P&G Rebate: FREE T-Fal Caldero with $25 receipt

Reader San sent over a mail-in rebate offer from Procter & Gamble: Buy $25 worth of participating P&G products in a single transaction and receive a FREE T-Fal Caldero cooking pan!

You need to purchase the P&G products at a participating store, but Jewel-Osco is one of the stores. You might have a $25 Pantene receipt from last week's deal if you used a P&G product to get over the $25 mark. If you do, you're in luck -- and this deal's easy to do too, because you have your choice of how to submit your receipt. You can print a traditional rebate form, or you can upload a scan of the receipt, or send a photo of it via smartphone!

Your $25 purchase must have been made between 12/28/12 and 06/30/13 on one receipt from a participating store. Receipts from non-participating stores will not be honored. We have a lot of time for this one, so keep it in mind if you are purchasing $25 of P&G between now and the end of June.

Participating products include: Align®, Always®, Aussie®, Bounce®, Bounty®, Braun®, Camay®, Cascade®, Charmin®, Cheer®, Clairol®, Clearblue Easy®, Cover Girl®, Crest®, Dawn®, Downy®, Dreft®, Duracell®, Era®, Febreze®, Fixodent®, Gain®, Gillette®, Gleem®, Glide®, Head & Shoulders®, Herbal Essences®, Hydrience®, Iams®, Ivory®, Joy®, Luvs®, Metamucil®, Mr. Clean®, Natural Instincts®, Nice & Easy®, Olay®, Old Spice®, Oral B®, Pampers®, Pantene®, Pepto Bismol®, Prilosec OTC®, Puffs®, Safeguard®, Scope®, Secret®, Swiffer®, Tampax®, Tide®, Vicks®. Not valid for any Prilosec OTC product reimbursed or paid under Medicaid, Medicare, or any federal or state healthcare program, including state medical and pharmacy
assistance programs, or where prohibited by law.

Finally got my rebate

I emailed P&G last week as I still did not get this rebate from almost a year ago. They called back and said there were no more caldero pans asked if I would prefer a 9" saute pan or a cookie sheet. I said the saute pan. She said they would FedEx it out and I'd get it this week.

I got a box today and when I opened it, this is what was inside!

Pink Saute Pan, Pink Colander, Pink Spatula, Pink Tongs, Flexible Non-Slip Pink Cutting Board

What a surprise! It's very pink!


Well, at least you got something after all this time! That must have been left over from a different P&G rebate did in 2012 for breast cancer month. Nice though!

I added the photo for you. Anyone else get this?

P&G ran out of the Caldero sent me gift cards instead

I did my shopping 6/22 and submitted my receipt via phone before 6/30th. Today I received the three recipe cards along with 4 - $10 prepaid VISA cards with a letter stating that due to the overwhelming response they are unable to ship the Caldero. Would have like the Caldero but CASH is always good in my book!

me too. i am very happy to

me too. i am very happy to get the gift cards!


That's very nice. P&G has a history of making things right with these cookware rebates when they run out of things. Last year, some people didn't receive the cookbook they ordered with their rice cooker & tamale pot rebate (you could choose one of three cookbooks.) One reader got a different cookbook substituted AND an Amazon gift card to choose the other cookbook of her choice.

I just received 1 $40 Visa

I just received 1 $40 Visa gift card and the recipe cards instead of the pan. I'll take $40 any day!

I just e-mailed them because

I just e-mailed them because I never received my Caldero... I guess we will see! I bought more than $30 worth of pantene back in February, so you would think I would have had my Caldero back in March, but still nothing....sigh.

jill, we are submitting this

jill, we are submitting this today via my iphone. a question. it asks to circle the amount spent on the reciept. i used coupons. so even though i bought $29.90 worth of products i only spent $13.59. should i circle the amount spent or write in and circle the amount before coupons. my reciept does not have a subtotal before coupons.

I circled the PRODUCTS and their prices (pre coupon)

I circled all of the products and their pre-coupon prices - I didn't circle the total as my receipt was long and I had all the P&G products at the top. I did submit it and received the pan.

ok. thanks

ok. thanks

Bumping up - I received mine today

I was very surprised to receive my Caldero already in today's mail! It's much bigger than I thought it would be. Very nice, especially when it's free! So, it took about two weeks from the time I submitted my receipt online.

P&G T-Fal

My New pot arrived yesterday too! VERY nice!

Me Too !

I sent mine in electronically . That was so cool. Hubby was diappointed it wasn't a package for him. But excited to see the FREE pan.

how do you use one reciept on

how do you use one reciept on both offers?

I'm not sure if they will honor both

Are you talking about using the same receipt for the P&G beauty offer and the cooking pot offer? The cooking pot receipt can be submitted electronically, so I suppose it is possible, if they'll honor both.

I have to check my reciept,

I have to check my reciept, but I think it's just under $25, because we had to add that juice to get over $25.
Oh, and I just checked the participating stores and my nearby "Spanish" Jewel is included, but not the one I bought Pantene at. Does that mean they wouldn't accept it? Hmmm.

I added Puffs!

My Jewel was sold out of the punch, so I added a box of Puffs to get over $25..! My receipt will be okay, but I wish I'd known about this before last week's deal or I would have mentioned it there...! Shoot. :(

Well, if by chance you used another P&G item as a filler, then you'd be good to go. The offer runs through June, so we do have a lot of time to do another deal sometime in the next 3 1/2 months too. I will keep this one in mind now that I know about it for future scenarios.

In addition to Jewel-Osco, there are lots of other local/area stores participating, like Valli Produce & Sentry Foods. You can search online for a list of stores near you.

Yes, but I see only Jewels

Yes, but I see only Jewels that we think of as Spanish are included, not ALL the Jewel stores. Do you think it's OK to send the receipts from any Jewel, or just the ones listed?

The form says "any"

If you download the PDF form, it says "To redeem this offer at any Jewel Osco, purchase $25 of participating Procter & Gamble products:"

I'm going to try it with my Huntley receipt.

Update - receipt accepted

I submitted my receipt electronically (Huntley Jewel-Osco) and it was accepted. You get an email back less than ten minutes after you submit electronically.

I don't understand how to

I don't understand how to submit it electronically. Could you explain please?

Go on the site

At the bottom of the homepage, it says "Find a Participating Store Near You."

Choose which store you bought it from - either enter your zip code, or click "J" for Jewel-Osco. Then, click the green button for "View Offers."

You will see three buttons:

Click to upload & verify receipt
Click to print mail-in offer form
Click to email yourself mail-in offer form

Choose the first option to upload your receipt.

It will give you the option to either upload a scan from your hard drive or take a photo of the receipt with your phone. You enter your email address before you upload, and when your receipt is accepted, they email you back a unique link to finish filling out your shipping info.

Texting works too...

I just texted my reciept photo and went through a couple of series of texts back.
Following my text to them, I received a text to tell them my age.
They responded thank you - we will advise you within 24 hours if your submission is accepted.
Within 5 minutes they sent a text telling me my submission was accepted and to follow the link they provided in the text to supply my mailing information and email address.
By the way, I didn't use one of the Jewels listed, I visited one closer to my house and then thought this was a lost cause.
BUT, thanks Jill - Looks like it's working at any Jewel.
Looking forward to sharing when I receive the Caldero.


I figured it was worth trying, because if you PRINT the rebate form, it says "Any Jewel-Osco." Their automated system appears to agree. :)

Thank you!

Thank you!

Do all Jewel stores participate?

My jewel wasn't listed. What are my options?

The print form says "ANY" Jewel Osco

My Huntley Jewel wasn't listed on the master list of Jewels either, but I submitted my Jewel receipt this morning and it was accepted.