I guess no free Easter candy from Fannie Mae this year <sniff>

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I haven't seen any of those $10/$10 coupons this year ;-)

In fact, I haven't seen ANY Fannie Mae coupons for Easter. How odd.

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Fannie May

Try the outlet in Melrose Park. You can sometimes get some really good deals there. I bought my husband a box of meltaways there for Valentine's Day for $5. My mom goes there for the holidays and gets a large tray of Pixie (not sure how many pounds) for $20.

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Fannie Mae deals

Last year I got some really nice free Easter candy. This year the coupons they did have were pathetic. I think our days of Fannie Mae deals are over for good. Such a shame!

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We did pretty well with the

We did pretty well with the Christmas coupons. We still had candy left after Valentine's Day!

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There was one in Sunday's

There was one in Sunday's Tribune paper - Smart Source - coupon is for 30% off 1 lb box of cream eggs. There was also one a couple of weeks ago for $10 off purchase of 20 or more.