article! This giveaway begins today, October 29th, 2013, and runs for one week. The giveaway will end on November 4th, 2013 at 11:59pm CST, and on November 5th, one winner will be chosen via a random number generator!

More about the HP Envy 120:

Cutting-edge design and versatile features combine for premium home printing. Print lab-quality photos and everyday documents, easily scan to email, make quick copies, and access web content by tapping and swiping the 4.33-inch (10.99 cm) touchscreen. Connect wirelessly and use HP ePrint to print from your smartphone or tablet from virtually anywhere. Use the optimized USB port to charge your iPhone®.

– Tap and swipe to browse through a library of free apps, using the 4.33-inch (10.99 cm) color touchscreen.

– HP ePrint—now print from your smartphone or tablet from virtually anywhere.

– Quickly connect to print wirelessly[9] and share your printer with other wireless-enabled PCs.

– Download free apps from HP and partners to create, share, and print puzzles, coloring pages, and more.

– Consume up to 50% less paper, using automatic two-sided printing.

Click here to learn more about HP Web-Connected Printers.

Legal: This giveaway is sponsored by HP. Responding to this post with a comment qualifies readers to enter. Duplicate posts do not increase chances of winning. The contest began at midnight CST on October 29, 2013 and will end at 11:59pm CST on November 4, 2013. One winnerswill be chosen via random-number generator on November 5, 2013 and announced the same day. Winner will receive ONE HP Envy 120 wireless printer. Prize, information, and giveaway have been provided by HP. I have received an HP Envy 120 wireless printer, as well as information to help promote the product as part of this giveaway. Winners will be contacted via the Private Messaging feature of and via email. If a winner does not reply to the message within 48 hours of notification, that winner will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be chosen. Fulfillment will be handled by HP. Giveaway is only open to residents of the United States. Odds of winning are determined by number of eligible entries received. Good luck to everyone!


  1. noel1262 says

    I use an iPad so I can’t print your deals it is so frustrating! Lately I just bring my iPad it i prefer printing and writing notes!

  2. Lillianomari says

    It is always a pain to connect my laptop to the printer. I sometimes don’t print out some great coupons because I am too lazy to deal with the whole process. I would love to have a wireless printer.

  3. Lfreud26 says

    I don’t have a printer so this would be a great way to save even more money!!! Thanks Jill!

  4. susieqs2 says

    Since my current printer is not working properly, this would be a great time to get a new one.

  5. bargainista says

    Help! My printer is choking, ripping and torturing my documents, rejecting my computer and begging for retirement.

  6. Scoop8758 says

    I would love to win this printer! It would go with my new MacPro laptop that I plan on buying within the next couple of weeks!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. kwilson says

    My printer no longer scans and seems to have a mind of its own. We could really use a new one! Thanks Jill!

  8. amjacobs909 says

    Would love this printer. Perfect for when I work from home, so that I won’t have to carry my laptop in the office anymore to print things!

  9. klarnold says

    Having wireless printing would be awesome since right now I’m stuck going into another room and pluging in the printer before hitting the print button. The email address sounds like a great feature too.

  10. says

    This HP Printer sounds AMAZING!!! It would make my weekly couponing an even better experience. I hope I win so I can find out.

  11. jengosse says

    This printer sounds amazing! This would definitely make printing much easier in my house. Thanks for the chance to win such a great piece of equipment!

  12. demottelovescoupons says

    Could always use a wireless printer. Sounds like a great addition to our home office setup.

  13. jiny says

    Our past printers have always be HP. They make the best printers. The fact you can print from your smartphone. OMG sweet!

  14. rswehrle says

    That would be a great addition to our home office. :) Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed. :)

  15. Kari O. says

    I would love this! My HP printer is less than a year old but I’m seriously considering trading it in at Best Buy.

  16. diditbefore30 says

    Thank you for the chance to win this awesome printer. Im actually looking into purchasing a new one. Fingers crossed that I won’t have to. Thank you!

  17. kps says

    I would love one! I have been in the market for a new printer for a while and when I read your article about the HP Envy I was really excited! Thanks Jill.

  18. pattycakes says

    Would love a wireless printer to keep the tangle of cords around my desk to a minimum. It would also save me a trip to the other room to print out coupons from my laptop. Thanks Jill.

  19. letsshop says

    Waiting for 77 !cause I will be that this Halloween ,so would be nice to get such a wonderful gift .

  20. classymom08 says

    Savings Center integration is what makes this so valuable; I HATE when my printer is recognized and I have to reinstall! Lost many a valuable coupon that way. :(

  21. kbeutler says

    With 4 kids in high school, I could use all the printers I can get and may stop a few arguments.

  22. Becky1980 says

    We are in the need for a new printer and I would love to try this one, especially since my husband does not want to buy this one. This way, I win double :) At home and here. :)

  23. mygoldcloud says

    My printer just broke a week ago.
    This is perfect (if) I win.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  24. seemarysave says

    I was just saying to my husband that I wanted to get a wireless printer. It would help expedite the process since right now I have to detach the printer from my husband’s computer and hook it up to my laptop. Reading your reviews has been very helpful.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Mary (see mary save)

  25. jaymed says

    I just put this on my Christmas list. I had to explain to my Husband who is technologically challenged what it does. I would love to win this!

  26. realtorjorge23 says

    This printer sounds great and I absolutely need it. Judging from all the features, it would probably be the last printer I ever own.

  27. Lkyprios says

    This is on my Christmas list for myself. Would be fantastic to win it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  28. Bargain Babe says

    Hear that clanking, grinding and moaning sound? That’s my current printer begging to be eunthanized. Please send H(el)P!

  29. deanng23 says

    We could really use a new printer in our house and this one looks AMAZING! To be able to print from our iPhones and iPads would be so awesome! Thanks for the chance Jill!

  30. Turken says

    Of course, the real question is how the ink cost/usage compares with what we have right now. regardless of initial cost, it’s always the ink that gets you in the end.

  31. Couponingtofitandfifty says

    HP Printers are very reliable. Would love to win this for my office upstairs! Great size.

  32. mom2allboys says

    Our one and only printer broke 2 weeks ago and can’t afford a new one right now :( This would be such a blessing to win so I can print coupons and save more money and the boys could print off their homework at home :)

  33. alesis_77 says

    Would love to win this. I was cleaning under my other printer and it went crashing to the ground. It broke in a few places but still kind of works. It just has a lot of paper jams. so…..this would be great if I won!

  34. Sunnythesunflower says

    My printer just gave out on me…This would be the best if I won! Fingers and toes are crossed! Thank you Jill for the chance.

  35. Marcie A. says

    I would love to win this! My hubby and I are in the market for a new one, so this would be perfect!

  36. purplegirl111 says

    Wow–this is an excellent machine! I can’t believe what it can do! Thanks so much for the chance to win one:-)

  37. andez98 says

    How wonderful to be able to click on coupons from your phone, and have them waiting at home in your printer! Awesome idea!

  38. Smile134 says

    OMG, this is exactly what I need and plan to get. I started learning how to use coupons recently and always want to buy a printer for coupon online since then, but the price of the printer is so expensive that it makes me hesitate whether I will save more than the amount spent on a printer. I was about to wait until Black Friday to see if I can find any good deal :)
    I believe this giveaway is awesome for any couponer. Thanks, Jill :)

  39. Brandy4777 says

    I’ve been waiting for this giveaway. I’m sure I won’t win it….but a girl can dream. ;)

  40. smiller64 says

    I think it would be cool to win this. My husband bought me a iPad last year and I would love a printer that is compatible.

  41. hellina2000 says

    This is a very sleek, advanced printer. I love to print photos at home and I really like the wireless capabilities this printer has! Thanks for the chance!

  42. Waltcrew says

    Thanks for all of the great articles about this printer. I really need a new one and this would be great!

  43. crosson says

    I was so mad at my daughter. She took paper from the feeder, and the rest of the sheets were not aligned. When I tried to print something, it jammed. I was fuming. couldn’t reach the shredded paper to make it work. Well, turned out to be a good thing. My printer was about 15 years old. I was STUNNED at the capabilities of new printers. They are amazing!

  44. IllinoisMom says

    Our printer always prints stripes on our photos no matter how many times we clean it or realign it. A new one would be great!

  45. jillnzac says

    I am in the market for a new printer. I have always used HP products… Computers and printers. Excited about this giveaway. Thank you so much Jill and HP!

  46. specinv1 says

    Will be entering the retirement phase of my life soon and could use this to start my serious couponing to save money.

  47. smiles says

    This would be awesome to get this. I only have a laptop and it is so annoying to have to hook it up to the printer every time I need to print something.

  48. francisca says

    This looks like such an awesome printer. Would be a great replacement to my clunky brother printer.

  49. Jettmico says

    Thank you for the chance, this was be a much needed gift for mom, me! I need to put myself first and take the chance to win.

  50. styzinsk says

    This mommy to be would love the opportunity to win a new printer to help save money! Coupon <3

  51. Georgie'sgirl says

    Good product! Would love to win! Great that it integrates with 2-sided printing is great,saves on paper.

  52. testev says

    I love the fact that this printer has its own email. Also, any printer that prints remotely is a blessing. I would love to own one of these.

  53. creag2 says

    love that you could print from the smart phone. would LOVE to win this, I need one right now also.

  54. galaxygirl0505 says

    Thank you HP! I would love to win! I was in the market for a new printer. Good luck to everyone!

  55. naynay75 says

    This HP printer has so many great features, HP’s products just keep getting better and better.

  56. a8n3fan says

    what a great give away…would love to win… my printer uses too much ink… i need a different one os i can print more coupons

  57. colmuk says

    Mine just broke! Would love this printer. HP makes great products, that’s why I bought the HP laptop!

  58. princezzmo says

    I would love to win this printer, especially since my printer was just fried the other day! Sparks even coming out of the outlet! ha ha

  59. lovecouponing03112012 says


  60. Kathygary says

    Wireless Printer from HP! Love it! No wires for the kids to get tangled in. Oh Yeah!
    Would love to have it.

  61. stylingwten says

    this would be great to have no wires! i love anything wireless, their always in the way and the dirt that gets under them is crazy. and hps are great products we have used them for years with the computers. thanks tenny vazquea

  62. Wendolyn says

    OMG!!!! This has to be the greatest thing ever. I work nights ad sometimes can’t print at work but now I could be on my ipad and send coupons to my printer at home…. Amazing!!

  63. cran4 says

    Just got a new job working from home and I have to buy my own supplies. This would be awesome!

  64. brandi135 says

    A friend referred me to this site, and I am LOVING all the great deals here. I’d love to win the printer! :)

  65. Bernard2003 says

    Our printer is wireless, but on it’s last legs! It shakes the whole desk back and forth while it’s printing. We sure could use this printer

  66. Brittany11717 says

    WOW! What a very cool giveaway that all could use. Maybe one for each of the entries. LOL Thanks Jill

  67. kay_antoinette says

    This printer is definitely right up my alley and I would love to win it! Being able to print coupons in a way that would save paper and having the wireless printing capability is just awesome. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  68. booknik says

    I would love to win this as my current printer does not align properly! Thank you for the opportunity to enter and good luck to all.

  69. artmom6 says

    I desperately need a new printer. An manufacturer of off brand ink said you could use other types of ink and it would not ruin the print heads on my expensive printer. Well, guess what? It did. Now I’m stuck with a huge hunk of $500 junk that doesn’t work.

    Would love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity.

  70. ldurec says

    I would love to have this printer! I love the idea of printing from all of our devices to one central location!

  71. bellasspa says

    this printer has been on my wish list!!! i do all of my deal searching online late at night or on my phone while iam on the go. Ive been wanting one of these so I could search deals from anywhere and print them out to review later. Running a household of 5, i really enjoy your website and look at it 1 – 2 times daily to save $ wherever i go. thank you for a chance to win this printer and for your awesome site!