New Super-Couponing Tips column: ‘Mandatory’ fundraising irks parent

My syndicated Super-Couponing Tips column for the week is entitled “Mandatory fundraising irks parent.”
 Here’s an excerpt:

“Our children’s public school has come up with an interesting fundraiser this fall. Because the last fundraisers have not brought in enough money for what the school wanted to raise, the children’s choir is now having a fundraising concert. It costs $35 per ticket to go see our child sing. I am sure this time, they will get their money, but I think this is an underhanded way of forcing parents to pay. Fundraisers should be voluntary.”

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  1. Rebecca says

    Every time I want to read your article, I am requested to take a survey that I don’t want to partake. This is very frustrating and irritating.

  2. Margaret Harvey says

    I liked your idea of donation money to the school instead of buying from a catalog of things I really don’t want. I like to support the schools of the families at supported by kids when they were in school. But as a retired person, I really don’t need those things. Al;so the school gets 100% of my donation. Good idea.

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