Hopster.com: New printable coupon site!

There's a new printable coupon site called Hopster.com. How does it work?

Hopster functions pretty much like every other coupon site you've used - select and print the coupons you're interested in. But there's a twist - you can raise the dollar values of your coupons with a slider by performing tasks related to the coupon you're interested in. If you've used Ibotta, the concept of watching a short video or learning a fact about the product will already be familiar to you. Then, you can use your points balance to raise the value of the coupon up for a bigger discount!

Here's an example. Hopster currently has a .50 printable coupon for Lemi Shine dishwasher rinse agent:

But, if I watch a video about the product, I'll earn 50 points for my Hopster account. If I want to follow them on Twitter, I'll earn another 70 points. Post on Facebook? Another 150. And so on.

Then, if I want to raise the value of this coupon before I print it...

I simply click "Boost Coupon" and choose how many points I want to apply to raise the value of the coupon. Any actions you take are completely up to you -- if you wish to take none, you can still print the coupon at its original face value.

Hopster has a good selection of brands that we don't often see coupons for. Why not check it out? I've added a link to Hopster printable coupons under the "Coupon Tools" menu at left too.