2012 Jewel-Osco Freezer Deal begins Sunday, February 5th!

If you've ever thought about getting that second freezer (which many Super-Couponers find invaluable for stocking up on meats, frozen vegetables, and other frozen foods) start thinking about hitting Jewel-Osco for their annual Freezer Deal! Jewel-Osco confirmed on their Facebook wall that the freezers will be on sale Sunday!

In years past, the freezer has been a 5.3 cubic foot Igloo brand. This year, it will sell for $159, with $159 worth of FREE product coupons coming back to you when you buy the freezer. (frozen foods and other food items, as well as some non-food grocery items too.) Blogger Chris over at Deranged.me has done her homework and gotten a copy of the list of coupons included with this year's deal. The coupons expire on June 30th, 2012. To maximize your savings, hold onto them as long as possible, matching as many of them as you can to Buy One, Get One Free sales in the store -- then, you'll take two home free instead of one!

So... get ready to hit the store this weekend if you've been thinking about getting a chest freezer to hold your expanding frozen-food stockpile!

Last year, longtime reader "Your Jewel Cashier" (who, yes, is a Jewel cashier) sent a great list of tips for freezer day to share with readers planning on adding a freezer to the family...


Your Jewel card is required to make the purchase.
Each store will have approx 50 freezers to sell (bigger stores will have slightly more)

The ad will clearly state-
Limit one freezer purchase per customer
Limit one MFR coupon and one STORE coupon may be used toward freezer purchased.
[Note from Jill: The store coupon being referred to here would be in the instance that a shopper has a "$10-off-$100" coupon from a mailer.]


As always, freezers SHOULD NOT be loaded on their backs for transporting purposes, they should be kept upright at all times.

Please remind readers to not bring their HONDA CIVIC or FORD FUSION to buy the freezer and then expect the 17-year-old bag boy to fit that square peg in a round hole?!?!?!?!

(Laugh all you want, but this happens numerous times in every store every single year! And then the customer insists that it will fit if you take it out of the box, then it gets scratched up, or the car does, and the customer gets mad at us! Borrow a truck, guys! You should see it, it's like a clown car experiment gone wrong!)

The freezer must be plugged in and LEFT ALONE empty for 24 hours to regulate its internal temperature before attempting to fill it.

This is another interesting phenomenon we watch every year. The customers that buy the freezer and 100% of the food all in the same day at the same time never read the owners manual, which clearly states you can't fill it until it's been plugged in for 24 hours (at least that's what mine said when I bought it 3 years ago.)

Now we all know they aren't going to fit that food in the overhead freezer of their refrigerator, and sure enough, they either call back a day or two later and complain that their freezer isn't working and the ice cream is soft. Or a month later they are returning food saying it's freezer burned like it had frozen, thawed, and then froze again. And I want to say, "YES! That's why the freezer came with instructions!"

One final personal note to those purchasing the freezers this year:

I know most of us couponers are used to going through self check out when doing "deals". But if I may, PLEASE if you are getting all, or even half of the free items in one order, please, please, please:

1) go through a traditional lane
2) give the cashier your Jewel card and your coupons FIRST before starting your order. You have no idea how much stress and time this saves EVERYONE involved. EVERY SINGLE ONE of those free coupons is set to "beep" with a price prompt, meaning if the cashier gets your coupons at the end of the order they will have to look up every one of your free items on your receipt one by one to find the price. IF the items are on sale with the Jewel card they will have to manually do the math to see the sale price and then manually key in that price as well as write it on the coupon for accounting purposes.

If you give them the coupons first, they can go through and write down the prices as the items scan which eliminates all the time and effort of having to look each price up. This generally eliminates most all mistakes, the need for manager intervention, and about 10 minutes off your check out time.

If you have any additional questions about the freezers, you may enjoy reading last year's freezer discussions, where you'll find many other answers (a lot of the same questions get asked each year!)

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Official 2012 Jewel Freezer Deal B1G1F Coupon Matchups?

Is there a forum for the Official 2012 Jewel Freezer Deal B1G1F Coupon Matchups? I haven't noticed much talk about it since the matchup to the waffles/pancakes....

Freezers okay for a high-rise building?

Does anyone own or know someone who does own a freezer (of any kind actually) that lives in an apartment/condo building? Is it okay to put in an apartment?

I believe you're still supposed to pay tax even on FREE Items

Isn't there a blurb that states customer is responsible for paying tax or something similar. So, even separating them out, the tax is still calculated on the purchase price of the item.

Actually no

In Illinois, customers do NOT pay sales tax on items that you have a free coupon for - that's the law, and it's in Jewel's coupon policy too.

But you have to pay

But you have to pay separately. If it is together, they can't do it.

Note stapled to coupon book

asks you to put the freezer coupon items first and to hand them the coupons first.

Free Delivery!!

The Batavia Jewel is delivering the freezers to your home for FREE!!! (CS said some other stores might be doing this too)

My son and I were at the De

My son and I were at the De Kalb store at 545am and the first ones in as they only has 12 freezers and I did not get one last year. I was so excited that they gave me the 15% off for my college ID and I was able to use the $6 off $60 coupon I had gotten in the mail. I got my $172 freezer including tax for $142 out the door!! I can't wait to start using my coupons but am trying to hold off for those buy one get one offers to make my savings even bigger!!


Bought mine in 2009. It lasted till Sept 2011.I was so upset, lost all the stuff in it. And when you try to contact customer service, you will find no one to talk to. I am still trying to send emails or get any info. Freezer went to garbage a few months ago. Very upseting.


2009 models must have been lemons. Sucks. But honestly, we just bought an upright one and it's AWESOME to be able to see all my stuff. I love the storage in the door and the ability to put all the small stuff in there.

How long...

Do they normally sell these for? Until they are out or a certain time frame?

list of free products

For a complete list of the FREE products go to https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/pages/Easy-Couponing/122960741155197

I just got mine!!

Paid $159.99 plus $200 coupon book with over $160 in free products :)

In my ad today, they are

In my ad today, they are selling for $159.99 and coming with a $200 book of coupons, of which $160 are for free items.

Is it $159.?

I thought I read elsewhere they were $169. this year

Looking right at the flyer

and the price is $159.99. No list of coupons but the photo shows the following products:

Ocean Spray jellied Cranberry sauce
A-1 Steak Sauce
Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce
ICE water (I think it's water)
Oat revolution Instant oatmeal
Eggo Homestyle waffles
Banquet frozen pie
Sunkist 2-liter
DiGiorno pizza
Langers juice
Woolite laundry detergent
Palmolive dishsoap

It does say that there are over $200 worth of coupons and $160 of that $200 is for free product.

Frost free?

Hi, does anyone know if this model is frost free or not? I looked through the old postings and tried to find out online, but can't find the answer. Thanks

It is not

It is NOT a frost-free. But that is a good thing for the food. For long-term food storage, you may not want a frost-free. Manual defrost freezers keep things frozen much longer than a frost-free. Especially for things like meats and ice cream, which are affected by the constant warming/cooling cycles of a frost free -- you can deep-freeze these items much longer.

(Remember, a frost-free keeps itself free of frost by sending warm air periodically around the inside perimeter of the freezer -- which is tough on meats and causes freezer burn. It also causes ice cream to grow those "crystals" on top.) I have frozen ice cream at the bottom of my freezer for over a year, and it was perfect when I opened it up.

I've had my freezer '08 and I have NEVER defrosted it yet. It's always full of stuff and I don't think it has much opportunity to grow frost. :)


thanks for the info. i'm going to jewel to get my freezer!

Just a note on paying for

Just a note on paying for free items:
Pay for them separate from your regular order, then the cashier can take out tax, so the items are completely free.
If you pay for everything together, they can't do that, and you'll pay tax on everything, even free items.


Mine stopped working a few days ago. If any handy person out there would like to take it and try to fix it, contact me. It's free--just come and get it. I live in Woodridge. Otherwise, I'll be putting it on craigslist on Monday.

they were selling them friday

they were selling them friday in oak forest

Bumping up

2012 Freezer Info :)

i was at the orland park

i was at the orland park store on 159th st last night and they had them in the front of the store on the osco side. i didnt have time to go to the display to see the details but they are there.

If you have to tip it

- like to get it down stairs, you have to leave it upright and UNPLUGGED for 24 hours.