It's Kosher Coca-Cola Time 2012!

I'm often asked what, if anything, I'll pay full price for. Each time this year, I do a huge stock-up on one thing that's not only worth it, but has become something of an annual tradition for me -- Kosher-for-Passover Coca-Cola! I try to buy one bottle for each week of the year - and if I time it right, I'll be almost ready to run out around this time next year.

Those that know me well know of my love for classic Coke. Coke connoisseurs know that the original formula of Coca-Cola was made with cane sugar, and the flavor is unmatched with the HFCS-laden Coke of today. Most of the year, the only ways to get original-formula Coke is either to buy Mexican bottled Cokes at a grocer that carries them, or buy Canadian-bottled Coca-Cola when you're traveling north of the border. (Yes, I'm probably the only person who has brought cases of Coke back from Canada..!)

But this time of the year, each year, is anxiously awaited by myself and Coke-iphiles all over the country, because once a year, Coca-Cola bottles Kosher-for-Passover Coke... and it's made with natural sugar, not high-fructose corn syrup, as corn products are not kosher.

So, if you love Coke the way I do, and you want the original, delicious, BETTER Coke, look for the yellow-capped bottles designating them as Kosher for Passover. The labels also state "Original Formula" on them. Readers has already written to say that the Skokie, Dempster, Evanston Jewel-Oscos have it in stock right now.

If your store does not regularly keep a large variety of kosher products in stock, you can do what I do each year and ask your favorite Jewel-Osco to special-order you as much as you'd like. For me, that's enough to last you until NEXT Kosher-for-Passover Coke season!

If you DO plan to special order it, also make sure to pick it up promptly when it arrives -- not only will your store be more likely to accommodate your special orders in the future, they will also be happy not to be devoting floor space to your numerous bottles of Coke. :)


I'm Canadian - I follow your blog for the Extreme Coupon counterfeiting stuff - and had NO idea that that pop was different in the states. You'd think coke would be the same recipe since it's the same brand. If I ever go to the states I'll have to avoid buying coke.

Oh yes.

It IS different, and you'd be very disappointed if you're used to Canadian Coke.

All's well over here though... my sugar-Coke stash was replenished a few weeks ago and I'm good for another year :)

Kosher Coke

I tried the kosher coke today, not bad. Jill you mentioned that you buy enough for a whole year. My question is the expiration date. The one that I bought has a date of 052112.

Who cares? :)

It's sugar water. It doesn't expire, really.

I drank a bottle last week with a June, 2011 date on it - it's fine. The only issue you have is long-term, 2-liters will lose their fizz... but a year or so has been fine for me.


where did the "Rockford lacking sugar" Pepsi go??


Consumerist has an article about Kosher Coke and Pepsi today:

Kosher Coke

I have been buying bottles of Mexican Coke for a few years now. They come in 16 oz glass bottles and are made with real sugar. Jewel and Butera sells them for $1 each. It tastes much better then regular Coke.

Kosher vs Mexican Coke

Is there a difference between Kosher Coke and Mexican Coke? I thought both used sugar instead of HFCS?

Very little

Mexican Coke comes in a delightfully nostalgic glass bottle, and it usually sells for $1-$1.29 for a one-liter.

Kosher Coke is more cost-effective, in that a 2-liter is usually $1-$1.50 for twice as much cola. :)

Oooh! Joy! I've been having a

Oooh! Joy! I've been having a bottle of Mexi-coke every 1-2 weeks, because it is soooo much better. I may have to stock up on some bottles of this.

And plan in a few trips to Canada or Mexico this year! :oD

I love Mexican Coca-Cola but

I love Mexican Coca-Cola but now I need to try Kosher Coca Cola! Thanks for the information.

Love the Kosher Coke

It is soooo much better. I bought a few bottles and hid them at work last year :) I really try to not drink pop, but can't resist.

I feel the same way

Aside from the rare crazy-cheap pop deal, we're HFCS free over here too. But oh... I can nurse my Coke addiction with sweet sugar all year long with this stuff.

It is the best!

I've always known it wasn't the same but...

I didn't know I do. I'm going to have to compare the 2 side by side and then I may order enough for my husband and I to have a treat once a week for the next year as well.

I buy it every year too. It

I buy it every year too. It is better than Mexican Coke and Canadian Coke because of a couple of reasons. First they must stop the production line at the plant and clean it. They clean it twice, once with regular chemicals and the second time with kosher cleaners. Kosher Coke besides having Sucrose instead of High Fructose has a different carbonation process. Most of the time grain is ferminated to creat carbination, but grain and corn are not Kosher for Passover, and sugar is used instead in the fermination process to create the carbination process. If you want Sucrose Coke all year Albarta Coca-Cola in Cleveland, OH (Cuyuga County Only) still has never switched from Sucrose in all Coca-Cola, Cherry Coke, & CF Coke (and any limited flavors like Vanilla Coke). They sell cans that are dated 9 months out.