Dominick's launches "Just For U" electronic discount offers

Here's another new coupon program at Dominick's -- Just For U. Just For U is a series of customized offers that you load to your Dominick's card similar to an ecoupon, but they functions more like a private set of sale prices versus ecoupons, in that you can use most of the offers them multiple times instead of one. You need to register your Fresh Values card with to receive the offers.

Right now, everyone who registers for Just For U receives an ecoupon good for one free one-dozen carton of Lucerne eggs! Once I loaded this to my card, the offer showed that I have until 2/2/2011 to redeem it. The rest of the Just For U offers have long expiration dates too. I believe these offers are based on your individual card's purchases, similar to the way some of Jewel's Avenu offers work.

Currently, these are the offers I'm showing available for my card via Just For U:

Lucerne Large Grade A 12ct. Eggs: FREE
93% Lean Ground Beef - $2.98/lb.
Bounty White Paper Towel 12ct. - $11.53
Bulls-Eye BBQ 18oz. - $1.44
California Pizza Kitchen 11.9-14.1oz. - $4.88
Charmin 6 Mega/ 12 Double Roll Bath Tissue - $7.37
Duracell AA/AAA 10ct, C/D 4ct, 9V 2ct batteries - $5.74
Fresh Express Garden Plus Salads: $1.48
Honey Nut Cheerios 12.25oz - $2.29
Hot/Lean Pockets - $2.24
Iams Cat Food 3.5-4lb. - $7.13
Johnsonville 12oz. Breakfast Sausage - $2.98
Kellogg's Pop Tarts 8ct - $1.90
King's Hawaiian Bread 16oz. - $2.87
Kleenex Facial Tissue 75-200ct. - $1.47
Kleenex Facial Tissue 110ct. - $1.06
Kraft Chunk/Shredded Cheese 8oz. - $2.90
Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese 8oz. - $3.37
Kraft Shredded Cheese 16oz. - $3.98
Lucerne String Cheese 16oz. - $3.49
Lucerne String Cheese 36oz. - $7.39
M&Ms 9.9-12.6oz Candy - $2.57
Milk Bone Dog Biscuits - 24-26oz. - $2.40
Nature Valley Granola Bars - $2.58
Pampers Big Box Diapers - $18.72
Pepsi 2-liter - $1.09
O Organics Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 32oz. - $14.98
O Organics Stage 2 Baby Food Jars - .65
O Organics Stage 2 Baby Meals - .95
Pedigree Dentastix - 6.2oz - $3.31
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers - $1.48
Ragu Pasta Sauce 13.5-26oz. - $1.40
Refreshe 24ct. 16.9oz. Water - $2.38
Safeway Frozen Chicken Wings 4lb. - $6.98
Safeway Frozen Vegetables 16oz. - .93
Safeway Hickory Thick Sliced Bacon 48oz - $7.98
Safeway Select Coffee 10-12oz. - $6.77
Simply Orange Juice 59oz. - $2.72
Starbucks Ice Cream Pint - $2.44
Tostitos Chips 9-15.7oz. - $2.99
Tropicana Pure Premium 59-64oz. - $2.56
Whiskas Wet Cat Food 12pack - $4.79
Yoplait Single-Serve Cups - .48
Yoplait Trix Yogurt 6ct. 4oz. - $2.32

Update: Based on reader feedback, we've determined that everyone's Just For U offers, (other than the free eggs) are different. They do appear to be based on what you've purchased with your Fresh Values card in the past (indeed, my list shows many things I've bought at Doms, and some others that I haven't. However, it's been over three years since I purchased baby food of any kind at Dominick's, so I'd like to see the baby stuff disappear in lieu of other offers! :)

Safeway has been test-marketing Just For U in other market areas around over the past few months, but it's apparently now here to stay at Dominick's.


I just saw a commercial for the Just 4 You program on NBC!

I can't even get started...

Went to the Dominick's webpage where I usually go to print coupons (forget about electronic, can't get past the error messages). Now I selected the "Just For U" at the top menu bar and entered all the info requested. It came back to tell me someone with the same e-mail address has already registered for this...problem is, I didn't even know what this program was about until this week. Could it be when I was registering for E-coupons, it automatically signed me up for this new program?


That happened to me too, but then I was able to just log in with my email address and the password I used to sign into their site before. I was able to see my "custom offers" and load the new "ecoupons". Give it a try...I would think it would be the same for everyone. HTH

Never was able to log into their site...

so I would just select print Qs at home which doesn't require a log-in effort. That's how I found out my old card wasn't very useful. But now tryin to log-in for this new program using my e-mail address it says I already exist so I used the password I "intended" on using before and it doesn't work either.

Does anyone have a phone number to contact them. I looked at contact us info and it only gives me a PR dept. I do want to try the Just for U since I've shopped there a lot this year and definitely could be a good candidate for this experiment...can you tell I'm adventurous :)


Maybe I'm just being cynical and pessimistic, but I don't like this new program one bit! Nothing on that list jumps out at me as being a superb must-buy price. Only time will tell if my suspicion is right, but I firmly suspect that as this program takes off, we'll see much fewer "normal" advertised deals, with more emphasis on getting the customers signed up for the ones that are "personalized" to make us pay the maximum tolerable amount.

U & PGeSaver

So I loaded the $3.00 On any ONE Tide Stain Release 26-50oz Powder, 15-34ct Duo Pac or 36-68oz Liquid from Dominick's site two days ago. I have also loaded the $3.00 Tide Stain Release on the PGeSaver. Anyone have any idea how this will work? In theory their new policy says only one per item, but how will scanning my card not automatically trigger both? This is so confusing.

Me too!

I'm wondering the same thing... I have both loaded as well. Are the U-Q's (sounds cuter that way) store coupons or manufactuer coupons?!?!?! I'm still VERY confused!


can you use paper coupons along with these or would that be against their policy?


Did they do this earlier?

I remember about 1 1/2-2 1/2 years ago I had special prices attatched to my card. They e-mailed me my special prices then about 2 weeks later they e-mailed me more special prices. Of course when the special price didn't come up on one item nobody at the store had any idea what I was talking about.


What happens if one of your personalized items goes on sale for less than your personalized price? Will you still get the sale price?

For example - you show a personalized price of $2.29 for Honey Nut Cheerios. If they go on sale for $1.50, will you get the $1.50 price?


lower price applies

My Kraft dressing price rang up at .90 per bottle when I purchased 5 and my capri sun drinks rang up at .87 when I bought 5. I also had coupons on top of this so I did really well. I do like that this program does apply to items I buy frequently, but it took me quite a while to figure out how the numbers actually came together. Just watch your receipts.

I have no idea :)

I HOPE the sale price would override it. This is a new program so we'll just have to figure it out as we go, but I think it would be very stupid for it not to give you a lower sale price if the item's on sale for that particular week.

according to their "NEW" policy... does state that the lower(sale) price will be applied. ..this just seems WAY confusing with all this and now we have to watch our E~Q's loaded as so we do not use a PQ! Way to much to even deal with,,when a girl (or boy) just wants to SHOP! Dom's you just had me starting to go back to you...i stayed away VERY long..and now...your'e pushing me right back OUT the DOOR!!!(again)..

Paper versus E

I don't think you need to watch the ecoupon / paper coupon process - the register is going to do that.

These aren't coupons

As I understand it, these Just For U offers are NOT coupons -- they're lower sale prices that automatically adjust at the register when your card is scanned, and you can still use manufacturer coupons with them.


Didnt happen when I used mine the other day.. I used it on the activia and it didnt take the MQ off that I could see. Just said my u savings was $1.44 and on receipt says I paid $1.78 each.. My Q was for $1/1 hmmm..

Mine is different

than your list, Jill. Quite different, actually. There are a couple overlaps (OJ, yogurt, granola bars) but that's about it.

One question, these aren't coupons (store or manufacturer) so we should be able to use a coupon for these items in addition, correct?

Just when I said goodbye Dom's after I read

the post about the coupon policy changes, they reeled me back in with the Just For You program. I love how it gives me personalized deals as well as showing me the sales on the items I usually buy.


Yes - as best I can tell, these are like individual little sales tied solely to your card - "Just For You," indeed.

Thanks for letting me know about your list being different, and yes, we should also be able to use coupons on these as they're definitely store discounts.