New Super-Couponing Tips column: Cutting the television cord

My syndicated Super-Couponing Tips column for the week is entitled “Cutting the television cord.
 Here’s an excerpt:

“I would be interested to hear your thoughts on cable or satellite television. I feel like our cable service is not worth what we are paying for it, but I don’t know what other options we have other than satellite, which costs about the same. I don’t feel like we are ready to completely cancel it, but I also don’t know what to do about the bill continually spiraling.”

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    • Liz Ob says

      Such a waste of time! Then the little kids are asking about the ridiculous behavior in the adds. Why is the baby taped to the back of the door? Why is the man breaking the tree limb and falling on the car? It’s makes us all numb to reality and gives us unrealistic thoughts and even goals. Ladies those girls need to put on a few pounds! Not us losing weight!

  1. Billc says

    Jill, I am very appreciative for this article. Just wanted to share with the consumers an affordable method of TV delivery is arriving on the landscape in May. IN the future all TV content will be delivered via the Internet. A company has developed an IPTV system with all the “legal” Tv content that the big guys have (cable & satellite). Its portable, turns your tv into a web browser/streaming/Applications and Live TV. Simply saves money! will share more insight. Thanks for saving the consumer millions of dollars. The cable/satellite companies need some “humbling” :-)

  2. J.R. says

    One more note about antenna over cable. Virtually everything on free over-the-air TV is HD.
    Nothing on cable is, they don’t have the bandwidth for HDTV.
    The Cubs game this evening was like being there!

    • says

      SO true. We do have the cable (that comes with our internet subscription) connected in the living room, but whenever sports are on, whether it’s baseball, hockey, football, auto racing — we always flip it back to the antenna signal. The 1080i signal, especially when watching sports, is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. There is no comparison between Comcast’s regular signal and the over-the-air HD.

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