What's this? MORE freezer deals?

Just as we're swinging into Frozen Food Month and enjoying great stock-up prices on frozen... has freezer envy set in? Wish you bought one at Jewel last month but didn't? Or did you buy one, fill it, and decide you could really use another?

Both Ultra Foods and Strack and Van Til surprised us all today when they announced their OWN freezer deals! These are very similar to Jewel's deal, and here's the scoop:

Beginning March 4, 2010: Purchase a Haier freezer for $149.99 and we will fill it with free coupons valued at $150, and an additional $30 in money-saving coupons. Limit 1 total per customer. 5.3 cu ft capacity holds approximately 185.5 lbs of frozen food. Vinyl coated wire basket. Easy access defrost drain. While supplies last. No rainchecks. (More freezer specs here.)

This is the first time Ultra and Strack have jumped into the freezer-deal game, but it sounds like an excellent buy! No word yet on whether these are manufacturer coupons, but the products in the ads are similar to those offered during Jewel's deal:

  • Edy's Dibs
  • Kraft Bagelfuls
  • Gorton's Grilled Fillets
  • Home Run Inn pizza
  • Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches
  • Jose Ole Chimichanga
  • Old Orchard frozen juice concentrate
  • Super Pretzel

Thanks to reader JMGray74 for alerting us to the sale and reader Ken for scanning the ad!

Ultra Foods has Chicagoland locations in Calumet Park, Chicago, Chicago Heights, Downers Grove, Forest Park, Hanover Park, Joliet, Kankakee, Lansing, Lombard, and Wheaton, and Indiana locations in Highland and Merrillville. For more information, visit www.ultra-foods.com.

Strack and Van Til has Chicagoland locations in Chicago and Plainfield, and Indiana locations in Crown Point, East Chicago, Hammond, Highland, Hobart, Merrillville, Munster, Schererville, St. John and Whiting. For more information, visit www.strackandvantil.com.

UPDATE: Reader Katetilly noted that Hy-Vee is also having a freezer deal March 4-6. It's $199 with $200 back in coupons. Hy-Vee has locations all over the Midwest - visit www.hy-vee.com to find one near you!

Strack Van Til freezer

Plainfield location only got 14 in and when I called at 8am they were all sold. I went in yesterday and put my name on the list for the freezers....I was #13!

Coupons included

Any store coupons (free unless indicated)
2-Old Orchard frozen concentrate No Exp.
Delizza Frozen Dessert $1.00 off 12/31/10
Jose Ole Buritto or Chimichanga 5oz or less 12/31/11
2-SuperPretzel any No Exp.
Flavrpac veg. any 12/31/10
Pictsweet Steamables 12/31/10
Mr. Dees Smashed Potatoes 12/31/10
2-Palermo's Pizza 6/30/10
2-Home Run Pizza 12/31/10
Mr. T's Perogies 6/30/11
OnCor Family size No Exp.
Rhodes Warm-n-serve 12/31/11
Banquet meal or family entree 12/31/10
Joseph Campione Garlic/Texas toast 12/31/12
Healthy Choice any frozen 12/31/11
Reames Homestyle 12/31/10
Michelina's entree any 6/30/11
Edy's Dibs 12/31/10
Edy's 1.5 qt 12/31/10
2-Deans 56 oz 12/31/11
2-Dairy Rich ice cream or sherbet 12/31/12
Baldwin ice cream 12/31/10
2-North Star any 12/31/10

Stracks,Key Market, Town & Country or Ultra coupons
Gortons any grilled fillet 4/30/10
Bertolli Frozen meal 6/30/10
Smuckers uncrustables 4pk 4/30/10
Morningstar any $2.00 off 5/31/10
DiGiorno Pizza garlic bread or flatbread 12in 5/31/10
2-Kraft Bagel-fuls 5/31/10
California Kitchen 12 in Thin & Crispy 5/31/10
Lean Cuisine entrees any two $3.00 off 5/31/10
Lang Ice 22 lb bag 5/31/10
Buy Any 2 Stouffers Entrees $3.00 off 5/31/10
Buy Any 2 Hot Pockets,Lean or Croissant pockets $3.00 off 5/31/10
Buy Any 5 Vandekamp,Aunt Jemima, Hungry Man or Celeste Pizza $6.00 off 5/31/10
Weight Watchers $2.00 off any dessert 5/31/10
Jimmy Dean breakfast item $2.00 off 5/31/10

Hope this helps :)

Thank you!

Thanks for the list! Lots of overlap with the Jewel coupon list.

DWFH got a freezer!

My Dear Wonderful Fabulous Hubby got up early (a really hard thing for him) today and was the first to get a freezer at the Wheaton/Winfield County Farm/Roosevelt Ultra. He was the only one, and said they have 19 left. I'm looking at the coupons and they're GREAT. He just brought it in the house, and managed to bring it home in the trunk of our Buick. I have to go to work, so I can't type the list now. If no one has done it later in the day, I'll do it then. Woo hoo!!! One more thing--looks like the $150 of coupons are MFRs while the $30 are Ultra store coupons. This is going to be good!


Thanks for sharing that the main $150 are manufacturer coupons -- many will be happy to hear that! Congrats on your frezer!

Freezer Size???

Will this freezer fit in a 4-door sedan trunk? Has anyone taken one home in the trunk of a Toyota Camry? Or do we need a small truck or SUV? Thanks for any help you can give to answer this for me... :)


I don't know anything about this freezer, but I can tell you that the Jewel freezer fit into my Prius. So if anyone can compare the two diff. models, maybe that could help you.

Freezer Deal

What happened to the list from the Jewel freezer deal? I can't find it.

Here it is

It's here.

Keep in mind we can't assume the same coupons will be available at Ultra/Strack with their freezer deals -- this is a Haier freezer, not an Igloo, and the coupons could likely be different as well.

Speaking of which, anyone who gets the freezer and feels like typing up a list of coupons and expiration dates (and whether or not they're manufacturer or store) - it would be appreciated by many :)


I spent the weekend looking for a good price and finally decided to wait for next year... BUT NOW - If I can get one, I only have to wait a couple of days!
Thanks so much for this info!

UPDATE: Strack and Van Til TOO!

A reader emailed to tell me that Strack and Van Til has the same freezer deal running, starting 3/4 as well!

Strack and Van Til locations: http://www.strackandvantil.com


Does Ultra Foods have some type of card you need for their savings? Like Jewel has a preferred card.

Not sure

We don't have an Ultra in my area, so I'm not sure, but I know many others do shop there -- hopefully someone will chime in and answer :)

no card

Nope, Ultra doesn't have a card. They're more bare-bones bag-your-own stores like Cub in this area used to be.

Bring your own bags!

Receive a 5 cent "coupon" for each bag, even regular paper or plastic.

Ultra coupons

how do you get these to print? I am only printing a shopping list with a line under describing "the coupon - printing" but that's all, nothing else prints. Since they are manfacturer coupons we should be able to use at other stores.

Coupons should print before list

Your mfr coupons should have been sent directly to the printer when you clicked to print your list. Then, you get the printer dialog to print the actual list (which lists the coupons at the bottom, but not the actual Q itself).

yes . . .

. . . but does it come with a scoop?!

Just when...

I had ALMOST made my peace with not getting one from Jewel! I have wavered back and forth and back and forth. Then I read on Sunday that the few Jewel ones that remained were going back today. I said OK that's it - maybe next year. Arrrggg! LOL :0)

follow the ultra foods.com link

and there are printables from ultra (man q's) many used on the current jewel catalina products...similiar to smart source. get yourself some extras


wonder if theses Q's will work at Jewel or only specific to Ultra?

Mfr coupons

Most of the coupons on Ultra's site our manufacturer coupons. The first three coupons this week are labeled as "Store Coupon". You can click on them to add to your shopping list (which prints your list items by category-very nice). Your mfr coupons will be list at the bottom of your shopping list and the actual mfr coupons will be sent directly to printer like other printables and then you can print your list separately which has the store coupons.

Where are these stores located?

Where are these stores located?

Downers Grove Ultra Foods

Located at 75th Street and Lemont Rd

look up

they are listed in Jill's post right above yours.

There's also one in Joliet

There's also one in Joliet


I have the entire store list in the first post - Joliet is in there :)