New Super-Couponing Tips column: Fundraisers tapping out budget

My syndicated Super-Couponing Tips column for the week is entitled “Fundraisers tapping out budget.”
 Here’s an excerpt:

“I honestly feel like we are just being tapped out as parents. Everything our children do has a fee it seems and then once we pay the fee to join, next come the fundraising forms. I do not want to sound like a cynic but it never ends. We paid $125 for our son’s sports fees and immediately got fundraising forms to help buy new equipment. Our daughter is in band, which has its own fees, and now they are going to travel to play a concert out of state, so again the fundraising forms came home. I am tired of buying overpriced junk. ”

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  1. hammars says

    A lot of times, I just give a $5 donation. Especially the kids selling outside the stores, or somebody at my door that I don’t know. I usually only buy from my close neighbors and friends grandkids. I just have to remember to buy only one thing from each kid! lol

  2. francesregina says

    I agree with you Jill! We don’t have a large family to sell to; it’s just us 2 parents, and 2 sets of Uncles and Aunts who live in other cities. I usually give a cash donation to the school fundraisers our child brings home because of us having no immediate family close by. Most children are told in the fundraiser that they are expected to sell 8 or more items, and by the time you purchase those 8+ items if you the parent are the only one purchasing, it gets really expensive! That’s why we usually give a cash donation, so the school gets what they need, and we don’t have a household of basically useless expensive clutter. We do try to buy things from other kids in our neighborhood though when they come around; one item is usually not that much to purchase to support another child. Also, it’s sad when the other kids try to sell too, and no one will buy. We also usually donate to organizations fundraising at stores. We’ve been there ourselves fundraising before, and it’s discouraging when people walk by and won’t even look at you and say “hi”. I also love purchasing a couple boxes of girl scout cookies every spring, but really wish the boy scouts would sell something different and less expensive than the popcorn they sell! I usually just give the boy scouts a $5 donation. I figure if someone else gives the boy scout another $5, they can just keep the box of popcorn for themselves, lol

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