Deals of the Week for February 24, 2009

This week's already off to a start with some fantastic deals! A big welcome to our new Super-Couponers from Park Ridge, Huntley, Geneva, Arlington Heights, and Roselle, and of course the many listeners from Johnny B's show as well...

If you're new to the site, take a quick minute to read Using this site and bring yourself up to speed on all the coupon lingo and abbreviations. Unless otherwise noted, grocery store deals run through Wednesday of this week, and the pharmacy deals run through Saturday.

It's going to be a GRAND week at Jewel! Did you see the "Buy 10, save $10" ad in this week's spotlight flier? These sales can be a LOT of fun... especially with coupons!

And of course, the GRAND thing to be buying here (hint, hint) are the Pillsbury Grands biscuits. They're on sale for $1.25 a can. Buying 10 cans will cost $12.50, and you'll get $10 back at checkout. $2.50 for 10 cans of Grands is already dirt cheap... but let's make it even better with some coupons!

Now, I love it when there are coupons in the Blinkie dispenser that line up with the product I want to buy... and this sale is no exception! Look for a dispenser at your store that has .75 off 3 coupons inside. With 3 coupons, you'll pay $10.25 for your 10 cans... and get $10 back!

If you've been saving your coupon inserts (and let's hope you have, as there's a lot of potential free money inside for us!) - clip the .25 coupon from 12/14 SS. Use this with 3 Blinkies, pay $10 for your 10 cans... and get $10 back. Your 10 cans of Grands will be FREE!

Just in case you can't find the Blinkie dispensers, note that many cans have Peelie coupons on them for .30 off 3. With 3 of these peelies, you'll pay $11.60 and get $10 back. Or, mix and match any of the following Grands coupons in as well:

12/7 SS - .30 off 2
12/14 SS - .25 off 1
12/14 SS - .35 off 2
2/8 GM - .30 off 2
.50 off 2 (

Any way you do the deal, those are some CHEAP biscuits! I plan on freezing these too (despite what the can says, you can freeze them - just thaw them slowly in the fridge so the cans don't pop open when they warm back up.)

Another good item in the same sale... the Betty Crocker cake mixes are $1.33 each. Buying 10 will cost you $13.30, and you'll get $10 back. 10 cake mixes for $3.30 = .33 each!

Still at Jewel, there's a good deal going on Starkist tuna pouches. They're on sale for $1.25 each. There are coupons for Buy 2, get 1 free in 1/4 RP, 2/22 RP, and February All You. There's another deal running on Hellmann's mayonnaise where if you buy the mayo (it's $3.49), you'll get 1 pack of Star-Kist tuna for free ($1.25 is taken off at the register automatically.)

Of course we're going to want to use a coupon on the Hellmann's too! 1/18 RP has a .50 coupon, and has a $1 printable coupon. With the $1 coupon and one of the coupons outlined above, you will pay $2.49 for a jar of mayo and 3 pouches of tuna!

Note: Many stores also have coupons in the aisle for $1 off 3 tuna pouches. If you're only buying 3 pouches, you can't technically use both this coupon AND the B2G1F, as you will essentially be using four coupons on 3 items. The $1 off 3 takes .33 off each item, so it will apply itself to all 3 items (one "per purchase.") At that point, you can't also use the B2G1F coupon on these 3. However, if you buy 4 pouches, you can use it, and it would work like this:

Buy 4 pouches of tuna @ $1.25 each = $5.00
Minus $1 / 3 coupon = $4.00
Minus B2G1F coupon - $2.75
Buy 1 Hellman's mayo @ $3.49 = $6.24
Minus $1 mayo coupon = $5.24
Minus $1.25 instant savings (free tuna for buying mayo) = $3.99 for 4 tuna and 1 mayo

Still at Jewel, Wild Harvest tortilla chips are on sale for $1.99, B1G!F. Print 2 $1 coupons from and get these for FREE! Or, use those coupons for the Wild Harvest organic pasta, which is $2.50 B1G1F... and you'll take home 2 boxes for just a quarter each!

I love reading the deals that many of our Forum members come up with each week, and this deal was posted by one of my readers. The deal is on the Swiffer sweeper and refills, and here's how it works...

Swiffer starter kits are $9.99 at Jewel. Avenu offers $1 off any Swiffer product through Wednesday. Use the $2 coupon from 1/18 PG (or the recent Right@Home home coupon mailer) to bring the Swiffer starter kit down to $6.99. Then, use the coupon from 2/8 PG for "Buy a Swiffer Starter Kit, get wet or dry refills free" -- and make sure you choose the largest & most expensive refills :) In this case, I went with the 24-pack wet refills for $9.99 also. The coupon will make these FREE, and you'll get the Swiffer AND the refills for $6.99.

Except... it gets even better than that. Avenu will take $1 off the refills too... so you'll be getting both for just $5.99 (normally $19.99 for both!) Even though I didn't need a new Swiffer, I did this deal because this is a great price for the refills too... and with toddler sons who fight over the Swiffer, they now each have their own to clean the floor with... which I love. (Any time kids think cleaning is FUN, I am all for it!)

Two special Jewel deals if you happen to shop at any of the ELGIN Jewel locations (Larkin Ave, Randall Rd, or Summit St) which are all part of a grand-reopening sale... These 3 stores have Johnsonville Brats and sausages on sale 3/$5. Well, that sale pairs VERY nicely with this $5 off 3 Johnsonville coupon! Remember to get rainchecks in case your store runs low on stock... but all your brats will be FREE!

Note that at all other Jewel locations, the brats are on sale 2/$5. Buy 3, use the same coupon, and you'll take home 3 packs for $2.50 total, or about .83 a pack.

Also, these 3 Elgin store locations have Krakus polish ham at the deli on sale for $3.88/lb (down from $8.98/lb.) There's a display on the deli with tearpads for $1 off 1lb of Krakus ham. That brings it down to just $2.88/lb. :)

Over at Dominick's, there are a couple of good deals this week too. Ragu pasta sauce is .99 a jar, and there is a .75 off 2 coupon in the 1/18 RP. Use this coupon, buy 2, and pay just .62 a jar! Note: Forum reader Lovevigilante discovered a hidden Catalina deal with the Ragu too. Buy 4 jars and get a $2 Catalina back! If you have the coupon above and buy 4, you'll pay $3.21 and get $2 back... $1.21 for 4 jars of Ragu is CHEAP! :)

Still at Dominick's, Ken's Salad Dressing is on sale for $1.50. Use the $1 coupon from 1/11 SS and pick it up for .50 a bottle! Thanks to Regis and lej1222 in our web forum for posting these!

Over at Walgreens, let's take home some FREE Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil! Walgreens has a coupon in this week's flier for 89 cents a 20-foot roll -- and 2/8 SS has a coupon for $1 off! FREE foil... with possible overage!

Thanks to Prea in our web forum for posting this Walgreens deal... Excedrin is on sale for $1.99 for the 20-count box. Use the $1 coupon from 1/4 SS or SmartSource to pick it up for .99... and receive a $1 RR too! FREE Excedrin!

Still at Walgreens, did you miss getting your FREE "expensive" razor over the last 2 weeks? The mad rush on free Gillette Fusion "Gamer" razors left many shelves bare and many shoppers frustrated. Well, guess what... the razors are still on unadvertised sale for $8.99. 2/8 PG had a $4 coupon for the razor. Use the coupon, pay $4.99... and get $6 in RRs! They'll pay YOU $1 to take the razor home! It's the third week of a great FREE razor deal...

Or, go over to CVS and get the Fusion Gamer there instead! CVS has the Gillette Fusion Gamer on sale for $7.99. Use the same coupon, pay $3.99, and get $4 back in ECBs! While not a moneymaker, they're still FREE... and with an item like this that's hard to find, FREE is good!

Still at CVS, AquaFresh toothpaste and Colgate toothpastes are just .88 a tube (with an instant "clipfree coupon" that deducts when you use your CVS card!) Use the $1.50 Colgate coupon from March All You and get this for FREE, or use the .75 AquaFresh coupon from 1/4 SS and take this home for .13 a tube!

And still at CVS, Stayfree pads are on sale for $3.99. Use the B1G1F coupon from R 1/4 and pay $3.99 for 2... and earn $4 in ECBs! Without being corny (okay, I'm going to be...) you've got StayFREE!

Jumping back to Walgreens, they've also got Stayfree pads on sale too. They're $2 a pack at Wags, and with the same B1G1F coupon, you'll pick these up for $1 a pack. Or, use the $2 off 2 coupon from R 2/22 and also take them home for $1 a pack.

Web Freebies

Free Kashi frozen entree

Free Quiznos sub

Free Country Bobs barbecue sauce

FREE Pancakes at IHOP 2/24

Do you like these deals? Want to learn how to get deals like this on almost EVERYTHING that you buy? Attend one of my Super-Couponing™ classes and learn all the tricks of the trade. You'll be slashing your bills in no time!

dominicks coupon

does any one know where this 10 off of 50 coupon is for dominicks i have 2 papers (Tribrumes) and not one coupon .

Wednesday's paper

It was in Wednesday's Dominick's flier (Feb. 25.)

At Dominicks

I was in Dominick's last night in Lake in the Hills and they were right by the door. They may have been replaced by the new one out today. I have 3 of them if you need one and you live in LITH or Crystal Lake I could meet you today.


Thank you!! I just called & spoke w the store manager. I told him how 2 people told me they didn't accept internet coupons w/o even looking at it. He said he will advise his staff & refund me the coupon amount. Thanks so much!



Did you know that Walmart doesn't accept printed coupons? I was at the one in Niles yesterday (on Golf) & a manager was called over & said it was their policy.

Thanks for all your help...I'm new at this!

Walmart Niles or Skokie

I used to shop at both of these stores, and you have to have the coupon policy on hand. They also (manager's included) doesn't understand the phrase one coupon per item. Both stores are very fustrating!


Hi AlleyKat20 I used to shop at these two Walmarts and I know what you mean about the coupons at these stores

Check out...

the coupon policy link on the right side of the page, under "shop smarter". There's a link to Walmart's policy that says they DO take them.

Does anyone know with the $10

Does anyone know with the $10 cat from Jewel for Con Agra products, is it $25 normal price or $25 sale price?


i just did it today it is shelf price start with popcrn get 8 at sell price and u will get 10 back so u will get 8 boxes for .18 cents.

Thanks for the reply

Thanks for the reply Felicia.

no problem popcrn

that is a great sale i mix and macth what i needed and got 42 items for $13.88 and still have $10 in catilina .thanks TO JILL that I think I am catching on( I THINK)

Just curious

what were your 42 items for 13.88? Sounds like a great deal.

Using coupons....

Jill, I have a question. When you get your Sunday fliers with your coupons, should you cut out coupns for items you need to buy that week that arent necessarily on sale, or should you wait for the item to go on sale? Thanks!


I don't buy anything until it hits a rock-bottom sale price. But if you -need- those things now because you're just starting out, it's okay to a point -- just don't get mad when you use a $1 coupon on a $3.99 item... and then it goes on sale for $1.50 a few weeks later..! :)


does any one know how long the sale with ragu and kens dressings end i just found some more coupons


I think that sale ended on Wednesday.

Johnsonville Coupons

The Elburn Jewel wouldn't take the Johnsonville coupons although I explained they were printed from the Johnsonville website. How do you handle this sort of situation? I left without my brats or sausage.

On site

The coupon is a joint promotion between Johnsonville and Jewel (SuperValu.) I would ask for a manager and have them pull up, and ask them why they won't take their own coupon, when it says to redeem it at Jewel right on their site..! Read this discussion for more info.

jewel feb 26 2009

hi I was at jewel this morning at 6 am. I try to do the sale which is buy $25 and get $10 back . well I try buying the popcorn which is8 for $26 something. the sale is * 8 for 10 dollors . welllll i didin't get my cat and ask why they didn't know JILL can you explAIN HOW AND IF I AM RIGHT OR DO I HAVE TO BUY THINGS TO MAKE $25 WITH THE SALE PRICE?HELPPPPPP ME

It sounds goofy...

...but are they all "Act II" microwave popcorns? When I did the deal I almost mixed in another brand that had very similar packaging. I caught it before I checked out, but it could be very easy to confuse (and would screw up the catalina.)


Anyone else not enjoying this brand? I have been an OR or PS popcorn low fat consumer for years. I bought this for a cat deal and it is not very tasty in my opinion. My extended family agreed. I have to doctor it up with toppings or else it tastes like cardboard to me.

Although -- it was the light.

Maybe the other flavors are yummy for those that don't need to count calories. I am sadly not that gal. Every calorie counts once you hit 40 and have a thyroid condition!! Boo!! : (

Party Bags

I've had better, but won't pass up this particular freebie since, as someone else posted, I can use to pass out at Halloween (mine has an expiration date of 1/2010.) You can also use them for kids' party bags - I did once for a movie-themed event.

Now the 9 fat gram per roll Grands...that's another story. Yes, they're yummy, but I hope those with oodles and oodles of them also stocked up on free or reduced aspirin for the pending heart attacks! I'm far from a health nut (cookies & milk are a staple here!) but it seems to me that a little bitty roll should not have 9 grams of fat...or "chunks" in the dough as someone else described.

Act II Popcorn and the $10 catalina

Are you certain all 8 of the Act II popcorns scanned? I did this deal a few couple of weeks ago when the sale was $1 each and I only needed to purchase 8 for the catalina to print because the $25 you needed to spend was calculated on the shelf price not sale price. Maybe that's something to check, too--What's the shelf price of the popcorn at your store?


they are 3.25

Shelf VS. Sale

I do know for certain that there are a couple of Jewels that work off the sale price NOT the shelf price. In my area there are two Jewels and one is always working off the sale price. You may want to try that jewel one more time with different items and if you don't get a Catalina, it may be time to start going to another Jewel for these types of deals.


The stores are issued identical deals by Catalina to the machines. Each store has no way to alter/adjust/change the way one store functions over another - the individual stores have NOTHING to do with how they are set up. This is the most-often-heard excuse when a deal does not work, but I assure you (and this is at least the eighth time I've posted this over the past few days..!) the stores ALL receive the same deals via Catalina. If the Catalina does not print, it's usually for one of these reasons.

How can this happen

I don't understand one Jewel I stopped shopping at you don't need to scan your Jewel card the prices automatically scan the perferred prices. Plus on the receipt it just shows the perferred price and at the bottom doesn't list any of your savings. So at this store you have to purchase more than needed to get the cats.

I asked customer service what was the point of having the perferred card and they didn't know.

use another jewel

i will get my refund and go to another yesterday i went at 6 am and didn't get my catilina and they said they will mail it (no way) i ask for my refund and went to another. I do not scan my card untill the end so I can see when I get to the 25 mark to stop and start another transaction to get my money worth in this kind of sale.

Even better on the Ragu...

...I bought 8 jars tonight and got 2 cats of $2.00 each! I didn't have any coupons, but this essentially got me 8 jars for $3.92, or $0.49 each. Is it possible that I just posted my first deal?!

Here's a question, though: The cat says "Manuf. Coupon...Save $2.00 Your Next Shopping Order, Compliments of Ragu" and the Dominick's logo is on the right side of the cat. Does this mean that I can use the $2.00 toward any purchase at Dominick's? I'm just confused b/c it's a manuf. coupon but sounds like it can be used on any item, and only at Dom's. Is that correct?



Yes, I think you discovered one! I'm guessing that since you bought 8, the cats were triggered by buying 4 jars each... that certainly makes it an even sweeter deal! :)

The cats you got are just like cash -- good for money off any purchase at Dominicks. And because they're manufacturer coupons, guess what... you can use them at Jewel and/or Meijer too. All 3 grocery stores will take each other's manufacturer coupon Catalinas (because they will be reimbursed for them by the manufacturer. :)


Thanks, Jill! :D


I've since learned the Ragu cat may work on every 3 jars purchased... good to know though! :)

Does it matter which Ragu?

As long as it is the one that is on sale for $.99 at Dominick's? Also, when is the catalina deal over?

Any $.99 flavor should work


Just came back from Dominick's...

and I bought 3 jars of Ragu and didn't get a catalina. What am I doing wrong??

You didn't get enough

It looks like you need to buy 4 jars of Ragu to get the cat. Bums me out, because I bought 2 last Tue. then went back and bought 3 more on Thurs. not knowing about the cats! I was just excited to get Ragu for such a good price and used the sale to stock my pantry.
Oh well. Win some, lose some. I'm still happy with the deal I got, even if I didn't get a cat.
Return your 3 and then buy 4. You should get a cat.

Just saw that on the boards

and am going to return 2 of my bottles and repurchase 3. Thanks!

Grands Deal

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

I ended up using 3 of the 75cents off, along with one of the 55 cents off 2 (on the bottom of the can). I tried to use one more (and make this an overage), but the self checkout would no longer take coupons and the checkout guy couldn't override it (though he tried!). I ended up paying .03 oop for my 10 biscuit's. AMAZING DEAL!

Great Deal

I just got back from Jewel and did the Grands Deal. With my coupons I paid $11.07 and got $10.00 back. I then bought 10 Betty Crocker cake mixes, used my $10.00 and got another $10.00 back. Total I ended up paying $4.64 for 20 items!! That made them only .23 each!

Thanks for letting us in on all these great deals!!!!

Any ideas

what u can make with all those biscuits? I'm debating if I should get this deal, but not sure what i'll do with all of them!


I use them as dumplings. Just cut them into sixths or eigths and throw them right in to soup or use them in a chicken and dumplings recipe. They are GREAT!


I do the same thing, the southern style make GREAT dumplings.
We also use the southern style for sausage biscuits and gravy.


Last night I made some chicken alfredo type dinner...I used the biscuits sprinkled with a little garlic and they were great. My son and I love them for breakfast with strawberry jam on them too. For free, the possibilities are endless!

Chicken Pot Pie

I've never tried this with the Grands bisquits, but I sometimes top my chicken pot pie with the smaller bisquits...they just bake right up. I don't see why it wouldn't work with these bigger ones....

monkey bread.....

is one that pops into my head....why not head over to the website to look for some additional recipes??? And if you freeze them, there's lots of biscuits for Sunday dinner until they roll around again on sale in 12 weeks!


Just checked out, and it's amazing how many recipes there are with biscuits! Makes me want to cook more often!


We use them for Sunday breakfast--make our own sausage, egg & cheese (or whatever) sandwiches. Or we make pizza puffs with them. Try the Pillsbury website--there's recipes on there.

Out of Grands...

My Jewel (Libertyville-Milwaukee Ave.) was out of Grands, so I bought some crescent rolls instead. I used a can tonight....rolled a slice of ham and a slice of Swiss cheese in them and baked them up....yum! We had those with some tomato soup and a salad.
Anyhow, I bought 3 crescent rolls, one cake mix, 2 cookie mixes, 3 Progresso soups and a bag of Chex Mix today. I used the blinkie near the Pillsbury doughs and a coupon for the Chex Mix (from last Sun. inserts), plus a $10 cat and a $1.50 cat. The cashier mumbled something about how she shouldn't give me credit for the Chex coupon, since she gave me "the big one" but then she swiped it anyhow. As if she's doing me a big favor or something.
Nice. The cashiers at my store are pretty cool for the most part, but I hope this isn't a sign of them all becoming disgruntled. Then she didn't give me my new $10 cat. I had to walk around to see if it had printed, and there it was, hanging out of the machine. I told my husband to grab my cat, and he asked the cashier "Is that ours?" and she said "Oh yea" and tore it off and handed it to him. All this after I took my sweet old time putting my wallet back in my purse and all (because sometimes it takes a couple of extra seconds for your cat to print, and I don't want to walk off without them.)
To give benefit of doubt, I won't say she didn't give it to me on purpose....maybe she just didn't see it there. BUT you can bet that I'll be on alert for future shopping trips! For anyone who is new to this (and I'm fairly new myself) DON'T be nervous or hesitant! Apparently we are going to have to stand up for ourselves as super couponing becomes more commonplace (and grocery store attitudes may become more adverse.) We are not doing anything wrong....I know that Jill is very meticulous in keeping everything legal when she posts deals, so as long as we follow her lead, there is no reason why we should be made to feel like we are trying to pull one over on the stores.

Great post

I know that Jill is very meticulous in keeping everything legal when she posts deals, so as long as we follow her lead, there is no reason why we should be made to feel like we are trying to pull one over on the stores.

Great post - and yes, I truly am diligent about keeping everything on the level. Unlike some other coupon classes (yes, believe it or not, there are others -- and some of them do teach "questionable" coupon tactics..!) I'm not teaching anything illegal, fraudulent, or even slightly shady. There are so many great ways to get things free and cheap with coupons that one doesn't -have- to resort to breaking the rules.

That said, there are always going to be cashiers who shudder/fuss/complain when you walk away with a tiny out-of-pocket bill... and another $10 Catalina pops out.