Catalina launches and wants your feedback!

A few weeks ago, you may have noticed a new link to the printable coupons under "Coupon Tools" on the left side of this page. Catalina Marketing (yes, that Catalina Marketing) has implemented a soft launch of their new online coupon site, An official launch is scheduled for November, but in the meantime, Catalina has asked me to get some feedback from readers of my blog regarding their new site.

There are two main areas of the site to check out (located under the tabs at the top of the page:)

Print-at-Home Coupons -- Offers printable coupons similar to what you're used to from printables... select, click and print.

Buy & Save Offers -- This one you'll like! If you register for a free account, clicking this tab will show you current product-specific Catalina deals running at your stores of choice... and wait until you see what you can print at home! ...

Catalina alerts! I LOVE this! When shoppers are able to see the current Catalina offers running, it's going to be a fantastic tool for us to plan shopping trips around these offers.

Note that you will have to register and install their coupon activator plugin to print coupons and alerts, similar to what other sites require. And, when you sign up, you'll also have the option to select your favorite area stores to view alerts for:


So... if you take a moment to check out, please share your thoughts here by posting a comment. Catalina is reading and looking for your feedback, and this is an opportunity to communicate your thoughts, likes and dislikes directly to them.

What do you, as a shopper, think about Catalina's new site?

About Catalina:

Catalina has been in the business of securing and distributing brand coupons since 1983. Catalina distributes more than $6.5 billion in personalized coupon value to shoppers via in-store printers every year. On average, Catalina's coupon values are two times higher than those found in Sunday newspapers. Catalina is entering the online coupon space with the goal of increasing the quantity and quality of online coupons available to consumers as well as increasing visibility of in-store programs. by Catalina is one of two examples of Catalina’s contribution to online savings. Catalina has implemented a soft launch for CouponNetwork and will have an official launch in November 2010.

Additionally, Catalina is powering mobile/email notification of “dollars off” or “buy & save” offers under the name of “YourBucks” with select retail partners (currently ShopRite, A&P, Pathmark, SuperFresh, Waldbaums & Weis Markets.) Shoppers can go to any of the participating retailers' websites to sign up for YourBucks.


I found the site confusing, I tired signing up but the submit button would not work and I put my address in the system and the map was incorrect it kept giving me michigan cities and I am in Wonder Lake. I would love to know how to make it work. Any ideas how to let them know I am having trouble.

Love Catalina Alerts

I'm hoping the Catalina alert works. I registered and went to Buy & Save, but there weren't any Catalina notices for me. Did I miss something?


Another coupon page! Yeah! I wish it would print more coupons per sheet of paper.

Google Chrome &

I couldn't get the link or website to work at ALL until I used explorer instead of google chrome. Didn't matter which day or which computer, for some reason Coupon does not like google chrome! After we switched to explorer, all the coupons appeared and printing issues disappeared.

It is nice to get the heads up on the catalinas, although not many are listed... the coupons seem like the same you see anywhere else.

Negative points for only 2 coupons per page. Every other site is three and that saves paper and therefore money , which is the reason for the site right? Positive points easy to navigate, clean and simple design.

really like it..

A few comments on coupon printing:
I'd love to see 3 or more per page
I'd love to see a count of how many I selected (I'm a paper saver & may select one more to fill my sheet)
I dislike when it semi-centers a single coupon on the last sheet. It makes that sheet un-reusable to be re-fed thru to print on the other half. (Can I get a "mulligan" for my 2 messed up qs which over-printed each other?)
Most of the coupons were print two, but I notices the BC muffins one was only 1 print.

Right now there is only one cat offer on the screen for mccormick, but I am getting several cat alerts in the stores. Is there a way to see more current & future cat offers on the site? (Maybe it's the store I picked?)

catalina marketing

I used the website this morning to print 4 coupons and the fruit snacks disappeared as soon as the printed it once. The others were fine with a print limit of 2.

The website was easy to navigate and I like that you can see all the coupons without having to scroll up and down on the page.

If the Catalina were all listed it would give me incentive to hit a different store; instead my me choosing the store that I usually shop at. Which was a pain to find since it was listed in order by town !

Three coupons per page would be great instead of two.

I liked that I did not have to install extra software to print the coupons

After I reviewed the buy and save catalina offer it showed only one, which was the McCormick spices so I selected it thinking it was a coupon to use with the catalina, but it just printed the actual catalina stating what to buy and when to buy it. Then I went back to my coupons page and it showed up as a coupon but still giving the same information, which I felt unnecessary.

Thank you for allowing me to try the new website and I am looking forward to it being up and running !

I like the additional site as another free online resource. Can't wait to see upcoming matchups with sales.
Thanks for all the great information you provide to us Jill:)

Love the site

I like the site however I have to agree on the 3 per page for the coupons. Also, the cat deals I would like to see them before I decide to print them. But I am excited to have another coupon site. :)

I think the site is great

Agree with the 3 per page and challenge finding a store.

I would like to see an addition of a page to electronically submit for a catalina that did not print and be able to print it from this website. It would save them a stamp! Perhaps I blew by it if it is there, but I we are busy mammas trying to save money AND time! Thanks for sharing the site with us!


I liked using the site cuz I could just page through the coupons. I had a problem printing at first, but once I figured it out I was able to print two per page. I also was able to print the catalina for the McCormick spices.

Pros and Cons

I like that there are more q's available, but would also like more than 1 per page. I don't like that I can't see, let alone print, any of the buy and save cat alerts. I saw them once and now they have disappeared from my screen completely. Don't know if this has happened to anybody else.

I liked it

--I, too, would like to see three coupons print per page.
--I appreciated that I didn't have to download additional software to get my coupons to print.
--I'd like to see Meijers as a store, too.
--I'll go back and look again, but didn't see the Catalina notices others are referring to.

Coupon set up

I like how you can see all the coupons per page on one screen. I hate that you have to scroll on it takes forever to find a coupon. I think this is a great idea. I agree that the alerts should be a list...maybe like your "deals of the week" with a separator. I would like to be able to print the ones I want similar how you can delete offers on hip2save

looks good, but a few issues

I agree that I don't want to waste paper to see the cat alerts. If they want it to be a "print" button, then can they add an option to "print to pdf" for the cat alerts?

And like many said - having 3 coupons on a page would be nice to save paper.

can't print

I can't print either - using Firefox... it told me to install which I did, but it did not "automatically print" after the install. Tried starting from the beginning again and it keeps telling me to install coupon printer.

Good Start

The structure on their website is all there, we just need to fill it in now. The CAT offers are going to be great. I just want to make sure that store specific or national CATs are listed. I've heard in some areas Targets are getting in on the national CAT deals so if something like that pops up, I'd like to see it here.

Also would like to see these shown on the screen rather than printed.

Coupons haven't been anything for me to write home about at this point but I'm hoping to see something different / better than what we have already.

While picking the store was a bit of a PITA, it was a one time thing for me therefore not that important to redesign.

liked, and disliked Coupon

Always happy to find another resource for printable Qs, I only wish it would print out 3 Qs per page instead of 2 - lots of paper wasted when the size of the Qs are standard.

Bummed too that I had to print out the Catalina Alerts to see the details.

Not sure what the store selection was for, but as happy to see that our Food4Less store was listed, I wish Meijer was included. Not sure what the tie in is there, different custom-coupon service?

Finding more places to get coupons is always good!

However, I agree with the others who request listing the stores by city or zip code.
Also agree with those who request being able to see the details of the "buy and save" offers without having to print them. Maybe have a "details" button to hover or click on above or below the "select to print" button (like how they have the "MORE>>" buttons on the bottom for printer, fave store, and total selected) With a few tweaks to make it more user-friendly, this could be a nice tool.

It will be nice to know all

It will be nice to know all the deals.
I agree that the listing should be by town for all the stores not just by store
My printable coupon printed, but not the 2 catalina deals - blank sheet of paper both times I tried

"Print coupons"...

I don't like it when it says "print coupons", it actually prints a Cat alert! I don't want to waste paper and ink when I think I'm printing a coupon when it actually is an alert.
They are all labeled "coupons", so I find this confusing and a waste of time when there are apparently coupons and alerts mixed in with eachother.

PS. I guess someone else had the same problem, so excuses for a double complaint! :)


Would like a listing of Cats, don't need to print them out. Just show what's available.



New Coupon Network Site

1) Agree that they need to organize stores by city. A) I couldn't find Dominick's - Lake in the Hills (not under Algonquin either).
2) I don't like that you have to print the buy and save offers to see the details of the catalina offer. Would like to see it before printing to determine if I want to print or just make a note of it on my grocery list. Printing costs money, if I can't see it I won't be printing these just to find out if it may or may not be something I'm interested in. A) Are these catalinas going to be printing at Target too? I've gotten printed coupons at Target before but not $ off your next purchase catalinas.
3) For printable coupons, would be nice to see some "bonus" type coupons that are high value and/or are not on other coupon sites.
4) I like the category and brands features. Not sure what the my stores feature is supposed to do.....

I miss "Your Bucks"!

Haven't explored the entire

Haven't explored the entire site, but I wish there was a way we could view all of the printable coupons on a single page. I hate having to tab through multiple pages, especially when I'm looking for something specific.

XML error

I'm also using IE and I'm getting the same XML error. Was able to register but no offers or coupons. Bummer! Update - logged in using mozilla firefox and it worked!

XML Error

I'm using Internet Explorer and also received the XML error. No information/offers/coupons show up under either tab. Looks like it'll be fun once it is successfully rolled out!

Catalina site

I'm having the same XML message: Something is wrong with XML. Can not be parsed. Check file for special symbols.

I am using aol.

I'm bummed that I can't see the deals! I'm very excited, though, to be able to see what cats are running at any given time.

I had no problems

I had no problems with foxfire. It even let me print a coupon.

Jill, I'm just wondering if the coupons are good to use, it only printed the small set of bar codes, not the larger newer codes.

Yes - you can use.

They're fine to use -- they look different than the or coupons because they're not printed with the same engines those sites use. But yes, fully legit -- this is Catalina we're talking about :)

As I posted above, the site's been live for a few weeks now, but as they prepare to officially launch it, Catalina reached out to ask if I'd post this for my readers... see if people would like to to try the site out and see what issues might need to be addressed before the launch, and also what people think and want from the site.

I'm having same XML

error after I registered. Then it doesn't show me any of the offers (print at home or buy & save). :( Hopefully it gets worked out. I'm intrigued!

xml error

I saw the original page with all the coupons and registered printed one coupon and then kept getting a pop-up window saying xml error and the home page was blank of print at home coupons or buy and save offers.- I sent e/m to tech support. I was using internet explorer.

Jill's new site

It beeps and says something about XML !!

Which browser?

If you could post the browser you're using (IE, Firefox, Chrome) it would likely help the Catalina developers. Thanks! I just sent them an email too to let them know this seems to be a prevalent error.


I use IE

I'm using Firefox


Looks Great

We would always know what offers are available, and how many of each item to get, for the best deal. Maybe they could have a section that would list the UPC's that make the deals work, or not work?
It would be much easier to find my stores if they were alphabetized by city, not by street address.
My other thought is, that I'm sure many of us hunt store to store when our store is out of stock on a catalina item. Will we have to load every store we might stop at to get the buy & save offers?
Thank you again Jill for keeping us up to date on new and exciting savings.
P.S. I sure miss YourBucks offers! :( They were great fun : )

I agree with your comment

I agree with your comment about how the grocery stores are listed. What a PITA to find my store! List by town, for heaven's sake!

nice site

The buy and save offers look good so far...but would not allow me to print, some glitch maybe as had not printed these yet,will try again later. They reminded me of my favorite "your bucks." Look forward to seeing more offers, as the regular print at home coupons looked familiar, but some were for products I did not know were available in my area. Plan to visit regularly as it develops. I am so fond of Catalina Company!

Having Trouble!

I have installed the Coupon Activator but it still won't let me print out anything. It keeps wanting to reinstall it. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the glitch worked out. Other than that, it looks like it will be a good tool to use in planning.

If you have Windows Vista

I have Windows Vista Home Premium on my pc, and I have this same trouble with printing Target store coupons. Just tried it with the couponnetwork site and it happened as well - will not print and keeps telling me I need to install. I am able to intall and print successfully from the MAIN user (I call it our admin user but I don't know if that is what it is actually called or if my hubby just made that up!) on Vista, so if you have this op system, give that a try.

Looks Great!

Looks like this site will be another great tool for couponers. I was disapointed that Meijer is not part of it. But it will be great for my Jewel and Walgreens shopping! Can't wait until it is fully rolled out!


would've liked some Q's for the Mccormick though...but it will help to have more duplicates of popular Q's like the fruit great in firefox!