How to improve a clearanced chicken dinner in one easy step

Improve a clearanced chicken in one easy step

I stopped into Jewel to check prices on a few things, and I took a walk through the meat department. I often have great luck finding clearanced cuts of meat there, so I always look! Today, I spotted these stuffed half chickens for $4.74 and $4.46, Buy One Get One Free! A whole stuffed chicken for $4.74? That’s about .75 per pound, and that sounded like a deal to me. (It also sounded tastier than what I had planned for dinner tonight.) These chicken halves are stuffed with wild rice, apples and raisins – yum! I’ve learned, though, that there’s a quick and easy way to improve this even more before it goes into the oven…

Wrap each chicken half in bacon. This works well for stuffed chicken breasts too! It keeps the stuffing from drying out in the oven, and… mmm, bacon.


  1. nettiedeyo says

    Hi Jill,
    I too, spotted that stuffed chicken BOGO deal! Didn’t think twice about that purchase… What a way to a yummy, quick meal!