How to know when it's time to recycle expired inserts

Many people have been writing and asking a simple question -- how do you know when everything inside a coupon insert is expired?

There's never been a better time to be a coupon shopper, as there's a coupon tool online for just about everything.

Here's a great link for determining what you need to keep and what you don't -- CouponTom's Current Inserts. (Note that this link also shows which issues of All You magazine have unexpired coupons inside too, if your coupon arsenal also consists of a subscription to All You.)

Browse to that page and look at the green box on the left. If an insert's name and date appears in the list, it has unexpired coupons inside. If it doesn't, everything inside is expired, and it's safe to get rid of it.

(Click the box to see the entire list -- I'm showing only a sample portion of it.)

You can also click the date/name abbreviation for that insert to see an entire list of the coupons the insert contains, as well as which ones are still unexpired.

What to do with expired coupons (other than recycle them):

If you would like to help military families living overseas, the Overseas Coupon Project is a great way to help them save money. Military families living on U.S. bases outside of the country can use expired manufacturer coupons up to six months after the date. Because it does take time to ship and sort the coupons once they're received, they ask that you not send coupons that are more than two or three months past their expiration dates. They also do not want whole inserts -- they want clipped coupons sorted into two groups: grocery, and non-grocery.


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Thank you for another fantastic posting. Where else could anyone get that kind of information?

Purging expired coupons - COUPON CLEANOUT

I use coupon cleanout. i think it's a little easier than coupon toms. just select your state and it lists all the inserts safe to toss.
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SOOOOO THANKFUL that you posted this!!!! after the Dominicks debackle I have almost a years worth of inserts to get rid of....this is a great thing as we will be moving in a 5 months and moving those would have been a pain in the keester....Thank you for all you do Jill to keep us all informed

$70 Dominicks coupon booklet

There is a .75 cents off one for Bays English Muffins that does not have an expiration date. Should I toss this coupon or is it still valid?

No Expiration Date

Store or manufacturer?

IF it is a manufacturer coupon, it is still good. If it is a store coupon, it's hard to say. I don't think Dominick's issues store coupons without expiration dates. Which book is that in?

Over $70 in savings Dominick's coupon book

The Bays english muffins coupon is in the "over $70 in savings" coupon book from Dominicks. The cover is light blue and says "50 coupons to save on frozen, dairy and refrigerated items!". The lower half of the cover is a photo of the products with coupons in the book. It's from Fall 2010.

The strange thing is the coupon doesn't say manufacturer's or store coupon on it.

Looking at it now - thanks for the info.

From the bar code, it's definitely a manufacturer coupon. Very strange that it doesn't have a date on it, but it should still be fine (at any store) unless an expiration date is coded into the GS1 Barcode. The only way to know that though, unfortunately, would be just to try it.

$70 coupon book from Dominicks

Thanks for finding the coupon and letting me know your thoughts. I'll cut them out and keep them in my coupon binder and toss the rest of the coupon booklet.


Thanks, this is very helpful.


This is really helpful!


Thanks Jill for caring for others while teaching about Super Couponing (that's what sets you appart). I checked out the site and I will be sending a shipment early next week.

To your readers, please continue to support Food Pantries around your area. There is so much people in need. If you are already stacked up for toothpaste (for example), but it is again on sale and you are paying less than $0.50, consider buying it and donating it to the Pantry (yes, they take personal care items as well, at least the one I used to volunteer). If you do not have a pet (dog or cat) and there is a nice deal posted on Jill's site, consider buying and donating to the shelters. One person can make a little difference.

I cannot open Coupon Tom or Mashup Mom

I always get this message:

Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site

Operation Aborted

I did a search online and found this:

This error can be attributed to any website you are trying to load has poorly written webpages that use JavaScript to modify the content before everything between the body tags has been loaded or to a add-on that tries to do that same.

Any suggestions?


Security settings? Or... switch browser

If you have your security settings too high in IE, you might get that error. Or, switch to Firefox (free browser) - it's a lot easier to use & faster loading too.

What timing!

Thanks, Jill. Your timing is perfect, I have been going through coupons, Dominick's/Store books, etc. and weeding out expired. I have to say it is the only good thing that has come out of the Dominck's feasco...while I will miss the expired coupon deals it is really cathartic to shed all those old coupons/books and inserts. You migh say a "tummy tuck" of my coupon physcial database...just kidding :)

Edited to add:

I meant to add... I shop at Ultra Foods sometimes and they take up to 30 day expired. Is there a way on Coupontom or anywhere else to list inserts with 30 days and current? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Log into Coupon Tom (you can create a free account) and set your preferences to show current, plus 30 days' expired. :)