Have you won anything with Jewel-Osco’s Monopoly?


Jewel-Osco’s annual Monopoly game kicked off a week ago, and as in previous years, the game involves both saving game pieces on a Monopoly board toward large prizes, as well as instant-win pieces, codes to enter online at www.playmonopoly.us and coupons for products in store. (Nearly 20 chains under the Safeway parent company are playing the game simultaneously too.)

Coupons In The News noted that the odds of winning are better this year than last: 

Last year, there were about six million free product prizes available across the country. This year, there are nearly 100 million of them(!), good on any of more than a hundred different products ranging in value from 72 cents to $24.99.

So you may not win that million, but you have a 1 in 13 chance of scoring some free food. And that alone might make this year’s Monopoly game worth your while.

So, after our first week of Monopoly, our family had brought home 60 Monopoly game pieces. As in past years, I’ve put my children in charge of opening all the pieces and attaching them to the game board, then sorting the remaining coupons for me. (I dread the day when they no longer think this task is “fun” — they are such great helpers!)


Of our 60 game pieces, here’s what we received:

  • Two instant-win tickets for free products: Free Jolly-Time microwave popcorn and free Safeway or Signature hamburger buns.
  • 18 dollar and cents-off store coupons for products. Some of the better ones included $1 off a Weight Watchers Pure Protein bar (aren’t they around $1 anyway?) and .50 off a 2-liter of Coke.
  • Four instant-win tickets for 2 free Monopoly tickets on my next trip to the store.
  • Two vouchers for $10 off a Let Life Bloom purchase and a free Shutterfly photo magnet. These aren’t really “free” prizes though, as most items at Let Life Bloom cost around $50, and shipping is not included for the free magnet.
  • The rest of our tickets were codes. I entered the codes online at www.playmonopoly.us and won:
    • 20 Fandango movie tokens. Every ten tokens generates a code for $5 off a Fandango movie ticket, so now we have two $5 discounts.
    • Five Nickelodeon kids’ activity books. I thought these were something I would pick up in the store, but then I realized that 1) It’s a PDF of a game book that you have to print, and 2) All five books are the same.
    • Three Nickelodeon digital game codes for an online boating game. 

That left six online code pieces that were not winners. So, technically, from a statistical standpoint, we “won” a lot of things, but I really consider the two free food items as the real prizes here. We did not win anything (yet) from our game board pieces.

So… are you winning anything at Monopoly?


Additionally, I thought I’d share how I organize my coupons from this game. Whenever I get Monopoly pieces that are straight-up store coupons like “.50 off Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat,” I sort them in alphabetical order and use a small binder clip to hold them together.


I keep them in my coupon wallet, and this way I can easily flip through and see what I might have coupons for when I’m planning a trip or in the store. Remember, these can be stacked with manufacturer coupons too for additional savings. 


  1. Calibabydolly says

    I only had 10 tickets so far, and no instant winners except for more tickets. I won the Nickelodeon online game as well as 2 online cooking classes? I did want to mention (to your kids!) that after I licked and attached the board pieces, they fall right off when they dried! Either I licked all the glue off or there was not enough to get it to adhere to the paper board but I decided to stick them on with a tiny piece of magic tape on the top of each piece. Now they seem to stay put. I just wanted to warn others since it takes a lot of time and fiddling with the pesky teeny game pieces….you don’t want them lost or falling all over the place! Good Luck all!

    • says

      They actually used a glue stick to put them on, because they didn’t want to lick that many of them. This is a great tip though — it IS a lot of work to build that board!

      • naisula says

        I have my kids use one of those Aquadoodle pens to adhere tickets. (The kind where you fill the chamber with water and the “tip” is like a sponge). Works great for sending out Christmas cards, too! (We have long been rid of Aquadoodle mats and such, but I kept the pens for this very purpose!) Haven’t had much issue with pieces falling off.

      • suzq37 says

        The game board specifically states not to attach with tape or glue because they have to affix to a new game board when you bring it in. It’s noted on the gold section titled “How to Play”.

        • says

          Well… we’re using a school glue stick, and I think we’ll continue. I helped the kids out by trying to lick-and-stick, and then over the weekend when I picked the board up, all of the pieces I stuck on fell right off. :/

        • SSMark1 says

          I USE TAPE!

          Then when I’ve won in the past, I untape just the pieces I needed, and attached to a new game board & just turn in that new game board with the 4 pieces for my gift card.


      • Brian says

        I was on a roll with a 10,000 4 wheeler, since I’ve been just getting the duplicate ones instead of the 2 I need, which are probably in a different state. They know how to scam people with this stuff. I got 30 tickets one time and ended up with 3 of the same numbers… I only need 2to win!

        I wish there was a site where people can trade the ones they need etc lol..

  2. says

    There are several websites listing the rare pieces. I’m just printing out a checklist of the rare; if I get one of those I”ll start pasting/taping the rest like crazy! lol

  3. nANCY says

    I have won the $10 grocery gift card (says there are 37,500 winners) plus hamburger buns, Barilla pasta sauce, a box of tissue, 5 lbs. of flour, and 101 4×6 Shutterfly prints. I also have 5 of the Fandango codes. I won all of this from 26 Monopoly tickets.

  4. says

    I have 2 for a free doughnut or bagel, a free box of tissues, free buns, free french bread and a free bag of chips. Seems like the coupons are better than in past years,too. I never got too excited about a 25 cent off but this week I’ve gotten a few $1 off ( birds eye veggies,mccormicks spices, simply potatoes hash browns) and a few 50 cents off ( coke, chips ahoy,english muffins, sargento cheese and kraft dressing.

  5. says

    I went to Jewel today to do a few deals (Dole Mixations fruit cups among them — kids were out of them for lunchbox snacks and they are a bonus ticket item this week too.)

    Of the tickets I brought home, we won a free Signature 100ct. aspirin, a free loaf of French bread in the bakery, and one of our pieces had all four segments inside for a $5 cash reward. Good deal!

  6. Kristina says

    We got some instant winners:
    Free donut or bagel
    Free 100 count of sandwich bags
    Online cooking class

    And then we’ve gotten a few coupons for items we don’t buy, two $5 off the flower thing, three activity books, 8 tokens, and 8 more tickets.

    I promised myself I wouldn’t play this year. My husband is doing the game board this year because I’m over it, but I am enjoying the coupons and freebies!

    • says

      Bag of carrots
      Bag of flour
      Container of salt
      Loaf of French bread
      Bagel X 2
      100count of aspirin

      Gone through 100 or so game pieces. Many free tickets, lots of Fandango rewards 3 cooking classes which I have yet to look into and a few Shutterfly rewards

  7. Theresa says

    Have had about 35 game tickets and this includes at least 12 of the free tickets from either codes or tickets. Did win a free signature kitchen salsa. Have points toward the Fandango but not to 10 yet. Also got one of those free online Nickelodeon game books that we can print. $10 off at Let Life Bloom.com Egift Certificate. Definitely more free ticket coupons than last time. Hope to win something on the board though.

    • SSMark1 says

      Salt & Aspirin are the 2 most popular items, along with the free donut/bagel from the bakery.
      I think I’m set on Aspirin for many years to come, as with the salt!
      You can only get 15 Fandango Rewards per household.
      You can use the $5 virtual gift cards on Amazon, & purchase Amazon Gift Cards,
      I got a bunch of other stuff too (cooking classes, Nickelodeon, etc)
      I have a lot of pieces to sort thru tonight while I watch wrestling.
      I’ll be up all night just monkeying around with all these pieces & all the scanning to do (until I hit the daily scan limit). … I may need some of that aspirin after all!

      I was out of town off & on these past 2 weeks, so I haven’t had time to sort through all my tickets pieces & scans, I just open them to see what the left part is & toss them into a pile.

      I set up all my pieces on a table A-Z, left to right, & numbers going down.
      That way I have them all sorted by piece..
      WAY faster this way if you have a bunch to sort through.
      I stack each individual numeric pile in numerical order for each group.
      Each group get’s it’s own paper clip.
      So that way, I have all the pieces I have for 1 group in order.

      I also have a sheet of paper with the rare piece(s) written down need to win each prize.

      Max I’ve won was a $25 in prior years, but this year looks promising with a lot more things to win.
      I just don’t like the limits on some of these prizes, many people hit the limit within a week.
      Hope they fix that for NEXT YEAR!

      Good luck everyone, the is better than Pokemon GO!
      Monopoly pieces, gotta catch them all!


  8. PAm says

    The pieces I received yesterday aren’t even on the board game. What is up with that? 8w23c on the board and my piece says d417c. Maybe they are handing out previous years pieces?

    • says

      What color is the back side of your tickets? This year’s tickets are black.

      If yours are red/maroon instead of black, they accidentally gave you tickets for the employee game. Jewel employees are prohibited from playing the main game, so they have a separate game just for staff. Those staff game pieces are a red/maroon color on the back.

      I believe last year’s game pieces were green on the back.

  9. Louise C says

    I played last year and didn’t win anything but more tickets. So far in the first couple weeks, I won a donut and free bottle of aspirin, so that was better. Also 9 out of 10 fandango tokens needed for the award. I think it must be a scam to trade in the rare tickets. I found that with just a lackluster effort at doing the game, I got all but the rare tickets. So if a peson got the rare tickets, they could just win that prize because all they would have to do is shop for a little bit at Safeway to get the other tickets. After I fill up the game board a bit, I just wrote down the tickets I was missing. It was easier to check my new tickets against the list than to keep trying to match the pieces on the board. And when I got a piece, I would cross it off the list and attach it. You get so many duplicates after a while. Thanks for all your information on this game, it helped answer some questions.

  10. Rodger Moneybags says

    Where are my two free game pieces by mail? As per official rules, I have mailed in 50 (fifty) SASE envelopes, beginning on Feb 8th 2017. As of today, March 4th, none, notta, ziltch have been returned? Has Albertsons ran out of my mail free tickets already?

    • Lynn Ford says

      The first week I won a Rouxbe Cooking School Online Course.. But, as soon as you put the promo code in you have 7 days to take the course. I didn’t have the time to take it and my 7 days were up. I just got another one. I am not putting the code in until I have the time to take it.;

  11. Karen says

    Anyone have issues with getting the Fandango Token discount codes? I did not redeem immediately, thinking I could do it later from the code history page, but I can’t, and I no longer have the emails as they go to a junk account and were deleted before I realized I might need them. Anyone know what I can do to remedy this? Would love to collect and use my $10 and the 5 tokens more I have already logged.

    • Brittany c says

      I’m having the same issue :( I scanned a huge stack of tickets at once, ended up with 38 Fandango tokens and there is no redeem button. They’re all listed in my history but the meter on the right shows zero rewards.

      I have received many instant winner tickets, which is great. Since I’m only missing one piece on most of the sections of the board, I had the same idea as many others here and wrote down only the missing codes so it’s much quicker to look over a list than to scan the board.

      Now if I could just figure out the Fandango issue…

      • Amanda says

        I entered a bunch today & the Fandango tokens are not creating a certificate after 10 codes. I did it the other day & after 10 Fandango codes, it would create a reward in your history (& had a redeem choice in history), plus it sent you an email that you got that reward. Today it’s not doing either….no email & no reward in the history ??? They must be having issues today???

        One that I entered was for a free 2 game pieces & that one sent me an email & has a choice to select in history. So that one is working today. Just not Fandango

        • Tcox says

          Same issue ! I got the emails for the free game pieces ,, just no fandango , think I should hold off on putting them in case ?

          • Amanda says

            You might want to wait, it can’t hurt. Until they get it fixed. I can’t help but think it’s a glitch right now. I did email them, so I’ll let you know what they say when/if they respond.

          • Amanda says

            FYI… I got my Fandango Reward emails last night, for the 2 that I earned from codes entered yesterday. & there is now a ‘redeem’ link in my code history. (They never responded to my email) So, they might just have had a glitch or delay for those. But wanted to let you know I got mine

    • Amanda says

      I don’t know if you’ve figure it out yet, but if not. The Fandango Redeem button does not show in the app. But if I go through their webpage & into ‘code history’, then the redeem buttons show up.

      Once you get 10 tokens, it’ll list “Fandango Reward” & underneath is a link for “Redeem Here”. It’s not a box to click like other rewards (extra tickets, digital games, shutterfly, cooking class, etc)

      Does anyone know about using the Fandango Visa debit reward (instead of choosing the Fandango movie reward) & where you can use it??

  12. mIKE gODBOUT says

    Rather than enter try to stick and then unstick all the cards I created a spreadsheet that I just enter the codes into and it compares them against what I already have to tell me when/if I win. I keep all of the tickets in a baggy and take out what I need it when my spreadsheet tells me I’ve won.

    • says

      Every year, I type out a list of the pieces rather than gluing them onto the board. I don’t like having to turn the paper so many time. The worst was checking to see if I had the piece! Making a list just made sense to me.
      Last year, I printed the paper and highlighted the pieces I had. If I won, I would bring them in and glue them onto a board. (The rules state “These potential winning official game markers will need to be affixed to a new game board to claim a prize.”) Good luck to us all!
      This year, I decided to share the document. I also put the rare pieces(according to a website) in bold.
      I hope this is helpful to some people

      • CMK says

        That document is great! I haven’t been playing for very many days, this is the first year I’ve done it. One interesting thing – the ones you highlight as RARE generally match the tokens I don’t have, which makes sense. But there are two at this point – the $1K laptop and the $50 groceries – where the one I lack isn’t listed as rare.

        How did you determine if they were rare or not?

        Thanks, again, I love a good excel spreadsheet!

  13. Erin says

    Has anyone else had the problem of getting a free product coupon and the store you shop at not carrying the item? Mine was specially water crackers

  14. Marianna says

    So ok I can’t find the answer anywhere!! So my family lives in Massachusetts and I live in Illinois both states have the game can we mix and match pieces from different grocery stores? I’m at Jewel they go to Shaws

    • JMB says

      You should check the rules, policy information, it maybe on the website. The game board may list this information too.

  15. Terri says

    My hubby works for Albertsons, so we do not qualify for the customer Monopoly, but they do have an employee version with some smaller prizes that we get to play. I just use a Sharpie marker to put an X on the game board for any of the pieces that I have. When I discover a new piece, I toss it in a baggie labeled “used pieces”. If and when I ever find the rare pieces, it only takes a few minutes to find the pieces I need in my baggie. I toss ALL of my duplicate pieces into another baggie labeled “extra” just as a back up in case I accidentally put it in the wrong bag. I also have a bag of coupons and a bag of instant winners.

    Once I have collected all of my common pieces, I make a list of my needed pieces, so I can just compare new pieces to my needed list instead of opening up that big game board every time.

    Last year we won a $50 gift card and the year before we won a $25 gift card. So far this year, I have a bunch of Fandango tickets and few 2 more piece winners, LOTS of free donuts, a couple boxes of pasta, salt, yogurt, hamburger buns, a couple candy bars, several Let It Bloom discounts, an online cooking school course, salsa, French bread, flour, and several Shutterfly books, magnets, and prints. I’ve also win some kind of labels and the online games from the Nick game.

    I used to really dread entering the online codes because they took forever. I am thrilled that they offer an app this year that can scan the codes. Wow! What a time saver that has been!

    Anyways… Good luck to all of you!

  16. Amanda says

    For the $5 Fandango certificates, it lets you choose a $5 digital Visa card(for music, games, apps). But it says that the purchase has to be $5 or less & can only use one at a time.. I have $25 worth of either Fandango or the Visa option. Does anyone know if possible to enter all the Visa codes so you can utilize it better? (Have no idea if this makes any sense). Thanks if anyone has any ways to best use the Visa option (or movies might be easier).

    Love the scan option!! I had a ton of tickets & was able to get $25 in Fandango

    I also got some free items at store, but also……
    2 – Free Shutterfly 8×8 hard cover photo book
    1 – Free Shutterfly 101 4×6 prints (pictures)
    1 – Free Shutterfly Magnet

      • Amanda says

        No, I gave it to my husband since he usually uses stuff like that. I originally thought “cool, he can use it for music on iTunes or in a game (where we normally don’t ‘buy’ stuff that they try to get you to buy). He acted like it’d be hard, but not sure he tried. . I was thinking ITunes, but don’t even know if it works there. I’ll ask him to try when he gets home. I can’t find any info on where it can be used either.

        If you (or anyone) finds out where it can be used, it’d be great to know.

        Where have you tried & it didn’t work (if you did try)? ( So I know where not to try)

        I’ll let you know if I find a place

          • Amanda says

            I’m not familiar with Amazon digital (so sorry if this is a stupid question).. When you enter the Visa reward, does it apply only toward music/video, or does it go onto your regular account for purchasing anything?

  17. Jacob says

    Is there any way to get lots of the “tokens” without having to spend hundreds of dollars? I have been trying this game for years and have never won one prize. I want to get a lot of the pieces, but I don’t feel like wasting a bunch of money. Any solution to this? (Besides going when the cashier isn’t looking and taking a stack of them)

  18. JMB says

    Hello, Yes we won some free grocery items, a free cooking course on the internet. Some Nickelodeon prizes.

    Looking for some game board pieces, received many duplicate pieces.

    Wish they organized the paper board game better. Time consuming to paste them. How do you enter them on an app? Never successful with my phone scanner. Thank you.

    • Amanda says

      I don’t know that there is a way to enter the game pieces (the ones you glue to board) to enter in the app….it’d definitely be nice! There is a file in a comment above where someone created a spreadsheet. I printed, but haven’t used it yet… but definitely seems like a great resource. (She even highlighted the rare ones…the one or 2 for each prize you can never get, but a ton of duplicates of all others).

      The app is good for scanning the codes 16 digit codes. I used my iPad & it just used the camera….just hold ticket in front of camera. I’ve never done those in past years, because I didn’t want to type them in. But with being able to scan, it’s great. You can earn Fandango points (10 tickets that are Fandango points earns you a $5 Fandango reward).

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