Jewel-Osco new coupon policy goes into effect on July 1st - here's what you need to know

Download a copy of Jewel-Osco's new coupon policy

Jewel sent over a newer copy of their revised coupon policy in progress, which takes effect July 1st, 2012.

Of note:

  • Cents off Coupons ‐ will be accepted for the full face value on a “cents off” coupon provided the customer has other purchases against which to credit the additional amount. Coupon deductions may not exceed the total amount of purchase ‐ no cash back may be given.
  • A cents off coupon may be used with a B1G1Free coupon, redeemable on the purchased item
  • Catalina Manufacturer Coupons with the verbiage “Redeemable only at” [a competitor]) CANNOT be redeemed at Jewel‐Osco or any SUPERVALU location
  • Competitor’s Store coupon: The following will be redeemed as a Store Coupon:
    • Competitor ‘Own Brand’ merchandise Store Coupon on exact size and type of Jewel‐Osco ‘Own Brand’ merchandise, at the face value of the coupon, within the valid dates of that coupon.
    • Competitor Minimum Purchase Store Coupon at the face value of the store coupon must have a minimum purchase that exceeds the value of the coupon, within the valid dates of the coupon.
    • List of Competitor ‘Own Brand’ and ‘Minimum Purchase Required’ Coupons honored: Dominick’s, Food 4 Less, Walmart, Target, Mariano’s, Caputo’s, Tony’s, Woodman’s, Walgreen’s, CVS.
  • Coupons may be redeemed in a LINK transaction however customers are responsible for all taxes on coupon value

Note that the stipulation about "redeemable only at [Retailer]" applies only to Catalina coupons, not general manufacturer coupons.

Download a copy of Jewel-Osco's new coupon policy

Thanks Jill (smarter cpn software)

BTW, Jill thanks for getting back to me the last couple of times. It's such a pain to have to log into every site that I go to that I just don't comment sometimes bc there's just more work. I still appreciate your time responding even though I don't always get to say thanks right away. Today printing out the Hershey Simple Pleasures coupons was a lot of work. You were only allowed to print one cpn per facebook acct. So I did one on my wife's and could only print one. It appears the software is able to determine you already printed one and would not let you reload the cpn. So I used my facebook acct to print another cpn and after I signed the agreement I couldn't print the cpn bc the software recognized my PC from previously printing the cpn. I then logged into my facebook acct from a separate pc and was able to print the cpn from my facebook acct bc I already accepted the agreement. This was a let down bc I hadn't printed one under my acct. I had to actually make a new facebook acct just to print a cpn. LOL. What a pain in the elbow. I just thought I'd point this out so other people can learn from what I had today without the frustration. I'm used to being able to printing 2 cpns out per pc.


But the verbiage does not say Redeemable ONLY at Walgreens. I thought we wer okay on those.

Almost all of them do now

If they say "Redeemable at Walgreens" but not "Redeemable ONLY at Walgreens," then yes, you can still use them. But in my experience, only the P&G RRs are printing without the "ONLY" wording.

I have a question about RRs

Does this mean that I can no longer redeem Walgreens Register Rewards at Jewel?


Bummer, eh???


Yesterday was the last day to use them. I posted the first notice of this back on May 22nd -- tried to give you guys as much notice as possible..!

RR's potentially work.

Ok so I used a RR on 6/30 at 2300 hours and the head cashier informed me that the policy was changing at 0000 hours and I would no longer be able to use them. I understood bc I had previously read it on your site. I still want to challenge this ruling bc the RR's state "Redeemable at Wags" and not "ONLY" in the verbage. This means that these manufac cpns should still work. I read on another site that people had tried to use them. In one case the cashier forced it and in the other case the cashier was afraid to accept it. It seems as though this battle is not over because there has already been a case where it has worked. Just bc a cpn doesn't scan doesn't mean it's acceptable. About 70% of my freezer cpns didn't scan and had to be manually forced. Holding on to the hope, Tim lol!

I have a question about RRs

Thanks!! good to know, thanks so much for keeping us up on the latest. Even if it's NOT what I'd like to hear. I can still use them at Dominicks :)

My Dominick's hasn't taken

My Dominick's hasn't taken them in months and months. I think you can only use them at Wags now.


Would CVS take them?


No, they don't.

I have another question

Even though that the manufacturer's coupon from Brown's County Market weekly ad for the Coke doesn't say redeemable only at Brown's, will Jewel still accept that coupon after July 1st since the coupon expires July 7th? You will be able see the ad at to see the coupon too.

I'm not sure I understand

The coupon is just a regular manufacturer coupon - why wouldn't Jewel accept it? It's valid until July 7th.

After reading...

I'm a little confused-I hope you can clarify. In the RESTRICTIONS section, it is stated that an 'internet coupon for free product offers which do not require a qualifying purchase' cannot be accepted. Sometimes FACEBOOK will put a 'free item' q out there for FB followers to use-are these NOT acceptable at Jewel? Do it also mean man q's (like direct mail, etc.) for a 'free item' will not be honored if we are not required to purchase something? It is also confusing because further down in the policy, it refers to 'Illinois Stores' and that customers are NOT required to pay tax on 'unconditional' free coupons-if they don't accept them, why would they even mention that?

Mixing up FREE and internet-printable free

That clause hasn't changed with the new policy - it's always been there. Jewel will NOT accept a free, internet-printable (print at home) coupon for a product. A printable FREE coupon for "1 FREE package of Chiquita Fruit Bites" will NOT be accepted. If it is an internet printable that REQUIRES a purchase, like "Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Chiquita Fruit Bites," it will be accepted.

Jewel does and continues to accept FREE product coupons that are NOT printables - the kind you find in inserts or get via direct mail. It ONLY applies to printable FREE coupons, because there are so many fake ones out there.

Okay-I think I understand...

thanks for the explanantion! :)

Thanks, Jill!

Good info to have with 7/1 being so close.