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My Super-Couponing® live workshops have continually broken attendance records for venues hosting my popular grocery-savings classes, which attract tens of thousands of people each year. Resolve to save more money in 2015 and learn to Super-Coupon with a DVD workshop!

You’ll enjoy all of the same secrets, tips and techniques taught in my live Super-Couponing and Super-Couponing 2 classes! Learn how to easily cut your grocery bill by half or more in these video workshops that are fun, fast-paced and never boring! And, with Super-Couponing 2: Saving on Everything, you’ll learn tips for saving on clothing, housewares, toys, holiday purchases… and everything else!

This isn’t the coupon clipping of our parents’ generation. With my “clipless” system, we don’t cut any coupons until we’re ready to use them, and we’re not wasting hours each week managing hundreds of little pieces of paper. You’ll learn how to save big in the least amount of time possible — minimum effort, with the maximum payoff!

Click to view FREE clips from my Super-Couponing® and Super-Couponing® 2 DVDs online and enjoy a special price of $9.99!

Super-Couponing: Changing the Way You Shop… Forever!
DVD Workshop

Coupon expert Jill Cataldo will teach you how to effectively use coupons to buy groceries for pennies on the dollar. Super-Couponing combines the best techniques for following sales with using newspaper and internet coupons to their fullest advantage. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it saves you big money! Sound too good to be true? It isn’t! And anyone can do it.

This 70-minute video was shot before a live audience and contains extra footage specially filmed for the DVD release.

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Super-Couponing 2: Saving on Everything!
DVD Workshop

Can’t get enough of Super-Couponing? Coupon expert Jill Cataldo is back with more, advanced tips on cutting your grocery bill with coupons, as well as finding bargains on clothing, household and holiday items. Get ready to save even more money… on everything!

It is highly recommended that you have already completed the first Super-Couponing DVD workshop before utilizing techniques taught in Super-Couponing 2, as many of the techniques in the second class are based on what you’ve learned in the first workshop.


This 82-minute video was shot before a live audience and contains a 13-minute bonus featurette that follows Jill to the grocery store for a Super-Couponing shopping trip! (Total runtime: 95 minutes)

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Need to get your coupons organized?
With Super-Couponing, there’s no need to carry or maintain a giant coupon binder!
Go “clipless” and only cut & carry the coupons you need!


Split Accordion File Folder

As seen in Super-Couponing: Changing the Way You Shop… Forever!

One of the keys to Jill’s “clipless” method of coupon insert organization is the split accordion file! It’s an easy, quick way to organize your coupons when they arrive in the newspaper each week.

Don’t waste time maintaining a giant coupon binder! With the clipless method, simply file the entire insert intact each week, then simply pull and cut only the coupons you need for this week’s shopping trip. Take those coupons with you, leaving your coupon file at home to plan next week’s trip!
(More organization info here!)

  • 14 Pocket/12 Tab Split Accordion File
  • Adhesive labels for tabs included
  • Small pocket to hold store loyalty cards

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File Folder:



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