Stevia is popping up in everything!

Earlier this week, I blogged about Sierra Mist’s change to a stevia-based formula. This was done quietly, and there’s nothing on the front of the label to note it — it’s buried in the ingredients list. Most consumers wouldn’t expect a non-diet soda to have reduced-calorie ingredients in it.

I have nothing against stevia at all — it’s a natural ingredient, and in the right amounts it is sweet without an aftertaste. However, in my own experience, stevia has a very fine line between being sweet and being terribly bitter. I haven’t tried the “new” Sierra Mist, but their Facebook page is filled with complaints.

I have tried Coca-Cola Life (stevia-based Coke) and also found it very bitter. And, I’ve tried Crystal Light Pure stevia-based drink mixes and found them to be sweet.

Last night, one of our kids brought this bottle of Mott’s Wild Grape Surge juice drink to the table. I cannot remember at which sale I purchased this, but I do remember the store was running out of regular Mott’s, and the coupons and sale price were both good on 100% apple juice and the fruit juice blends. (Normally, I don’t buy juice blends that are half water — I can water down my own juice, thank you very much! The fact that this bottle’s in our house means it must have really been a bargain.)

Over dinner, I was staring at the back of this Mott’s bottle, and I saw…

For what it’s worth, I poured some and drank it — it tastes fine and I can’t taste the stevia. I thought I’d post this as a heads-up though, as stevia seems to be popping up everywhere..!