Goodbye to summer

Goodbye to Summer A tropical dinner and sunset toast

Last year, we vacationed in Key West, Florida. Each night, the island celebrates the sunset with a tropical-drink toast and a pause to marvel at the beautiful colors of the sunset. My kids loved the idea of toasting the sunset, and as the last day of 2014’s summer approached, they wanted to recreate a little of that vacation magic and send summertime off with a tropical-themed dinner, fruity drinks, and a sunset toast.

Hours of beach-party music on the stereo? Check.
Pineapple-coconut smoothies? Check.
Grill fired up and filled with seafood? Check.
Everyone wore Hawaiian shirts. Some people thought crab claws made great parent-grabbers.
Others thought they made good finger-extenders.
As the sun started to go down, we sipped mock-coladas…
… and watched the sun set.


  1. hwendt12 says

    These are the things that the kids will remember as adults-great idea!!

    (BTW, Jill-you are SUCH a cool & fun mom-will you adopt ME?? LOL!!)