It's Kosher Coca-Cola Time 2013!

Guess what time it is? It's Kosher Coke time again! I just ran over to Jewel to do the Pantene deal, and my manager said it's time to get those special-orders in if you'd like Kosher Coca-Cola this year! Some stores will stock it, but if yours doesn't plan to, you can place a special order for as many bottles as you'd like.

I'm often asked what, if anything, I'll pay full price for. Each time this year, I do a huge stock-up on one thing that's not only worth it, but has become something of an annual tradition for me -- Kosher-for-Passover Coca-Cola! I try to buy one bottle for each week of the year - and if I time it right, I'll be almost ready to run out around this time next year.

Those that know me well know of my love for classic Coke. Coke connoisseurs know that the original formula of Coca-Cola was made with cane sugar, and the flavor is unmatched with the HFCS-laden Coke of today. Most of the year, the only ways to get original-formula Coke is either to buy Mexican bottled Cokes at a grocer that carries them, or buy Canadian-bottled Coca-Cola when you're traveling north of the border. (Yes, I'm probably the only person who has brought cases of Coke back from Canada..!)

But this time of the year, each year, is anxiously awaited by myself and Coke-iphiles all over the country, because once a year, Coca-Cola bottles Kosher-for-Passover Coke... and it's made with natural sugar, not high-fructose corn syrup, as corn products are not kosher.

So, if you love Coke the way I do, and you want the original, delicious, BETTER Coke, look for the yellow-capped bottles designating them as Kosher for Passover. The labels also state "Original Formula" on them. Readers has already written to say that the Skokie, Dempster, Evanston Jewel-Oscos have it in stock right now.

If your store does not regularly keep a large variety of kosher products in stock, you can do what I do each year and ask your favorite Jewel-Osco to special-order you as much as you'd like. For me, that's enough to last you until NEXT Kosher-for-Passover Coke season!

If you DO plan to special order it, also make sure to pick it up promptly when it arrives -- not only will your store be more likely to accommodate your special orders in the future, they will also be happy not to be devoting floor space to your numerous bottles of Coke. :)

bump for Jill!

Just got back from the Buffalo Grove Jewel, and they have almost all their passover stuff out already. That included a pallet of Kosher for Passover Coke (at list price, $1.99 IIRC), and something I'd never seen before: Kosher for Passover Pepsi for $1.49.

I don't know if 2L Coke or Pepsi will be on sale at Jewel in the next few weeks, but if you want this, now is the time to look. The Coke has a yellow cap instead of the usual white cap. The Pepsi had no special cap, but did have the CRC triangle printed on the top of the cap.

And one minor correction to the original post. Corn products CAN be Kosher, just not Kosher for Passover.


I need to put a front-page post up, but I ordered mine at my Jewel a couple days ago. Definitely, definitely worth a bump-up!

I'm waiting for a sale before

I'm waiting for a sale before buying...

This is my once-yearly splurge!

I've not had good luck timing when my special-order comes in with overlapping a sale on the 2-liters, but it IS my little luxury :). Speaking of which, my Jewel called last night & my "pallet of Coke" is in!

Canadian Coke

Hi Jill. We in Canada also have HFCS in our coke, it just goes by a different name.
Glucose/Fructose up here is the same as HFCS. This was verified by the Canadian Sugar Institute-yes a real thing. I had also thought we had non HFCS coke, and travelled to the USA with a case from home! I now travel to the USA to buy Mexican coke to bring back to Canada. I will be looking for Passover Coke and stocking up this year!

Since someone just bumped

Since someone just bumped this thread, I thought I'd mention that this year (2014 / 5774) Passover is April 14-22, so the K4P Coke will probably show up mid to late March.

Jill what store do you order from?

Last year my family tried the Passover Coke and enjoyed it. I live in LITH but often travel to the Crystal Lake store on my way to work in Cary. I have put in three requests so far this month and each time I go there they claim they don't have a record of it even though last week they hand delivered request to coke delivery guy. Your thoughts on this


I always get mine at the Huntley Jewel, just because I always have and they know how to put the order in & are great about calling me when it arrives. They have been doing it for so many years now that this year, one of the employees found -me- while I was shopping and said it was sugar-Coke time. :) If you are in this area, I would recommend just placing the order there - they know what they're doing.

Got Lucky...

while I hadn't had time to go to the Huntley store yet and still haven't heard from Crystal Lake on the third special order. Went into the Cary Jewel early this morning on way to work and ran into the Coke man.
I asked if he had any and was hesitant but I said I already had tried special ordering it.

So he went to the truck and handed me the dozen I was looking for. He said once passover is over, they would start putting them on the shelves randomly. Which is how I probably was able to get some last year.


I wonder why he'd be hesitant, as like he said, after Passover, you do sometimes randomly see those yellow-capped bottles popping up in the store with the regular Coke too.

K4P Pepsi

I was back at the Buffalo Grove Jewel today, and saw something I'd not seen before: Kosher for Passover Pepsi. So if there are any Pepsi fans out there, check for it. I imagine you're only going to find it in the areas with the large Passover stock (BG, Skokie, Rogers Park/Evanston), but as Jill says your store should be able to order it for you.



You do realize you can buy this from MEXICO in nearly if not all Home Depot facilities. I have found soda stream to be superior in eyes of saving money. Especially diets that utilize splenda a much healthier sugar alternative to asperteme.

Cheaper and healthier

Mexican bottles (while delicious!) contain half a liter. These Coke bottles contain two liters - four times as much cola for nearly the same price.

And, I see you've been a member of my blog for nine minutes, so you may not realize how I feel about artificial sweeteners -- they are not "much healthier." I will not drink aspartame or Splenda under any circumstances - give me pure, natural sugar any day.

And SodaStream? No, thank you. Their syrups contain Splenda, an artificial sweetener, and there are way too many reports in the media of SodaStream causing intestinal distress and diarrhea.

- SodaStream Customer Service Finds It Hilarious That Its Products Send Me Straight To The Toilet (Consumer Reports' Consumerist)

- SodaStream cause Diarrhea, loose stools, nausea, upset stomach, and vomiting (the mixes made me sick for a few days!) (All Natural Food Zone)

- SodaStream: Fantastic soda maker, terrible syrups. Stay away from the company's Splenda-infused syrups. (Mother Nature Network)

Yum. I'll stick to my sugar Cokes, thanks. If you really want a SodaStream, there's nothing magical about adding CO2 to water. Build your own at home with a small CO2 tank that's cheap to refill, and then you're not tied into paying outrageous prices for SodaStream's tiny CO2 cartridges.

I just got back from the

I just got back from the Buffalo Grove Jewel, and they had most of the passover stuff out, and on sale.

There were pallets of the K4P Coke & Diet Coke 2/$3.

Ironically, I also saw plenty of the Arctic Shores shrimp that I couldn't find Thursday or Friday; but with the $2 coupon expired, it's not so great a deal any more.

Kosher v Mexican Coke

What's the difference between the 2?

One is Kosher for Passover,

One is Kosher for Passover, one is not!

I don't know if there is any actual difference in ingredients or taste.

Very little, probably...

... other than that one is Kosher for Passover and one isn't, as J.R. said. :)

While the glass-bottle Mexican Cokes are available all year (and are delicious and wonderfully nostalgic), it's cheaper to buy 2-liters of Kosher Coke for $1-$1.25 or so, vs. the glass bottles that are usually priced around the same price point but contain half a liter of Coke.

Thanks for the reminder

I have the form to submit. How many liters in a case by the way?

The "cases" I've seen are

The "cases" I've seen are more like trays that hold 8 bottles. Some times they've asked for a $1 deposit on them, but sometimes not. Those units are then stacked on the pallets.

I don't know..!

I don't remember, but they come in even numbers. I just put in an order for number of bottles when I order mine.

I ordered mine on Thursday, and my Jewel called today to say that it's in already! Woo hoo! :)

I thought of you...

when I was doing my Mariano's run and saw the end cap in Vernon Hills loaded with the yellow capped regular and diet cokes. Sign above said Kosher! Diet Kosher Coke? My hubby loves the Kosher regular so I am going to have to try and stock up :-)


I am by no means an expert, but the Diet Coke being Kosher likely has nothing to do with its ingredients. Kosher Coca-Cola is made with sugar and not HFCS.

The carbonation process in

The carbonation process in diet coke is also a corn derivative, so it has to be done in a different way for Passover.

Thank you!

That's really interesting to know! Makes more sense then. :)


Thank you... I was curious about that, I bought a bottle of the Kosher diet coke (diet coke is my drink of choice although I am trying to cut back on caffeine in general). Since I am drinking so little diet coke now I may just switch to regular and start eliminating the "poison" too.