Two surprising uses for Febreze Car Clips

Febreze Car Clips have been on sale all over town lately, but the best price was at Jewel, where they were .75 each earlier this week. To me, the the Febreze Car Clips seem to last a lot longer than other car-specific air fresheners.

Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so either. Earlier this week, I ran into another shopper at Jewel who was also buying Febreze Car Clips. She said “You know what I do with these? Clip them to the heat vents in my house.”

I was a little surprised to hear this — I mentioned Febreze has other home air freshener products, like the Set & Refresh. “No, no,” the shopper continued, “the car ones work so much better. Whenever the heat runs in the house, the scent is released.”

Interesting! And, that wasn’t the only unusual use for Febreze Car Clips that I heard this week…

Here’s an email I got from reader Shelley:

“You will laugh, but I stocked up on Febreze car fresheners this week. We use them when we travel for our hotel bathroom because they are small & easy to pack. When you have four people in a hotel room and many of them don’t have bathroom fans, well..? We clip one to the shower curtain. It helps freshen the bathroom so much!”

You guys are so creative! I can certainly appreciate the hotel bathroom “scent” issue, especially when traveling with the whole family. I never would have thought to take a car clip along on vacation. This has always been our solution to the bathroom smell issues…

A travel-size bottle of Febreze spray. It’s an airline-approved size and it’s always packed when we travel. Nobody wants to be stuck with, shall we say, stagnant air in a closed room.

These exchanges got me wondering — what other ideas do you have for unusual uses for common products?


  1. dancingwolves says

    of Febreeze fabric spray which seems to leak from throwing it around. Hotel rooms many times have unusual smells but put two teens with hockey gear in it and you have kicked that up a few notches. Will pick these up for hockey tournament traveling.

  2. sduncan says

    I always put fabric sheets between the layers of clothes in our suitcases when we travel and then use and toss them out when i have to do laundry on the road, Great for road trips and a small reminder of what home smells like when your away. Also the pods are wonderful and take up very little space when doing road trips!

  3. Kimberly Long says

    I use fabric sheets on my mattress between the fitted sheet, 1 bed bugs hate them, 2 it keeps your sheets smelling fresher longer.

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