Deals of the Week for February 21, 2011

Hello, Super-Couponers! It's time for Deals of the Week once again. I've got all the best supermarket and drugstore deals of the week written just for you... all in one place, on one page! As always, grab your scissors and coupon inserts, and get ready to start clipping this week, as bunches of bargains and freebies are heading your way!

This week's newspaper contained one coupon insert - RedPlum (RP.) The Parade magazine has a $2 Garnier coupon in it, and there's a single-sheet insert of Walgreens store coupons for pharmaceuticals, so grab those too.

New blog readers: If you're interested in learning to save on almost everything you buy at the grocery store, why not attend a Super-Couponing workshop? Many are FREE, and in one hour you'll learn how to cut your grocery bill 50-70%! Upcoming Super-Couponing classes are taking place in Libertyville and Darien Illinois; or you can learn with my Super-Couponing DVD workshop from anywhere in the country! Learn more!

Now... ready for your Deals of the Week? You may enjoy FREE or .49 Dove deodorant, .50 Duncan Hines brownie mix, .50 1lb. bags of frozen vegetables, .38.79-.88 Activia yogurt, .50 Trans Ocean Crab Classic, $1 Log Cabin syrup, FREE Philadelphia cooking cream, .50 Bar S bologna or franks, FREE Chex Mix, FREE T. Marzetti vegetable dips, .79 Purina One Beyond cat food,.24-$1 Ritz crackers, FREE Colgate toothpaste, FREE Finish dishwasher detergent, .34 Jet Dry, a fantastic FREE frozen food bonanza at Target that will net you 14lbs. of frozen vegetables for FOUR CENTS, FREE Brilliant tampons, FREE Gain dish detergent, FREE Eos lip balm, FREE Gold Emblem Jelly Beans, FREE Cadbury Eggs, .99 Purex laundry detergent... so let's get started!

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If you're new to my blog, take a quick minute to read Using this site and bring yourself up to speed on all the coupon terminology and abbreviations.

It's a good idea to save the grocery and drugstore flyers each week to have on hand & refer to too as you go through the deals! And, if you're new to couponing in general, check out my Super-Couponing® website for a list of coupon classes (most are FREE!) and easy instructions on how to start using coupons effectively!

A note to my non-Midwest readers: While my weekly deals focus on Illinois stores, the Target, Walgreens and CVS deals apply nationally. And, if you're shopping at a SuperValu, Safeway, or Kroger store, you may find similar sales to our Jewel, Dominick's, and Hilander deals. Welcome, and enjoy!

AND... my Super-Couponing® class is now available on DVD! Own the 72-minute video and watch it whenever you like! Click for a video preview & learn how to order!

Unless otherwise noted, GROCERY store deals run through WEDNESDAY of this week,
and the drugstore/general merchandise store deals run through Saturday

(Also, if you're new, you may not have some of the coupon books that I refer to for some deals. Some coupon books can be found at the grocery store during seasonal promotions -- look for them, as I'll reference them when applicable. And, at the bottom of each week's deals, I list free coupon books that you can request to be mailed to you -- register for all of them, as I'll reference them in future weeks too.

Coupons worth printing:

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Grocery Deals

Starting at Jewel... (View weekly ad)

First off, rumor has it that the Jewel Freezer Deal will take place on 2/27! The freezer reportedly will sell for $159 with $160 worth of free product coupons with it. This IS the least expensive way to get that second freezer you've always wanted... then stock it up with all of the great frozen food sales coming on the horizon in March!

Cheap deodorant deal! Dove deodorant is on sale for $2.49. Use the $2 coupon from the 1/30 RP and pay .49!

Duncan Hines brownie mix is on sale for $1 a box. Use this .50 printable and pay .50!

The Surpreme variety of BC brownie mix is on sale too (turtle, ultimate fudge, etc.) They're $2 a box. Use the $1 coupon from the Dominick's $70 Playbook coupon book and pay $1.

16oz. bags of Jewel Frozen Vegetables are on sale for $1. Use the $1-off-2 coupon from the Jewel "Value Your Heart" coupon book, buy two and pay $1 for two, or .50 a bag! Great price for the one-pound bag. Note that these coupons are one per transaction.

Jewel's also running a "Buy 10, get 50 Box Tops" promotion. Unfortunately, it does not have a money-back Catalina attached to it (as this promo has had in the past,) and many of the items are pretty pricey this time around. I wish we'd seen better deals with this one this week, but deal-matchup-wise, there's not much to write about.

"No Coupon Needed" Deals

Jewel Sweet Wheat and White breads (20oz.) are .88 a loaf.

500ct. Homelife Napkins are $2.99.

Pepsi, Sierra Mist and Mountain Dew 24-packs on sale for $5 each when you buy two. You must buy two to receive the 2-for-$10 price.

Jewel bacon (16oz.) is $3.50 a package.

Deals continuing from previous weeks:

MORE FREE PASTA! Ronzoni Garden Delight is on sale for $1 again, and if you think you already used your $1 coupons for this the last time it was on sale, check again... because there was a NEW $1 off Ronzoni Garden Delight coupon in the 1/23 SS! It's FREE!

And, if you don't have a lot of pasta in your stockpile, clip both of the other $1-off-2 Ronzoni coupons on the same page -- Ronzoni Smart Taste and Ronzoni Healthy Harvest are also all on sale for $1 a box. You can stock up on even more with these coupons for .50/box.

Reader Blackvanilla found more $1-off-2 printables too! Click "Promotions and Coupons" after printing the first coupon you see for even more $1-off-2s.

Jewel-Osco information:

Jewel-Osco has a Facebook page. If you have questions directly for corporate, you can ask them there (and they answer promptly!)

Are you on the Jewel-Osco email list yet? Jewel has been making coupons available for many different products over the past few months, and they're usually store coupons that you can stack manufacturer coupons with too.

Coupon books currently found at Jewel:

Value Your Heart - $35 worth of coupons, including one for a free 8-pack of Coke when you buy 3 12-packs

Jewel meat deals:

  • Chicken wings are $1.99/lb.

Jewel produce deals:

  • 3lb. bags of yellow onions are $1.29 - that's about .43/lb.
  • 5lb. bags of Farm Stand russet potatoes are $2.49 each - that's about .50/lb.
  • 3lb. bags of Granny Smith or Fuji apples are $1.99 each - that's about .66/lb.
  • Baking potatoes are .69/lb.
  • 5lb. bags of Wild Harvest organic russet potatoes are $3.39 - that's about .80/lb.
  • Gala or Granny Smith apples are $1.49/lb.
  • Anjou or Red pears are $1.49/lb.
  • Red and green seedless grapes are on sale for $2.49/lb. In the produce department, there are coupons for "Buy 1 pound, get 1 free." With this, buy 2 for $2.49, or $1.25/lb.
  • 1lb. bags of Wild Harvest baby-cut carrots are $1.99.
  • 1lb. containers of strawberries are $4.99 each, B1G1F - that's about $2.50/lb.

(Anytime meat is under $1.99 a pound (no matter what it is -- beef, pork, poultry) it's a buy in my book, because $1.99 is a cycle low and a good benchmark for meat prices -- ditto for most produce. Seafood, by its nature, is more expensive per pound, but a good "buy" benchmark is $4 per pound or less for fish or shrimp.)

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Let's go to Dominick's (View weekly ad)...

Note to my Safeway shoppers reading from outside Chicagoland: In Chicago, Dominick's does not double coupons (as other Safeway stores do) - if your store doubles, you'll do even better with many of these deals. Also, in Chicago, previously-available ecoupons (Cellfire, ShortCuts and PGEsaver) have been discontinued. Ecoupons are now available in the "Just For U" section of electronic coupons available at

Dominick's Super Coupons:
These are store coupons found in the weekly Dominick's flyer, which (in the case of the name-brand products) means they can be stacked with manufacturer coupons for even bigger savings. You can also now load these Super Coupons to your Fresh Values card via and not have to clip them. Best bets this week?

In the Feb. 17-Feb. 23 flyer - "4 Day Sale" on cover:

  • Special K cereal is $1.99 a box, limit 4, with Super Coupon. Use this
  • Buy one box of Special K, get one free coupon, buy two, and pay $1.99 for two, or about $1 each.
  • Prego pasta sauce (23.5-24oz.) is on sale for $1.25 each. Buy three and use the $1-off-3 coupon from 1/2 SS2. You'll pay $2.75 for 3, or about .92 a jar.
  • Kibbles n' Bits Dog Food (14.2-19.36lb.) is on sale for $9.99 a bag, limit 3, with Super Coupon. Stack this with the $2 manufacturer coupon from the 2/20 RP and pay $7.99! This is a good price.
  • Powerade is .60 a bottle, limit 10, with Super Coupon.

In the Feb 20.- Feb. 23 flyer - "4 Day Deals" on cover:

  • Farmland bacon (16oz.) is $2.99 per package, limit 5, with Super Coupon.
  • Bob Evans sausage rolls and links are $2.49 per 12-16 package, limit 5, with Super Coupon. Use this .50 printable and pay $1.99! The 1/16 SS has a $1-off-2 that will knock these down to the same price too.
  • Dannon Activia Yogurt is $1.77 a 4-pack, limit 3, with Super Coupon. Use the $1 coupon in the 1/30 SS and pay .77!
  • Yoplait Kids Yogurt is $1.77 per GoGurt multipack or Trix Cups multipack. Use the .50 cup coupon from 2/13 GM and 1/30 SS or a printable and pay $1.27 for the cups! Or, use the .75-off-2 GoGurt coupons from 2/13 GM and 1/30 SS or a printable. Buy two and pay $2.79 for two, or about $1.40 for each GoGurt!
  • I Can't Believe it's not Butter is on sale for $1.99, limit 4, with Super Coupon. Use the B1G1F coupon from 1/30 RP1, buy two and pay $1.99 for two, or about $1 each! There's also a .50 printable that will net you $1.59 ICBINB!
  • Starbucks Frappucino and DoubleShot 4-packs are on sale for $3.99, limit 4, with Super Coupon. Use the $1 coupon from 2/6 SS and pay $2.99.
  • Nature Sweet Cocktail Tomatoes (12oz.) are .99 a bag, limit 2, with Super Coupon.

For those of you that save up your Coke Rewards for free 12-packs of Coca-Cola, this next deal's for you! This week, Dominick's has Coca-Cola 12-packs on sale for $5.99, Buy 2 Get 2 Free PLUS 2 free boxes of Nabisco snack crackers.

The FREE Coke coupon has a maximum value of $4.99 (thanks, Charlie Q!) So here's how the deal will work...

If you have one FREE 12-pack coupon, buy 4 12-packs and 2 Nabisco crackers. After coupon, pay $6.99 for everything.

With TWO FREE 12-pack coupons, buy 4 12-packs and 2 Nabisco crackers.. After 2 coupons, pay $2 for four 12-packs of Coke and 2 boxes of crackers!

Reader dplvkl writes that if you also have the 'Value your Heart' coupon booklet from Jewel, there's a "buy 3 12-packs of Coke, get a free 8-pack of 7.5 oz cans FREE coupon" inside. So throw in another 8-pack too!

Trans-Ocean Crab Classic imitation crab meat is on sale for $1.50. Use this $1 printable and pay .50!

Deals continuing from previous weeks:

Dominick's has two new ecoupon-only offers on Just For U at Visit the site to load ecoupons for Large Sweet Navel Oranges for .39/lb. (PLU #4012 - make sure you have the right variety or the ecoupon will not come off at the register) and 11-12oz. bags of Starbucks Coffee for $5.44 each, limit 2. Use this $1.50 printable on the Starbucks to drop it to a respectable $3.94 a bag. There's also a $1 coupon in the 11/21 SS for more cheap coffee.

If you haven't yet signed up for the "Just For U" electronic discounts that you can load to your Dominick's Fresh Values card, you may want to. For registering your card, you'll receive an ecoupon for a FREE 12-ct. Lucerne large eggs! You'll also activate a set of electronic discounts that are tied to your card for the next 90 days. Each person's discounts are different, and they're based on past purchases made with your Fresh Values card at Dominick's.

Coupon booklets currently found at Dominick's
Note that this is a listing of what you MAY find. Coupon books tend to move very quickly once they become available! Look on displays throughout the store to find them. Some Dominick's are now keeping these coupon books behind the Customer Service counter, so you may want to ask at your store.

Live Whole Heartedly - $20 worth of coupons

Dominick's meat deals:

  • 93% lean ground beef is on sale for $2.49/lb., B1G1F. With two 1lb. packages, that works out to about $1.50/lb.
  • Rancher's Reserve 100% USDA Choice Beef boneless round steak is $1.99/lb.
  • Fresh Perdue chicken drumsticks or thighs are $1.99/lb.
  • Cornish game hens are $1.99/lb.

Want FREE marinade? Many Dominick's will marinate your fresh meat free at the meat counter, so depending on what you're buying, you may want to take advantage of that.

Dominick's seafood deals:

  • Farm-raised catfish fillets are $3.99/lb.

Dominick's produce deals:

  • Large navel oranges are .99/lb., but they're .39/lb. with the ecoupon at's Just For U.
  • Jumbo yellow onions are .79/lb.
  • Red or green seedless grapes are .99/lb.
  • Large tropical mangos are .50 each - FANTASTIC price!

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Heading over to Meijer, here are your best deals for Meijer stores in in Algonquin, Aurora, Bloomingdale, Bolingbrook, Elgin, McHenry, Oswego, Plainfield, Rolling Meadows, St. Charles, and the Indianapolis area: (View weekly ad)...


Reader Outlander spotted some great deals this week! The first is on Log Cabin Syrup. It's on sale for $2.50 a bottle. Use this $1 printable (print 2!) buy two bottles and stack that coupon with the $1-off-2 store coupon at Meijer Mealbox. You'll pay $2 for two, or $1 each! Cheap syrup!

The next deal spotted? Philadelphia Cooking Cream. It's on sale for $2.50. Use this $1.50 printable and stack it with the .50 coupon at Meijer Mealbox. You'll pay just .50!

Update: If you have an account with Kraft First Taste, log in and you may find a FREE coupon for this product. If you do, you'll also have the opportunity to "tell your friends about this offer." Any email addresses you share will receive a $1.50 printable for this as well.

Dozen cartons of Meijer Large Eggs are .99 each, limit 3. Print this .55 off 2 dozen eggs coupon, buy two and pay $1.43 for two dozen, or about .72 each!

Kellogg's Pop Tarts are on sale for $1.67 a box. Buy two and use the $1-off-2 coupon from 2/6 RP. You'll pay $2.34 for two, or $1.17 a box.

Bar S Bologna and Franks is on sale for $1 per 16oz package. Use the $1-off-2 coupon from 1/30 RP2 or a printable, buy two and pay $1 for both, or .50 a package!

If you haven't yet used your coupon for .75 off Finish Dishwasher Detergent, what are you waiting for? It expires TODAY! Run it over to Meijer, where Finish 10-20ct. Powerball, Gelpacs or Quantum are on sale for $3. You'll pay .75 a box! (OR... get it free at Target. More on that in a minute.)

If you've got one (or more) of the $1 off Chex Mix coupons from the Dominick's $70 Playbook coupon book, this is a good week to use them at Meijer. Chex Mix is on sale for $1.25 a bag. With coupon, pay .25! If you've got more, there's also a Catalina deal running... if you buy four bags, you'll get $1 in instant savings.

So, while this may be a stretch, if you have four $1 coupons, buy 4 bags ($1 after all coupons.) Pay the $1, get $1 off, and all FOUR are free!

If not, there are also .50-off-2 coupons in the 1/30 SS and 1/2 GM inserts. Buy four bags and use two coupons. Pay $4 and get $1 back, making them .75 each.


T. Marzetti vegetable dips are on sale for $1 (in the produce department.) Use the $1 coupons from 11/14/10 SS and pay NOTHING! It's FREE!

There's also a .75 coupon in December All You that will net you .25 veggie dip.

Dannon Activia Dessert yogurts are $1.88 a 4-pack. Use the $1 coupon from 1/30 SS and stack it with the .50 coupon on Meijer Mealbox. You'll pay .38!

1lb. boxes of Purina One Beyond cat food are $2.79. Use the $2 off any Purina One Cat Food coupons from 1/30 RP2 and pay .79!

Ritz Crackers are on sale for $2. Stack the $1-off-2 coupon from Meijer Mealbox with the $1-off-2 coupon from 1/30 SS or the Guy Fieri coupon book (available in stores last month.) Buy two and pay $2, or $1 a box!

Also, check for clearance Ritz. Algonquin had Honey Butter Ritz on clearance for $1.49 a box -- just .49 a box after this stack.

The Dominick's $70 Big Party Playbook has a .75-off-Ritz coupon. With two stacked with one Mealbox, buy 2 boxes of $2 Ritz and pay $1.50, or .75 a box. If you find clearanced Ritz, the same stack will cost .48 fo2 2 boxes, or .24 each!

"No Coupon Needed" Deals:

16oz. packages of Plumrose Sliced Bacon are $2.69 each - good price for bacon.

Packages of Parkay or Fleischmann's Margarine are .99 each (sticks, tubs, sprays, or squeezes.)

Meijer orange juice is $2.39 for a half-gallon carton.

Meijer Apple Juice is $1.67 for a 16oz. bottle. (I have to say, in the absence of any crazy apple juice deals [Mott's!] the Meijer store brand juice is one of the best-tasting apple juices. It is not from concentrate and made from Michigan apples... and it tastes crisp, like biting into one. Yum!)

Deals continuing from previous weeks:

The 2/13 RP has a coupon for $3 off Gain Fabric Softener coupon in the 2/13 RP. It sells for $3.99 a box. With coupon, pay .99! If you have two coupons, buy two -- you'll get a $3 Catalina, making this a nice $1.02 moneymaker with FREE Gain!

Are you a Meijer Mperks member yet? Mperks is a different set of electronic Meijer coupons. They're attached to your cellphone number, but aside from one text message to activate your account, you do not need to use text messaging to continually use them. Once you register with Meijer Mperks, you log into the Mperks website and click the electronic coupons you'd like to load to your account. Then, when you're at the checkout, type your cellphone number into the keypad at the register, and your coupons come off automatically.

Meijer meat deals:

  • Sugardale whole boneless hams are $1.19/lb.
  • Tyson fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts are $1.99/lb.
  • Fresh pork spareribs are $1.99/lb.
  • 64oz. bags of Meijer boneless skinless chicken tenders are $7.99 each - that's about $2/lb.
  • Meijer Pork Sausage (16oz. chub packs) are on sale for $2 each.
  • Always a deal: Meijer has 1lb. chub packs of ground turkey in the freezer case for around $1.59, every day, at all locations.

Meijer seafood deals:

  • 16oz. packages of Meijer Tilapia fillets are $3.50 each - a good price for these.

Meijer produce deals:

  • Red or Golden Delicious, Braeburn or Jonagold apples are .99/lb. - great price
  • 5lb. boxes of Clementines are $4.99 - that's about $1/lb.
  • 1lb. bags of baby-cut carrots are $1.25
  • Fresh asparagus or white asparagus is $1.99/lb.
  • 1lb. containers of strawberries are $2 each
  • Large pineapples are $2.99 each

Daily Steal - Noon to Noon. One Amazing Deal. One

Note that Meijers in other states are on different schedules. The Illinois Meijers are about a week behind on the sales vs. most of Indiana/Michigan. If you're in Illinois, these Meijer deals run through Wednesday. If you're reading from another state, they ENDED Saturday at your store... Confusing? Yes.

AND, if you shop at the Illinois NILES or ORLAND Meijer locations, they haven't been following the same sale flyer as the oter Illinois Meijers, under the convoluted reasoning that because the stores are newer, people will shop there -without- as many products being on sale. O-kay.

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Here are your Hilander and Kroger deals (View weekly Hilander ad | View weekly Kroger ad)...

Colgate toothpaste is FREE after a doubled coupon! Colgate is on sale for .98 a tube. Use the .50 coupon from 2/13 SS, which doubles up to .98, and your toothpaste is FREE!

Dannon Activia yogurt is on sale for $1.88 a 4-pack. Use the $1 coupon from 1/30 SS and pay .88!

Continuing this week is the Daytona "500 Double Your Savings!" instant savings/Catalina sale running at Hilander (AND all Kroger stores!)

Purchase 10 or more items from the list of participating brands (below). You'll receive $3 in instant savings AND a $3.00 Catalina! If you buy 20 or more items, you will receive an additional bonus $3 Catalina as well. This sale runs through 2/27.

Here are your products and matchups:

Banquet Frozen Chicken

Breyers Ice Cream

Best Foods Mayonnaise

Betty Crocker Brownie or Cake Mix
- .75 off cake mix AND frosting - 1/30 SS
- .50 off brownie mix - 2/13 GM

Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot
- .50 off 2 - 2/13 GM, printable, printable, printable, printable

Betty Crocker Fruit Gushers
- .50 off 2 - 2/13 GM, printable, printable, printableprintable

Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-Ups
- .50 off 2 - 2/13 GM, printable, printable, printable, printable

Betty Crocker Muffin Mix

Bounty Paper Towels
- $1 off - P&G 2011 Everyday Savings coupon book (home mailer)
- .25 off - 1/30 PG, Hilander ecoupon

Brown N' Serve

Campbell's Chunky Soup
- $1 off 2 - 1/23 SS
- .50 off 2 - 2/6 SS
- .50 off 2, $1.50 off 4, and $2 off 5 Chunky soups - printables



Chef Boyardee
- .35 off 3 - 1/2 SS1

Coca-Cola 2-liters

Coffee-Mate Creamer
- $1 off - printable
- $1 off - Facebook printable
- .75 off - printable
- $1 off 2 - 1/30 RP, December 2010 All You

Country Crock

Country Time

Crunch n' Munch
- .35 - 1/23 SS

Dial For Men Bar Soaps or Body Wash

- $2.50 off 20ct. PM or larger - 12/5/10 SS
- $1.50 off 80ct. or larger - 1/9 SS1
- $1 off - printable
- .75 off 20ct. or larger - 1/9 SS1

Finish Dishwasher Detergent
- $2.25 off - 1/2 SS2
- $1 off Quantum 10-12ct. - 1/2 SS2
- $1 off any Quantum - 1/23 SS
- .75 off any Powerball or Gel Pacs - 1/23 SS

Friskies Dry Cat Food
- $1 off - 1/16 SS


Gatorade G
- B1G1F - 1/9 RP

General Mills Cheerios
- $1 off 2 - 2/6 SS, Que Rica Vida, Primavera 2011 (GM Spanish coupon mailer), printable, printable, printable
- .75 off Cinnamon Burst Cheerios - 2/13 GM, printable, printable
- $1 off 3 - 2/13 GM

General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch
- $1 off 3 - 2/13 GM, printable

General Mills Reese's Puffs
- $1 off 3 - 2/13 GM

General Mills Trix
- $1 off 3 - 2/13 GM

Hefty One-Zip or Waste Bags
- .55 off - 1/2 RP1

Hellmann's Mayonnaise
- .25 off - 1/30 RP1

Hot Pockets and Lean Pockets

Huggies Pull-Ups
- $2 off - 1/23 SS

Kellogg's Eggo Waffles

Kelloggs Pop-Tarts
- $1 off 2 - 2/6 RP

Klondike Ice Cream


Kool-Aid Jammers

Kraft Barbecue Sauce

Kraft Easy Mac or Velveeta Cups

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese 5 pk

Kroger Coffee

Kroger Cheeses

Kroger Peanut Butter

Kroger Salad Dressing

- $1 off - 1/30 SS

- $1.50 off 2 - 1/23 RP

- $1 off 2 - ConAgra Winter $35 coupon book (Enjoy More Moments Together)
- .75 off Manwich AND Pepperidge Farm rolls or buns - printable

Marie Callender's
- $1 off Bakes - 2/6 SS
- $1 off 2 Dinners - ConAgra Winter $35 coupon book
- $1 off 2 Fresh Flavor Steamers - ConAgra Winter $35 coupon book
- $1 off 2 Homestyle Creations - ConAgra Winter $35 coupon book



Orville Redenbacher
- $1 off 2 - 1/23 SS
- $1 off 6-pack or larger - January All You, December 2010 All You

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs or Lunch Meats
- $1 off Carving Board - 1/23 SS
- $1 off 2 Deli Creations - printable

- $1.50 off 2 - 1/23 SS

- $2 off - printable

Pillsbury Grands
- .40 off - printable
- .40 off 2 - 1/2 GM, 12/12/10 SS, printable
- .30 off 2 - 1/2 GM, printable

Pillsbury Cookies
- $1 off 2 Holiday Cookies - printable, printable

- $1 off NutRition or multipacks - 1/2 SS2

Prilosec OTC
- $3 off - 1/30 PG
- $8 off 2 42ct. - 1/30 PG

Purex Detergent or Fabric Softener

Ragu Sauces
- $1 off 2 - 1/30 RP1

Reynolds Wrap
- .75 off - 1/30 SS

Rice Krispies Treats

Right Guard Total Defense 5

Ritz Crackers
- $1 off 2 - 1/30 SS

Scott Bathroom Tissue
- $1 off 8-rolls - 1/16 SS
- $2 off - printable

Scrubbing Bubbles
- $1 off 2 bathroom cleaners - 1/9 SS2

- .55 off - 1/9 SS2

Tidy Cats
- $1 off - 1/30 RP2

Tone Bar Soap or Body Wash


- .50 off 2 - printable
- .40 off 2 Pizza Rolls - 1/30 SS, printable
- .75 off 2 Party Pizzas - printable
- $1.25 off 4 Party Pizzas - printable
- .50 off 3 Party Pizzas - 1/30 SS

Tropicana Orange Juice
- $1 off 2 - 1/2 RP1



- $1 off 2 - 1/9 SS2

Yoplait Yogurt
- .50 off Yoplait Delights - 1/2 GM, printable
- .50 off Fiber One - 1/16 SS, printable
- .50 off Yo Plus - 1/16 SS, 1/2 GM, printable
- .50 off Splitz - 1/2 GM
- .50 off Yoplait Kids - printable, printable
- .75 off 2 (any) - printable
- .75 off 2 GoGurt or Trix - 1/2 GM

Right away, I'm thinking the Kool-Aid individual packets would be crazy-cheap with both deals running, depending on which varieties are included in the sale. I was not able to get to Hilander this week to get prices on all of these, but please feel free to post any other great deals you spot!

Hilander meat deals:

  • Whole fryer chickens are .98/lb
  • Tyson split chicken breasts, drumsticks or thighs are .99/lb.
  • Ground beef is $1.79/lb.
  • Pork spareribs are $1.79/lb.
  • Assorted pork chops are $1.99/lb.

Hilander produce deals:

  • Red seedless grapes are .99/lb.
  • 1lb. bags of Kroger baby carrots are $1.50 each
  • 8lb. bags of navel oranges are $4.98 - that's about $1.60/lb.
  • Red Prince apples are $1.69/lb.
  • Peaches, plums or nectarines are $1.99/lb.
  • 1lb. containers of strawberries are $2.50 each.

Remember that Hilander doubles coupons up to .55 face value every day! You are only allowed to double two of the SAME coupon per day though -- additional coupons will ring at face value. (Split your trips if you're stocking up!)

Readers outside Illinois will want to check with their local Kroger or Kroger-affiliated stores to determine how they handle coupon doubling.

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Off to Target
(View weekly ad)...

UPDATE: FREE JEANS! This deal's for us girls only (sorry guys.) Right now, Target's site has a printable coupon for $5 off any Women's Denim.

Many readers are reporting finding jeans priced at $4.98 on the clearance rack. With this coupon... they're FREE!

I also spotted a lot of $9.98 pairs that would be under $5 with the same coupon. What a deal!

Before we get to the fabulous FREE frozen food insanity this week at Target, don't you want more FREE Finish Dishwasher Detergent? Of course you do! has a brand new $1.50 off Finish Quantum dishwasher detergent. It's on sale for $2.50, so this is already a decent deal. But stack that with a $1 manufacturer coupon from 1/23 SS or 1/2 SS2 (expires 2/21!) or a printable, or another printable and pay NOTHING!

There's also a .75 coupon in the 1/23 SS that will net you more for .25 a box after the stack.



If you haven't yet used your coupon for .75 off Finish Dishwasher Detergent, what are you waiting for? It expires TODAY!

Finish Quantum is on sale for $2.50 a box. With coupon, you'll pay .25 a box!

Jet Dry deal returns, with a NEW $1.50 printable Target coupon this week!

Here's a little deal on Jet Dry dishwasher rinse agent. Jet Dry sells at Target for $2.59 a bottle. Print this $1.50 Target store coupon and stack it with this .75 manufacturer coupon. You'll pay .34 a bottle!

There's also a .40 manufacturer coupon in the 1/9 SS1 insert that will net you more bottles for .69 each after the stack. also has some good printables for their Up & Up house brand... $1 off any Up & Up cleaning product and $1 off Up and Up Healthcare. I used these to buy bottles of bleach ($1.27 = .27 after coupons) and $1 Up & Up ibuprofen = FREE!

Reader Rebecca writes that Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal is a good buy this week. On sale for $2.50, use the $1 Target printable on their site stacked with the $1 manufacturer printable on Kellogg's site. You'll pay .50 a box!

Dannon Activia Yogurt is $1.89 a 4-pack. Use the $1 coupon in the 1/30 SS and pay .77!

Now, you're going to LOVE the frozen food sale at Target this week!

Seen the ad? Buy ANY 7 frozen food items in the store and get a $5 Target gift card! Now, the ad shows some products, but keep in mind that this deal does work on ALL frozen food. So, if you're looking for super-cheap and free, go for the frozen foods that are the least expensive, like...

- .64 - Banquet Pot Pies
- .80 - Market Pantry Whipped Topping
- .89 - Banquet Frozen Fruit Pies
- .89 - Banquet Frozen Meals
- .89 - Market Pantry Burritos
- .89 - Market Pantry Frozen Juice Concentrates
- .97 - Market Pantry Ice Cream Cups
- .99 - Market Pantry Frozen Vegetables (use the $1-off-4 printable from Target's site)
- $1.00 - Tony's Pizzas (use the $1-off-2 coupon from 2/13 SS)
- 1.02 - Birds Eye Steamfresh
- $1.02 - Michelina's Frozen Entrees
- $1.05 - Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cups
- $2.24 - TGI Fridays Onion Rings (use the $4-off-2 printable from Target's site)

You MUST have over $5 worth of frozen to trigger the gift card.

A big, big thanks to MathHurts for putting together much of this fantastic list of cheapies/freebies. Of course, you can work any frozen foods in the entire freezer case into this deal!

My favorite "14 pounds of vegetables for FOUR CENTS" scenario

8 Market Pantry frozen vegetables - .99 a bag
6 Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables - $1.02 a bag.

Pre-coupon: $14.04

Use two "$1 off 4 Market Pantry vegetables" from Target's site.
Use two $1-off-3 Birds Eye Steamfresh from 1/23 SS.

Pay $10.04 and got two $5 Target gift cards back! (Tt stacks up to 3 times in the same transaction.) FOURTEEN bags for .04!

"No Coupon Needed" Deals:

Sobe Lifewater and Teas are on sale for $1 a bottle. Buy 10 and get a $5 Target gift card, which knocks these to .50 each...

Deals continuing from previous weeks:

LAST WEEK: Here's a "little" deodorant deal (and I do mean LITTLE!) The 1/30 RP1 insert has a coupon for .75 off ANY Degree men's or women's deodorant. Target sells travel sizes of each Degree variety in the trial-size section for .97 each. With coupon, pay .22!

LAST WEEK: Suave travel-size deodorants are also .97 at Target. Use the .75 coupon from 1/30 RP1 and get one of these for .22 too!

No, they're not free, but that's very cheap if you like these for traveling... or you're truly hard-up for a cheap deodorant deal... read on.

LAST WEEK: So you want a full-size deodorant cheaply? Grab your 1/30 PG insert and clip the "FREE Secret Deodorant when you buy any Olay bar or body wash" coupon. Head to the fabulous travel/trial size aisle at Target and buy an Olay travel-sized bar of soap for .97. You've now qualified for to buy a full-sized Secret deodorant FREE, so take both home for .97!

Quaker Easy Express oatmeal cups are .97 each at most Target stores. Use the $1 coupon from February All You and it's FREE! (Through 3/31.)

Target produce deals:

  • Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples are .99/lb.
  • 5lb. boxes of California Cuties Clementines are $4.99 - that's about $1/lb.

Target Notes:

Target has launched mobile Target coupons which you can load to your phone. They are Target store coupons that you can stack manufacturer coupons with. Load coupons here. You can also print these offers by going to and entering your phone number.

Remember too that you get .05 off your total at Target for each reusable bag you bring and use. If you pay with the Target credit card, you receive another 5% off.

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Drugstore Deals

Heading to Walgreens (View weekly ad)...

Dove deodorant is FREE after a coupon stack! It's on sale for $1.99 with the store coupon in this week's Walgreens ad. Stack that with the $2 manufacturer coupon from 1/30 RP and pay... nothing! It's FREE!

Rephresh Brilliant Tampons (come on, ladies, haven't you always wanted a "brilliant" tampon?!) are on sale for $5.99 a package. Buy them and receive $5 back in Register Rewards! Use this $1 printable, pay $4.99 and get $5 back. FREE!

If you haven't used the $1 Gain Dish Detergent coupons in the 2011 P&G Everyday Savings coupon book (home mailer), grab them and head to Walgreens this week... Gain dish detergent is .99 a bottle with the coupon in the weekly flyer. Stack it with the three $1 coupons in the book, and you'll get THREE free bottles of Gain!

Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics are on sale for $2.99 with $2 back in Register Rewards. However, many people are reporting that some styles are on clearance for .87-.99 AND generating the RR! If you find them, they're a moneymaker.

Need a Pampers Deal? Reader MomWifeNurse posted a nice one here in our Forum that will net you a jumbo pack of Pampers diapers for $2.25!

"No Coupon Needed" deals:

Walgreens 250ct. napkins are $1.50.

Deals continuing from previous weeks:

If you're really in need of a razor (I say this because we often see these cheaper/free) Gillette Fusion ProGlide razors are on sale for $9.99 each, with $4 back in Register Rewards. Use the $4 coupon from the 1/30 PG, pay $5.99 and get $4 back, making the razor $1.99 after all discounts.

Coupon booklets currently found at Walgreens

Walgreens Infant Care - has a $2 coupon inside for Walgreens brand diapers, which often go on sale. All expire 12/2011.

Vitamins and Supplements - $40 in Walgreens store coupons for vitamins and supplements. All expire 4/30/11.

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And finally, over at CVS (View weekly ad)...

Eos Lip Balm is on sale for $2.99. Buy it and get $2.99 back in Extra Care Bucks, making this FREE!

Gold Emblem Jelly Beans are free after an ECB deal too. They're on sale for .99 a bag. Buy them and get .99 back in ECBs, making them FREE. (And hide them away for your kids' Easter basket, along with our next freebie...)

Cadbury Creme Egg or Cadbury Mini Eggs are .75 each. Buy one and get .75 back in ECBs, making this FREE too!

Colgate toothpaste is on sale for $2.99. Buy it and get $2 back in ECBs! Use the .50 coupon from 2/13 SS, pay $2.49 and get $2 back - making this just .49 a tube!

Need a laundry detergent deal? Purex 3-in-1 20-load detergent/softener sheets are on sale for $3.99. Use the $3 coupon from 2/20 RP and pay .99!

Prefer liquid detergent? Purex 24-32-load laundry detergent is on sale for $1.99. Use the $1 coupon from 2/20 RP and pay $1!

CVS Tip: Remember to always scan your CVS card at the Coupon Center scanner in the store -- it prints bonus coupons for you!

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FREE coupons that are still current:

2/6 RP1 - FREE Marcal Small Steps Paper Towel, Bath Tissue or Facial Tissues (single roll/box, exp. 3/20/11) [Where to purchase Marcal]

P&G $110 Everyday Savings coupon mailer - 3 coupons for $1 off ANY size Tide. Target, Dominick's, Meijer, and Wal-Mart sell single-load travel-size Tides for under $1 (exp. 2/28/11, 4/30/11, 6/30/11)

P&G $110 Everyday Savings coupon mailer - 3 coupons for $1 off Gain Dish Detergent. Wal-Mart sells Gain for .97 (exp. 2/28/11, 4/30/11, 6/30/11)


FREE Country Bob's All-Purpose Sauce

FREE Palermo Classics Pizza:
Crystal Lake, IL area and Wisconsin shoppers only: Open Pantry food marts are offering a free Palermo Classics pizza when you register for their free Ring Thing keychain. The Crystal Lake, IL Open Pantry mart is inside the Shell at Rt. 14 and Rt. 31.


FREE cup of Yoplait yogurt

FREE box of Kleenex tissues. The catch? You have to send it to someone else!

FREE Nursery Water reusable shopping bag - 100 per day.


$30 Home Made Simple "Organize In Style" coupon book - has nice, high-value P&G coupons

Que Rica Vida - Spanish coupon magazine from General Mills - mailed quarterly throughout the year


The following networks regularly send product samples and high-value coupons to your home for you to use and share. Each network may ask you for online feedback on their products via surveys or messageboards too.


General Mills' Pssst

Kraft First Taste

Frito-Lay Snacks

Pop-Tarts Sprinklings

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As always, these deals are guidelines for shopping. I can make no guarantee that these items will be on sale, in stock, or available at your area store. I can also not guarantee your Catalinas will print, your cashier will smile at you while you check out, or that your shopping cart won't have a broken wheel. But I CAN teach you how to save money :)

And, also, as always, a huge thanks to the many readers who posted and emailed deals that made it into today's Deals of the Week! We're all in this together, and I sincerely appreciate everyone who spots and passes along good deals that we can all enjoy :) Thank you... to YOU!


* (All You magazine is not a requirement for using the site, but if you like coupons, you will probably really enjoy it. It's a cheap ($2.49 an issue) magazine that is absolutely filled with coupons each month -- typically $50-$100 worth per issue! You can subscribe to All You online and save about $10/year off the cover price. And depending on the values, if you use 2 or 3 coupons alone from each issue, you've recouped the cost of the magazine, and you're on your way to even bigger savings.)


Do you like these deals? Want to learn how to get deals like this on almost EVERYTHING that you buy? Attend one of my Super-Couponing® classes and learn all the tricks of the trade -- or OWN the 72-minute class on DVD and learn in the comfort of your home, at your pace! You'll be slashing your bills in no time!

You do not need another item

You do not need another item for this scenario, unless you want to use a Register Reward to pay for it also. Then the only one manufacter coupon per item would apply. But in this case you have 1 man and 1 store coupon, so only 1 item is needed.

sorry that was in response to

sorry that was in response to the wags whitestrip question below...somehow it got in the wrong spot

Target - Krunchy nut cereal money maker

The Target on Route 83 and 75th (Darien/Willowbrook?) has the Kellogs cereal and many of the boxes say "try for free". So you can pay 50 cents and send in the rebate and get $2.99 back!

Check the date

My four boxes had those on the back as well. Unfortunately needed to be received by 2/14/11. Diassappointed I couldn't send in for the try me free.


Companies often extend those types of rebates.

Target $4/2 Friday's coupon

Is the coupon from the website for appetizers or just the stir-fry bags? I have one $4/2 but it doesn't mention the appetizers.

There were 2 coupons

an older $4/2 skillet meals that expires 2/26 and a more current $4/2 appetizers that expires 3/26

walgreens crest whitestrips

does anyone know if you can use a $10.00 manufactures coupon from 2-13 rp, with the coupon for $10.00 off in walgreens sale ad. it doesn't say store coupon it just say's good only at walgreens?thanks so much.

wags whitestrips

yes, you can use both. RP is manufacturers & in Wags flyer its a store coupon. you will have to get one more item, 2 coupons must have 2 items. (they have .69 candy or .99 gum???) I've even grabbed a paper for an extra item,anything cheap!



Target Finish/Jet Dry

I feel like I should know the answer to this but don't. For the coupons for the Finish and Jet Dry at Target, the web coupon says one coupon or offer per transaction. Does that mean that I can't purchase multiply quantities of these products using multiple web coupons, i.e. I can only use one web coupon per transaction? I'd like to stock up on both the Finish and the Jet Dry, but would certainly rather not make multiple trips to Target. Thanks!

Per transaction

Because the coupons are per transaction, the correct way to use them is to split your orders up on the belt and use one of each per transaction. You don't have to make multiple trips into and out of the store to accomplish that :)

That said, many Target cashiers are very lax about enforcing the one-per-transaction. If your cashier's fine with it, they may let you do them all at once. The register will accept it, but again -- based on the terms of the coupon, I always offer to split them up.

Coupon Question

I am new to couponing and I am confused about stacking coupons. I have a couple manufacture coupons that give me $3/10 and $5/12 and a few $1/1. If I buy 12 items can I use all these coupons? Please let me know-Thanks!


You can never use more than one manufacturer coupon on the same item.

With a $3-off-10, a $5-off-12, and some $1 off 1s, you would need to buy:

10 for the $3 coupon
Another 12 for the $5 coupon
And, another one for every $1 coupon you have.

"Stacking" refers to using one STORE and one MANUFACTURER coupon together on the same product, not using multiple manufacturer coupons on the same products -- which the register won't allow as it is improper usage.

All of this is explained in my Super-Couponing workshops, most of which are free to attend :) If you're in the area, truly, you can learn to do this in an hour versus trying to figure it all out on your own.

Okay that makes more sense!

Okay that makes more sense! Thanks for clearing that up!

Spring Cleaning

Just hit Jewel and Target on Monday. Both were doing some major cleaning and date checking on their frozens. Just wanted to add this....Please don't comment on this or expound since I don't want to tie up Jill's blog. Thanks!

Natures Farm Milk

At Jewel they have 1/2 gallon Natures Farm on sale 2 for $5.00. Near the milk are $2.00 off coupons = .50 cents for milk.

I always only find the $1.00 off coupons : (


Which location

Need to know which Jewel as I have checked Crystal Lake and no Qs. Also, Lake In The Hills doesn't carry that brand as of yet.

Natures Farm Milk

They have it at the Orland Park 159th Street Jewel.

Where is it located?

Could you tell me near which products you found it? Thanks in Advanced!

Natures Farm Milk located

near the organic products section

Haven't seen those Qs in a while...

I haven't seen the Qs in a while, they had them taped to the milk at one point and then a tear pad was right by the milk for a while, this milk is in the organic section at my Jewel away from the others... not sure if that helps the one that said they didn't have it, it may be in another area... ??

Deal appears and reappears :)

The Nature's Farm milk has been a good deal off and on since around December. It's a tough one to blog because you never know which stores are going to have the coupons on display, and whether they're the $1 or the $2 coupons. But yes, if you can find them -- a great buy.

Log Cabin Coupons at Meijer

Stopped at Meijer yesterday to get (2) Gain, (2) Log Cabin Syrup and (4) Chex Mix. Paid for the Gain first, so I could use the $3 OYNO for my other items. So on my second order (which included some non-coupon items), I gave the cashier my coupons: (2) $1 mfr for Syrup, plus Mealbox $1/2 Syrup, and (4) $1 Chex Mix (from Dom's Party Book)...She scanned the Mealbox Syrup coupon and tried to scan the $1 mfr syrup coupon and said it wouldn't work 'cause I already used the $1/2 Mealbox coupon...I explained that $1/2 was a store coupon and the other (2) $1 were mfr coupons and I should be able to use both. After some discussion, she decided she would call someone to ask. While we waited, I gave her my (4) $1 Chex Mix coupons, so she could get those scanned through. Without trying to scan them, she said they would not work, 'cause I had (4) coupons and I said I have (4) bags of Chex Mix. I asked her to try the Chex Mix coupons anyway and to her surprise all (4) coupons were accepted. She finally talked to someone about my Syrup coupons and they told her to push them through. The cashier was nice about it, but also made a comment that cashier's are reprommanded if they "push" through too many coupons. So, did I goof with the number of coupons I had?? Thanks.

You were fine.

I had someone else write and say that only one variety of Log Cabin is working for those coupons, but I don't know which it is. You were fine.

Thanks...I thought I was OK,

but wanted to be sure. Thank you!

Ultra ad has Dove coupon to combine with Wags deal

The print on the coupon is HIDEOUSLY small, but you can get a free Dove or Degree body mist when you buy any Dove or Degree anti-perspirant/Deodorant, 2.6 oz or larger. Value is up to $2.99, and coupon expires 3/2/11.

If I'm reading this correctly, take the Wags $1.99 coupon, use it with the $2 manufacturer's coupon from 1/30 RP, and this coupon, and just pay tax for both the deodorant and body mist. I'm going to try it out and will post if it works.

Tuesday updates to Meijer deals

I found some more Meijer deals that I added today to the writeup above (under TUESDAY deals:)

Free T. Marzetti dips
.38 Dannon Activia 4-packs
.79 Purina One Beyond cat food
.49-$1 boxes of Ritz

I also added some info about the Philly Cooking Cream sauces -- if you have a Kraft First Taste account, log in for a free coupon or $1.50 coupon.


There's also a $.75 off coupon for Ritz crackers in the Joy of Football, combined with the MMB and you have $.75 Ritz crackers or cheaper if you find those on clearance. Picked up 2 boxes last night. Meijer also has Ronzoni pasta onsale for $1, and I also spotted ziploc bags or containers, buy 3 get $2. They have some ziploc bags 2/$3 that have peelies on them for $1 off 2. Pay $3.50 get back $2, so $.50 each box of ziploc bags. Oh, and Hefty plates are 2/$4. There's also a coupon for $1 in The Joy of Football, making them $1 each.

That's right!

Can't believe I forgot that there was a better coupon in the Dominick's book. Well, cheap crackers all around :)


at dominick's: Dannon Activia Yogurt is $1.77 a 4-pack, limit 3, with Super Coupon. Use the $1 coupon in the 1/30 SS and pay .77!

the coupon appears to be for the "dessert" I missing something?

Dessert flavors

Activia yogurt comes in regular fruit flavors and "dessert" flavors, like vanilla and cheesecake.

Went today....

the 1/30 coupon states "dessert" so the cashier would not let me use the coupons on the regular "non-dessert" activia. Is this correct?


you always have to buy what it says on the coupon but the picture doesn't have to match the picture on the coupon. There are 4 or 5 different flavors that are dessert like cheese cake and vanilla and peach cobbeler.

You would need to buy the "dessert" flavors

I went yesterday and bought four 4-packs of Vanilla Bean, which is a "dessert" flavor, and used four $1 Activia Dessert coupons - but yes, you will need to buy what is specified on the coupon to use it.

has anyone tried to buy

has anyone tried to buy popsickles at Target

Food 4 Less Stores

I live in Joliet near a Food 4 Less store. Their generics are Kroger brand. Does anyone know if the catalinas associated with the Kroger stores also include Food 4 Less?

I shop at the Evanston Food4Less

and a lot of the Catalinas line up. The last one I did was the Ice Mountain Water (I'm a track coach and I go through that like, well...water!). It worked no problem except the last time the Catalina machine was offline. The manager gave my a $5 gift card which worked fine for me. I get Catalinas when I buy products all the time. Their Catalina machines are hidden to the left of the cash registers so it's hard to see if the machine is on or not. Just ask before they start scanning your stuff. :)

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits

Jewel has these for $1 each until Feb 27 plus there are dispenser coupons near them for $0.75 off three cans= 75 cents per can.

Target Opti Free Deal

Hi Guys! I'm a coupon newbie and found what I think is a good deal.

Target is selling a 2 pack of Opti Free contact lens cleaner for $10 (that's almost half off right there!). Plus $1 off Target coupon and $1 off printable smartsource coupon, it ends up being $8 for a 2pk, or $4 each! I have never gotten contact lens solution so cheap!


There is $4 off 1 twin pack in the 1/16 S. If you combine that with the $1 Target coupon you should be down to $5 for the twin pack!

I think that is GREAT for

I think that is GREAT for Opti Free! That is about the cheapest I have gotten it at Walgreens and I have been couponing for over a year and have been specifically looking out for Opti-Free. I have seen Complete go on for free before, but I don't think it's as good as Opti-Free.


Watch CVS and Walgreens. Contact lens solution is free often. :) If you need it, that's not a bad price, but free is definitely the best price for lens solution. And I'm not trying to burst your bubble, being new -- but I have quite a few bottles in our stockpile of Complete and Opti for my husband -- all were free at CVS during past deals. Watch those drugstores :)

Walgreen Dove would not take coupon on the purchase of two

I just left Walgreens with the store coupon and the 1/30rp coupon in hand I checked out with three Dove Deoderants.The clerk told me after several attempts to scan the coupon that I could only use one manufacturers coupon with their coupon because it would not bring my total down past 0. Since the deodorant was 1.99 I couldnt use more than one coupon.

It is easier to hand over the manu Qs first then, walgreens Qs

which will adjust down on their own, I believe. If the wal Q is handed first - or the employee sees it and wants that first - the manu Q will beep if it is for more than the value of the item.

So, better hide the wal Q until the other one went through.

I have also noticed that

it is always best to have them scan the manufacturer then the Wags coupon. For some reason, even when the total would not be below zero, scanning the Wag's coupon first always screws it up and you get that annoying "beep."

Walgreens Dove coupon.

I had the same problem with 3 dove coupons.... and after 15 minutes the manager adjust the coupons to 1.99 vs 2.00. So I paid .45 for three (tax).

$2 Dove coupon in 1/30RP???

Has anyone been able to find the $2 Dove coupon in the 1/30RP? I have 3 inserts and can't find it in any of them.


Make sure you're looking in

Make sure you're looking in the right red plum, there were 2 that week. It's in the one with the football and snacks on the cover, not the one featuring DiGiorno.