Meijer’s Argentine red shrimp are fantastic!

I discovered this deal a couple weeks ago, and it’s back on at Meijer again through Wednesday of this week. Meijer has 2-pound bags of these enormous Argentine Red shrimp for $12.99. That’s about $6.50/lb., which is a good price for shrimp. But these shrimp? They’re enormous! There are 21-25 per 2-pound bag, and in close to seven years of blogging, I cannot recall ever seeing shrimp this large for this per-pound price. These are shell-on shrimp, so you’ll have to peel and de-vein them yourself — but they are delicious! I’m talking restaurant-style-meals-at-home delicious. We made coconut shrimp with these tonight, and they were So. Very. Good. Thought I’d share in case anyone was looking for some tasty, large shrimp at a great price this week!


  1. Outlander says

    I bought them back in December for our New Year’s dinner at the same price, and I made Alfredo fettuccine with them. They are very nice and, you are right, I have not seen shrimp that cheap in a long time either.
    But, it’s funny that they really are very red when cooked, or release red color I should say. You probably didn’t notice in your dish, but in mine, because of white Alfredo sauce, it really showed. The shrimp itself was regular shrimp pink, but the sauce turned pretty bright orange from it. I guess they really are Red Shrimp. :)

  2. J.R. says

    I missed this deal, but stopped in anyway yesterday. Regular $14.99 price, but 10% off all frozen food Fri/Sat made them 13.49 which wasn’t a bad deal, especially for “jumbo shrimp”.

  3. John Arnold says

    I live in md.and mars the local grocery stores recently closed i would buy a couple pounds of these a week price avg.8.99 a lb and free steaming. Since they closed i cant find them anywhere there a mix between a shrimp and a lobster absolutely amazing. So disappointed that i cant find more.

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