Deals of the Week for September 9, 2008

Tuesday is deal-day, but it's also a birthday! I want to wish a very happy birthday to my sister Lynn today! Lynn loves the Kashi brand of healthy, organic cereals, so for her big day, here's a great deal on Kashi:

Similar to last week's Pop-Tart deal, Target is running a promotion on Kashi products. Kashi cereals, cookies, crackers, granola bars, and frozen meals are all on sale 4 for $11. And, for each 4 you buy, you will get a $5 gift card!

Now, you already know the best way to do this deal is to combine coupons with it to get Target to pay you to take this food home. And there are plenty of them out for Kashi!


$2 off any Kashi product (register with form to get coupons)

$2 off Kashi Vive cereal - same coupon, alternate link here.

$1 off Kashi GoLean Crunch - same coupon, alternate links here and here.

$1 off any Kashi TLC bars (Coupon is on page 32 of Live Right digital magazine - you can print as many as you need.)

You can print each of these coupons twice - just hit the Back button after you've printed it the first time. (Note: If some of the links don't work, try others - all of the links have been active within the past 24 hours, and web coupons can change at any time due to number of downloads, etc.)

So... some possible scenarios:

Buy 2 boxes of Kashi Vive and any other 2 Kashi products. Use the two $2.00 off Vive coupons, and 2 $2.00 off any Kashi product coupons... and you'll use $8.00 in coupons on your $11.00 total. Pay $3.00 and get a $5.00 gift card! Target's paying you $2.00 to take home free groceries!

Or, buy 2 boxes of Kashi Vive, 2 boxes of Kashi GoLean, 2 boxes of Kashi TLC bars, and any other 2 Kashi products. Use 2 $2.00 off Vive coupons, 2 $1.00 off GoLean coupons, 2 $1.00 off TLC coupons, and 2 $2.00 off any Kashi coupons. Your before-coupon total will be $22.00 - minus $12.00 in coupons. Pay $10.00 for your 8 Kashi products... and get two $10.00 gift cards back! Any way you look at it, they're paying you to buy food again. And that's the best kind of deal!

Here's another "moneymaker" deal! Would you like to get paid $7 to take home enough cough medicine to last you all winter? Walgreens has Robitussin cough syrup on sale for $3.99. Robitussin's site has $3.00 off coupons.

Ready for the fun part? For every 3 bottles you buy, you will get a $10.00 Register Reward! Register Rewards are Catalina coupons good on your next purchase at Walgreens - for anything! So, with 3 coupons, you'll be paying around $3.00... to make $10.00. AND take home 3 bottles of Robitussin! This is a smart time to buy cough and cold products anyway, before you need them and they're not on sale anymore.

While at Walgreens, grab yourself a free bottle of Crest mouthwash! It's on sale for $4.49, and last week's newspaper inserts have a 75-cent off coupon for the mouthwash in them. When you buy the mouthwash, you'll get a $4.50 Register Reward Catalina coupon -- so they're paying you to take this home too!

You can only do one set of 3 Robitussins and 1 bottle of Crest mouthwash per transaction. Remember, Walgreens does NOT let you "roll" Register Rewards -- you cannot take your $14.50 in RRs and try to buy MORE Robitussin and Crest, and pay for it with the first set of coupons. The next set won't print.

Time for another deodorant deal! This time it's a free Secret Clinical Strength Sport deodorant for women. (Or perhaps, for guys too, since it's "strong enough for a man!") Visit -- fill out the form, and get a free deodorant in the mail. (Note: As of 8:00pm 9/9/08, this promotion has ended.)

Lastly, here's a diaper deal for those of you with little ones -- I've had a lot of email asking for a good deal on diapers, so here we go..! It's not the cheapest I've seen diapers (it's hard to beat 6 cents a pack -- that one was probably a once in a lifetime deal!) but it will still get you diapers for less than half price:

Target has a deal running with Luvs family packs (the big box.) Family packs are on sale for $15 each. When you buy 2, you get a $5 Target gift card back.

Now, there are other coupons out that you can stack with this deal. Target has store coupons out for $2.00 off boxes of Luvs. The 8/31 P&G insert has a $1.00 off Luvs coupon in it too.

So with these coupons and gift card, it works like this:
2 boxes of Luvs: $30.00
Minus 2 $2.00 Target store coupons: $26.00
Minus 1 $1.00 Luvs coupon: $25.00
Minus $5.00 Target gift card: $20.00

Not bad for 2 boxes of diapers! The regular price of one family pack of Luvs is $18.99. Box quantities vary by diaper size, but for example, a size 3 box has 92 diapers in it. With this deal, it works out to about 10 cents a diaper. Regular-priced diapers are usually 25 cents apiece or more, so this is less than half price. It's a great time to stock up!

Now... if you are on Luvs mailing list, you may have gotten a $5.00 manufacturer's coupon in the mail recently. If you have it, use it in conjunction with this same deal (since you're buying 2 boxes, you can use this plus the $1.00 manufacturer's coupon from the inserts) and you'll pay $15.00 for 2 boxes -- that's like getting one free!

And if you are not on the mailing lists for diaper companies... get on them! Pampers, Luvs, and Huggies regularly mail out GREAT mailers with higher-value coupons (like the $5.00 one that went out a few weeks ago) and you can stack these for some great deals. Sign up at their websites and see what you get! With babies and toddlers, you never can have too many coupons for the things they need.

New to this site? It's very important that you save ALL your coupons from the Sunday paper -- not just the ones you think you'll use! When your coupons come each week, stick them in a folder - date the front (I use a Sharpie) and then... wait for them to line up to great deals! Don't even cut them out. You'll only be cutting the ones you need.

These deals reference coupons that appeared in the Chicago Tribune. Other newspapers do not have nearly as many coupons, so if you subscribe to another paper, you may not have the same coupons these deals are calling for. The largest newspaper in any market has the most coupons, and in our area, that's the Tribune.


does anyone know if the Kashi deal is still going on at target?


It ended Saturday.

All Target/Walgreens/CVS deals end Saturday of the week they're posted. Jewel deals end on Wednesdays.

Walgreens Robitussin Deal

I went to the Robitussin site via the link provided, but I could only find a $1.00 off coupon. I searched and searched and filled out their form twice. I was able to get a $2.00 off on the Dimetapp, so I got $1.00 off two Robitussin and $2.00 off one Dimetap. (still a great deal, but not what I had hoped) Did I miss something?
I am still totally into all this stuff and will visit your site often and try on my own to scope out great deals!!

Late to the party...

I'm guessing you got in on this in the latter part of the week. The $3 coupon was available through Wednesday evening, and then Robitussin changed it to a $1 coupon. This is typical of web coupons -- they are set to offer a limited quantity of however many thousand the company wants to offer. Then, when that quantity is used up, a manufacturer will usually either remove it from their site, or offer a lower-value coupon in its place, which is what happened here.

New deals are posted every Tuesday morning (with a sneak preview on Mondays for anyone with a site login) so check back tomorrow or Tuesday for this week's deals :)

Love the site!

I love this site! I got the cough medicine with the 3 coupons at Walgreens and I got the 10.00 coupon too...I did the cough medicines as 1 transaction so that I could get the 10.00 coupon and then did a separate transaction so I could use the 10.00!! After a cart full of stuff for CHEAP I get home and they forgot to give me my cough medicines!! Dang Cashier!! So I have to go back tomorrow to pick up my bag.

I also went to Jewel for the box top deals buy 10 of the products get 5.00 off order got 5 boxes of cereal, 2 boxes fruit roll ups, 1 bag of chex mix and 2 pillsbury ready to bake cookies for 10.65 with all the coupons I had and the 5.00 instant savings + you get 20 extra box tops for your school, which is the main reason I did it because my daughters class is having a contest for most box tops collected.

then on the jewel website with the avenu savings they have 1.25 off All You Mag they had a 1.00/1...jewel has them 2/6...with avenue its 2.50 off the 2 and then 2 of the 1.00 coupons...1.50 for 2!! woo hoo! my kids love them!! had 2.00/1 bag of fully cooked perdue breaded chicken strips...I printed 2 and Jewel has them bogo free (sale ending today) 1 bag is 9.99..used both coupons so 5.99 for 2 bags.

Thanks Jill for sharing all your good deals...I have saved a ton of money in the last 2 weeks!!! The day I joined was the day of all the free items with Jewel and the All You ironic that my daughter brings home a school fundraiser that day with All You...She was able to sell a bunch of them once I told everyone about the coupons. Wish you had classes out in my area.


I don't see the form to complete. Can you offer some additional guidance on this?

It's over

The Secret promotion has now ended. Similar to the free Gillette Fusion razors and the free Scott toilet paper in past weeks, the web freebies tend to fill up in a matter of hours. No worries - there will always be more free things in weeks to come.

I love you

Hello Jill .... I think I love you...... I was off work today and had nothing to do today, so I went to Walgreen's and Target... I saved lots of money and have lots of I am a divorced man lookin to save money.. I found you .. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SECRETS... Keep up the good work!

sick of the complainers

Hey I don't want to get flamed but I can't beleieve how many complainers there are today. Jill your site is great and the deals it seems like alot of people are just demanding what's free today and why didn't I get it.

Look If you didn't get the $10 at Walgreens why did you leave the store?? It's right in the ad that you will get 10. Instead of coming here to gripe about it why didn't you ask the cashier?

And the other person, you really think you can only one one coupon for your whole order at the store? Maybe you are new to this but that seems like.......I can't even believe anyone would think that. Go watch that video of Jill shopping with Anna Bellavall and she has a whole stack.

Jill I haven't been to your class yet but the wife and I are coming to Woodridge. And we live in Schaumburg but we don't want to wait for that class. She just got cut back at work again and we are saving so much $ with your deals, we need how to learn to do this ourselves.

Lastly......I want to say something not many people have said today. Thank you Jill. I'm pretty sure your not getting paid to share this stuff with everyone. And right now we can't afford to throw you a couple bucks but I would if we could. I didn't know it could be easy to save with coupons. When you were on the first couple times I thought it was funny. Yet every week you are on Johnny B again with more free stuff and then I start to take this seriously. We got 8 boxes of Kashi free at Target this morning and the cough medicine too. You should know some people are eating more and hurting less thanks to you. So thanks.

Thank you Jill!

Yes thank you Jill for all you do!! Your deals are great. Hay.. if I click the ads at the bottom does it help support your site at all?

No comment :)

As part of the agreement with the advertisement provider, I cannot post anything on my site encouraging people to visit the ads. So, I officially have no comment on that ...

However, thanks for the thank-you posts. I do appreciate them. Yes, it takes time to maintain the blog, find the deals, and present them on Johnny's show (that's my favorite part though!) I have listened to Johnny since I was 12. Now that my daughter is 12 and listens to him too, it's finally hit me how much of my life has been spent listening to JB! It's fun being a part of his show and hopefully providing some entertainment for a few minutes each week - he's certainly given me plenty over the years.

As far as complaints/questions -- part of the reason I'm maintaining the blog IS to help people. I was new to this once too and there are definitely questions that arise. But yes, I'm caring for my kids, running a household, and planning super grocery shopping trips all week too, as well as working whenever I can. I'm a busy parent just like any other.

The best advice I can give is something I think I post over and over here... come to one of our classes. The classes held at public libraries are free. You will learn a LOT. It will be well, well worth an hour of your time. And if one's not in your backyard, I will go out on a limb and promise that it's well worth driving to as well.

We are doing our best to bring this workshop to as many suburbs as we can, but with our Huntley class, we had people drive out from Chicago, and some from Wisconsin. You are always welcome to attend a class even if it's not at your "home" library.

Hopefully as our schedule rounds out and covers more of the area, you can find one closer to home for you. Or, call your library and request that they bring Super-Couponing to them. You can direct them to, which also has a full list of upcoming coupon classes and all the pertinent info they'll need to know.

You know that old adage, "Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day -- teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime?" Our class will teach you to fish. You will likely never shop the same way again. If you like these kinds of deals, imagine getting them on almost everything you buy.

Robitussin & Secret

For the Robitussin, are you supposed to buy three at once and use three coupons for them? Because the coupon says limited one coupon per purchase.

And what form do you fill out on the Secret site? I didn't see anything.

You need to come to our class!

When you buy 3 Robitussins, how many are you purchasing?


One coupon PER purchase. You're purchasing 3, so you can use 3 coupons.

You are thinking of one coupon per transaction, which is one trip through the lane where you pay for all your items. It's an important distinction. We cover this at great length in our couponing class.

If "one per purchase" meant one coupon per trip through the lane, that would be an awful lot of trips through when I go to the store with 30 or more coupons at a time :)

As far as the Secret, read the text. You cannot click the link as it's got a referrer ban. You MUST paste it into your browser to get it to work.

Unreadable internet coupons

I went to Target on Saturday and the cashier said my internet coupons would not scan so she could not accept them. Have you ever run into this problem and how can it be avoided?


This is another one of those "up to the cashier" things that can make or break your day. The first thing to do is to determine why they aren't scanning. Is your printer low on ink or toner? Make sure that you're printing on the normal or high quality setting. It might be tempting to print on draft/low to save money, but getting your coupons to scan well is more important. While ink cartridges ARE expensive, consider that you're essentially printing money when you print a coupon. It's legal moneymaking :) So it's a necessary expense. Print with good quality.

Second, if a coupon does not scan, the cashier can always manually key in the UPC number. They may not want to do this -- and it seems that a lot of cashiers are wary of coupon fraud right now and are analyzing every little thing.

(A funny aside - my mom had some internet coupons with her today, and she had a cashier tell her she couldn't use them because they were expired. The expiration date on the coupons? 10/31/08. Mom gently and persistently explained that today is the 8th of September..! Cashier issues can happen to anyone, for any reason.)

Anyway, it's best to print coupons on as good a quality setting as possible and avoid problems later. If you found a coupon someplace online other than a manufacturer's site, you need to be careful, because occasionally people will scan and post an image of a coupon from the Sunday inserts or some other place. A scanned image of a coupon is NOT legal to use -- just the same as a scanned image of a dollar bill would not be legal to use either. (And they usually don't scan at the register anyway.)

That said, Target's coupon policy does not state that they can't accept coupons if they don't scan. This may be another situation where you'll want to have a copy of the policy with you.

If this keeps up, I may need to post a section just on coupon policies..!


First I want to thank you Jill!! I heard you the first time on Johnny's show a couple of Monday's ago when you were talking about the Dibs. I had so much fun buying them...I couldn't believe how cheap I got them for.

Anyway, I went to Walgreens last night to get my Robitussin. I was wondering if it would really work. The casher rung up the order put the stuff in the bag (I also bought the shampoo that was in the Easy Saver) and then after scanning the three Robitussin coupons he said "I can't use these....they are's 2009". I looked at him puzzled and said no it's 2008. He repeated what he said and the lady behind me so No It's 2008!!! He then said oh, sorry here you go.


That is hilarious. And sad.

And unfortunately not unheard of lately. I don't know if it's the big jump in coupon usage or what that has cashiers so confused lately!

My husband just read your post and said "maybe the cashier was drinking too much Robitussin himself..!"

Rolling Rewards

You mention in the post above...

Walgreens does NOT let you "roll" Register Rewards -- you cannot take your $14.50 in RRs and try to buy MORE Robitussin and Crest, and pay for it with the first set of coupons. The next set won't print."

Can I use the rewards to purchase another set of Robitussin and Crest...I just won't get a new set of rewards... correct???

Mark - Coupon Convert

Well, yes...

Yes, you can do that... but why would you want to?

You're then eating up all the money you just gained by buying the free stuff. You'd be better off paying out of pocket twice, then having $29 in Register Rewards to buy other things with.

If the problem is that you don't know what to buy at Walgreens -- here are some suggestions. Buy stamps. Buy the items in the EasySaver catalog that are free after rebate. Walgreens' rebates are REALLY easy (you enter your receipt number online - and they send you a check or a gift card in the amount of what you spent. If you choose a gift card, they give you a 10% bonus, which makes you even more money.)

So - you could go buy the shampoo, toothpaste, antacid, men's body wash, etc etc - which are all free after rebate - and then you will STILL get your money back when the rebate comes. That's one of the best ways to use up RR's.

Kashi Vive cereal coupon

FYI - Just to let you know that the Kashi website is still experiencing problems with the coupon for the Vive cereal - I called them and they said they would mail out the coupon, but it will take 7 days.

Robitussin coupons

Are you supposed to print 3 copies of the coupon? ...or do I have to fill it out 3 different times?

Print 3 times

It's an unlimited print coupon. You can print as many as you need.

Walgreens RR

I purchased 3 medicines but only received a $5.00 RR. Do you know why?



Did you only buy 3 $3.99 Robitussin, or did you mix and match other products included in the deal too (like Dimetapp and other cold medicines?) Some of the other medicines in the deal, including Dimetapp, are ringing up at an unadvertised sale price of $3.59, so they don't qualify for the $10 RR. You have to buy 3 items at $3.99 to get a $10 RR. Buying 2 $3.99 items will give you a $5 RR, so your register thought you only bought 2 qualifiers.

Another issue is that bottles of Robitussin that are the same size and price ($3.99) but do NOT have the shelf tag noting they are in the RR deal may not trigger the RR either. Refer to the store ad for more details.

If you EVER don't get the RR you expect, show them the ad and ask them to re-ring it.


I went to two different Walgreens stores (Huntley and Dundee) and they both told me that they are no longer accepting Internet coupons. Do you know if Walgreens has implemented a new coupon policy?

I got it there!

That's where I got mine today at Huntley. It was on my lunch break around noon. I used 3 of those Robitussin coupons with no problem.

Did you get that mean cashier with the long brown hair and the blue sweater? She hates coupons. I go to the young girl at the makeup counter. She's way nicer.


I bought Robitussin IN Huntley Sunday morning to make sure the deal was working -- and my mom bought some there about three hours ago around lunchtime today, also in Huntley.

You can email Walgreens and get a copy of their coupon policy to carry with you if you anticipate problems, but think about this -- you can print coupons FROM Walgreens' site (the entire EasySaver book of coupons is up there, along with special in-store coupons like the $5/$20, etc. Why would they have coupons on their site if you couldn't use them in the store?

It really sounds like a cashier issue to me -- and this does happen unfortunately. Just today at Target I had a cashier tell me they can't take internet coupons -- but of course they too have them on their website. I assured her that they do, and I offered to show her a copy of their own coupon policy. :) She shrugged and rang them through.

If you have time on your hands, you can stand there and ask them to call corporate to verify that policy -- or carry one with you for next time. I have their current copy of the policy in front of me now (dated today) and it says nothing about not taking internet coupons.