Meat Claws are my new favorite kitchen tools

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I picked up this pair of Meat Claws recently and couldn’t wait to try them out! I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets, and the package promised that they would “shred meat easily.” Look at those stainless steel talons! 

meat claws

 I’ve had a pork shoulder roast in the Crock-Pot all day in preparation for making taquitos for dinner tonight….

meat claws

The roast had reached that starting-to-fall-apart stage, so I put on my new claws.

meat claws

Look at THIS! I held up both hands and asked my boys, “Who do I look like?” Of course, they answered “Wolverine!”  Don’t you want to feel like Wolverine in the kitchen? (“Freddy Kruger” would also have been an acceptable answer, but my sons are a bit too young to have knowledge of the “Nightmare on Elm Street” series…)

meat claws

I have to say, these meat claws make shredding even a large roast simple. I tore the roast into shreds in about thirty seconds — no lie. Using these makes this task very fast!  I usually use two forks to shred a roast, but this beats that method hands-down.

meat claws

Done! Look at that. I can’t believe how quickly I tore through the roast — and how oddly satisfying it was to mimic a grizzly bear ripping through meat. These meat claws are definitely my new favorite kitchen tool!

I paid $4.99 for my Meat Claws at Marshalls. Amazon sells a similar stainless-steel pair and a plastic pair.


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Read full Disclosure Policy.


    • says

      Lu, I don’t have a written recipe, but I’ll tell you how I make it :) I usually buy a 6-8 pound shoulder roast or other inexpensive boneless pork cut.

      I put it in the Crock Pot for 8 hours with two cups of water. I shake all of these things generously into the pot before closing it up (I don’t measure, I just eyeball it..!)

      Black pepper
      Onion powder
      Garlic powder

      I don’t go too light on any of these — see photo #2 for an idea of how much seasoning goes in. Then I just close the lid & let it cook for 8 hours. It comes out tender and juicy, and this mix of seasoning is a good base for everything from Mexican food to pulled pork (I’ll drain the liquid off and add BBQ sauce for that.) It’s good! :)

  1. Mary Deruz says

    We have had these claws for a few years now and my husband smokes pork butts a few times a year and these are the best kitchen tool ever! Like you said it tears through the meat with hardly any effort. We used to use 2 forks and my hands were numb after shredding 2- 7 pound roasts! Love these!

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