Free Pine-Sol Cleaner Giveaway!

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UPDATE: GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED! The winners are Amykrencius and Stacy Odegaard!

Hey, Super-Couponers… it’s officially 2012! With the new year here, many people’s thoughts turn to New Year’s resolutions and ways to improve their lives. Well, if keeping a cleaner home is on your list, this giveaway could possibly get your January started off with something to help your bathroom and kitchen become clean and bright. This week, two readers will each win FREE Pine-Sol cleaner!

Housework may not be glamorous, but you can get the job done more quickly with a an effective all-purpose cleaner like Pine-Sol. Available in Original, Lemon Fresh, Lavender Clean, Sparkling Wave, Outdoor Fresh, and Garden Fresh, there’s a Pine-Sol scent for everyone to enjoy. (Pine-Sol’s website says that you’ll clean like a “Domestic Goddess” with their products, though I imagine some of my male readers might disagree just a bit!)

Ready to clean up? TWO readers will each win a coupon for a FREE bottle of Pine-Sol, any size or any scent! ($3.50 value)

To enter, simply post a reply in the comments under this article! This Pine-Sol giveaway begins today, January 5th, 2012, and runs for one week. The giveaway will end on January 11th, 2012 at 11:59pm CST, and on January 12th, two winners will be chosen via a random number generator!

More about Pine-Sol:


There’s a reason this powerful cleaner has been in your family for generations — it works. Since 1929, the unmistakable pine scent of Pine-Sol has simply meant clean. Use Scented Pine-Sol to clean linoleum, tile, porcelain, wood, cement, concrete, trash bins, appliances. Use Original Pine-Sol to clean all of the above, plus laundry stains on white or colorfast fabrics too.

Learn more about Pine-Sol at

Legal: This giveaway is sponsored by Pine-Sol and Responding to this post with a comment qualifies readers to enter. Duplicate posts do not increase chances of winning. The contest began at midnight CST on January 5th, 2011 and will end at 11:59pm CST on January 11th, 2012. Two winners will be chosen via random-number generator on January 12th, 2012. Winners will be announced the same day. Winners will each receive ONE coupon for a free bottle of Pine-Sol cleaner, any size or any scent, with a maximum value of $3.50. Free coupons for Pine-Sol products were provided by Pine-Sol for the purpose of this giveaway at BlogHer ’11. I have received coupons for free Pine-Sol products, as well as information to help promote the product as part of this giveaway. Winners will be contacted via the Private Messaging feature of and via email. If a winner does not reply to the message within 48 hours of notification, that winner will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be chosen. Fulfillment will be handled by Giveaway is only open to residents of the United States. Odds of winning are determined by number of eligible entries received. Good luck to everyone!


  • sunshine8605. Jan, 2012

    would be a great incentive to help me start my spring cleaning a little early!!!!!

  • Connie23705. Jan, 2012

    Can’t wait to win!!!

  • Springfield05. Jan, 2012

    Early spring cleaning with the warmer weather

  • rangerdave05. Jan, 2012

    I love the smell of Pine Sol in the morning!

  • grynarv05. Jan, 2012

    looking foward to this amazing product. quality and freshness can you ask for more better results?

  • kklein05. Jan, 2012

    I grew up cleaning with Pine Sol!

  • beep197505. Jan, 2012

    I’d like to try a different scent.

  • iLOVEcoupons8005. Jan, 2012

    pinesol makes the whole house smell like you cleaned all day but you really didnt ;)

  • curly05. Jan, 2012

    I love the clean smell of Pine-Sol!

  • eztupp05. Jan, 2012

    its time for me to clean!

  • amylynnrt05. Jan, 2012

    We love pine sol, use it all the time would love to have a free bottle !

  • dfath05. Jan, 2012

    And pine sol too!

  • DanaMc05. Jan, 2012

    Thanks for the Giveaway, Jill.

  • dusterdawn05. Jan, 2012

    i’m in!

  • mmelcher16205. Jan, 2012

    Hope I win.

  • soapboxtray05. Jan, 2012

    time to clean up the chicken dinner!

  • mdrehoble05. Jan, 2012

    I love using Pine-Sol.

  • momofgirls05. Jan, 2012

    sure would like to get this one.

  • anitrafly05. Jan, 2012

    Love the smell of a PineSol cleaned house!

  • Stacy Odegaard05. Jan, 2012

    So many good giveaways! Thanks!

  • happywsavings05. Jan, 2012

    love the pine-sol.

  • Supermom1005. Jan, 2012

    A great giveaway.

  • moredhead05. Jan, 2012

    my favorite cleaner.
    does outstanding job on lots of stains

  • princessamy5905. Jan, 2012

    I love the way my house smells after pine-sol! It always reminds me of my mother and grwoing up.

  • Brian N05. Jan, 2012

    Love the free stuff. ;-)

  • Luv2save205. Jan, 2012

    When I clean with this stuff it always so clean!!! Thanks Jill.

  • twinmom7505. Jan, 2012

    While I hate cleaning, I love the smell of a clean house!

  • Janice Miller05. Jan, 2012

    Never used it but would like to try it!!

  • pezpup05. Jan, 2012

    Sure could use this around my house! Thanks Jill!

  • ynotpat05. Jan, 2012

    less painful!

  • mattnsusan05. Jan, 2012

    Love it and would definitely use it! Thanks!

  • theo123405. Jan, 2012

    Free is good and so is pinesol!

  • mport105. Jan, 2012

    I’m certainly ready for a free way to clean in the new year. Thank you Jill.

  • JBartels05. Jan, 2012

    I will cross my fingers that I will be a winner. Gotta have the power of positive thinking!

  • funtime1205. Jan, 2012

    …..but it’s good to know !

  • Janet-saved05. Jan, 2012

    This will be great for a clean bathroom! Thanks Jill!

  • Kristalb0105. Jan, 2012

    Hello Jill! I NEED this product in my life and my house will thank you for it :o)

  • janbolux05. Jan, 2012

    I love this stuff and my house needs it. Thanks!

  • natstans05. Jan, 2012

    my house can use this

  • Truns9905. Jan, 2012

    Need to catch up on cleaning…and this would help!

  • Jillian6105. Jan, 2012

    My stockpile of Pine-Sol is almost gone, I could really use some more, please?

  • Hamptons Mom05. Jan, 2012

    …once I smell that wonderful clean sent of Pine-sol! Could use a little cleaning motivation.

  • Moetoe84705. Jan, 2012

    I love Pine Sol!

  • a8n3fan05. Jan, 2012

    love the smell of pine

  • lexibaby405. Jan, 2012

    I love Pine-Sol and all there great scents!

  • Ms_Missy05. Jan, 2012


  • Andelgirl05. Jan, 2012

    I love Pine!

  • demottelovescoupons05. Jan, 2012

    Makes the house smell clean.

  • ktkl05. Jan, 2012

    I love cleaning with Pine Sol!

  • IllinoisMom05. Jan, 2012

    I don’t care how it smells. I just want a clean kitchen floor!

  • jenny6505. Jan, 2012

    i love pinesole please please

  • vianney0805. Jan, 2012

    you are great!

  • elwego05. Jan, 2012

    could use that got alot of cleaning to do still from the holidays

  • winnienet2605. Jan, 2012

    cool blue pine sol

  • alicia420705. Jan, 2012

    A new scent would really make me clean!!

  • dianeguerra83@yahoo.com06. Jan, 2012

    Love this stuff – use it all the time!

  • bethann92906. Jan, 2012

    .. but I love it when the house smells fresh and looks great. So please count me in for the giveaway! Thank you :)

  • QT1706. Jan, 2012

    A clean house is always a good thing! Count me in for the giveaway!

  • bluedemon2006. Jan, 2012

    Gotta try. :)

  • rickfmdj06. Jan, 2012

    Hate to clean but Pine-sol is the one to use!

  • Heather H06. Jan, 2012

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • dennyj106. Jan, 2012

    Thanks Jill… have done sooo much for our family. Maybe you can clean us up too!

  • couponsrmyhero06. Jan, 2012

    Pin-sol is my hero! Cleaning is my nemesis!

  • Mkuhn1606. Jan, 2012

    Yay! Love free stuff!!

  • addicted06. Jan, 2012

    for another nice giveaway!

  • debmart06. Jan, 2012

    Love Pine-sol! Love the giveaways! Thank you!!!!!

  • jbiz25200206. Jan, 2012

    Love the blue color, excited to be considered for free Pine-Sol!

  • yourschmoopy206. Jan, 2012

    I love Pine-Sol especially when it’s free! Love the giveaway’s.

  • bevley06. Jan, 2012

    PIne-Sol is my cleaner of choice! It would be amazing to have the first bottle of the new year be free! Thanks for this amazing website, Jill!

  • LMeeker06. Jan, 2012

    Thank you.

  • teemunkee06. Jan, 2012

    If it’s free, it’s for me…thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Maureenv06. Jan, 2012

    Love Pine-sol, especially the lemon.

  • mnel73006. Jan, 2012

    After the crazy holidays I definitely could use this for some serious cleaning! :)

  • jsarance06. Jan, 2012

    This would come in handy, that’s for sure!! Hope I win!

  • mburger06. Jan, 2012

    I love to get any freebies so Pine-Sol, bring it on!

  • glidewelli06. Jan, 2012


  • djg06. Jan, 2012

    I just love scented cleaners!

  • donagraydavis@gmail.com06. Jan, 2012

    A Pinesol gift would be greatly appreciated!

  • YaniCR06. Jan, 2012

    When I was a little girl my mother always cleaned the house with Pine-sol and it made the house smell so fresh and clean, Now I buying it all the time and it brings back so many memories every time I clean the house. :-)

  • couponot06. Jan, 2012

    Love pine-sol

  • teppperhart06. Jan, 2012

    I love Pine-Sol. I love the smell and how good it works. I really enjoy the product and have been using it for many years. I would love to receive the free coupon.

  • Momma Goddess07. Jan, 2012

    It’s not MY resolution, but I’ll take some.

  • Pollysmom07. Jan, 2012

    Always a favorite! :)

  • Toniesme07. Jan, 2012

    I love it!

  • jkallday07. Jan, 2012

    Hope to win. It is about time I starting cleaning.

  • lajones8107. Jan, 2012

    I’ve never tried it before and would love a chance!

  • hlmills07. Jan, 2012

    After last week with the flu… my house could use some pine sol!!

  • cpanzer1807. Jan, 2012

    Mmm…I love how Pine-Sol makes the house smell after using it!

  • jcourt7607. Jan, 2012

    We love using this cleaner! Nothing works as well on our type of tile!

  • bbutz07. Jan, 2012

    I love cleaning products…especially FREE ones!

  • wireman197907. Jan, 2012

    Pick me, pick me! It’s time for my super-duper winter deep-cleaning.

  • pizzaman07. Jan, 2012

    my floors are dirty

  • dacmg07. Jan, 2012

    We love Pine sol!

  • GMoney07. Jan, 2012

    Only if it made with real lemon juice, not artificial

  • ekhiller07. Jan, 2012

    One of my favorites for a clean house!

  • markielamb102007. Jan, 2012

    I LOVE Pinsol! We use alot of it! Always try to keep my floors clean for my little ones! :) Hope I win!

  • janetb07. Jan, 2012

    great cleaner

  • chattykenyon07. Jan, 2012

    Boy, does this bring back memories of Mom cleaning with Pine Sol and old fashioned Spic and Span powder. Count me in please.

  • Tracy556507. Jan, 2012

    Great Cleaner and we all need to clean.

  • mommybarefield07. Jan, 2012

    Love the lemon scent!!!

  • erinalice07. Jan, 2012

    The original is the best

  • 4boyshunting8907. Jan, 2012

    OK, OK….If I have to clean, it might as well be pine sol. Love the Carolina Pine forest smell!

  • kbrindisi07. Jan, 2012

    Thanks Jill!!

  • amykrencius08. Jan, 2012

    I will never forget the pine sol commercials! Believe it or not to clean! Thanks Jill :)

  • icpn208. Jan, 2012

    Oh the JOY of cleaning! Thank you !!

  • Foosrus08. Jan, 2012

    what’s not to like about free pine-sol? it’s a great cleaner!

  • Sasha808408. Jan, 2012

    Love it!

  • Dinkers0308. Jan, 2012

    This would do wonders to help me clean my new house!!!

  • MrsPlum08. Jan, 2012

    Always could use more pin-sol

  • jenjen34808. Jan, 2012

    Sounds like a great product! Would love to try it again…it’s been years!

  • lisak6908. Jan, 2012

    Love this stuff!

  • Kate32108. Jan, 2012

    I’m following in my Grandma’s footsteps and using Pine Sol for every day cleaning!
    LOVE IT!

  • mlo201208. Jan, 2012

    I am in desperate need of a bottle of pinesol to make my house smell good. I hope I get one of these coupons. Fingers crossed. :)

  • edieauriemma08. Jan, 2012

    Love the way my house smells after cleaning with pine-sol

  • Dona Lisa08. Jan, 2012

    Brings back memories After the holidays we need to clean up

  • Ms Discount 108. Jan, 2012

    I Can Use It well Around the house & my office

  • maryervi08. Jan, 2012

    I use it in my laundry. My husband works out all the time and his clothes used to smell awful, but Pine-Sol helps a lot.

  • smashly08. Jan, 2012

    loveee it!!!

  • kuracha08. Jan, 2012

    would love to use it for my kitchen and bathroom :)

  • T2308. Jan, 2012

    as does my husband, one of his favorite cleaning products!

  • Jovandi2108. Jan, 2012

    With all the warm weather I want to do Spring Cleaning…..

  • march2j08. Jan, 2012

    Your house has a great smell after you clean it with PineSol I would love to win it.

  • Dottie7908. Jan, 2012

    Can’t beat the clean of Pine-Sol! : )

  • Paintedlady08. Jan, 2012

    Love it!

  • DealJunkie08. Jan, 2012

    This would certainly make cleaning floors more pleasant.

  • kiki508. Jan, 2012

    Love pine-sol and the way it makes my home feel clean even if it’s not spotless. Nice way to make me feel good!

  • anassor08. Jan, 2012

    I would love to have the product

  • ConE08. Jan, 2012

    Yes I could use a bottle of Pine Sol. You never can have enough cleaning supplies(or people to use them!).

  • lynnette198408. Jan, 2012

    Hi! I love Pine Sol and with two boys around the house is always good to have a clean house.

  • momofje08. Jan, 2012

    I love this product!

  • aliciagwensmith08. Jan, 2012

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • clarissa08. Jan, 2012

    I love Pine-Sol! It’s awesome!

  • Ajgrace408. Jan, 2012

    Pinesol keeps the house smelling so fresh and clean!

  • alizach09. Jan, 2012

    i love to win it

  • tulay09. Jan, 2012

    Love this product.

  • mflynn111609. Jan, 2012

    I could use some Pine Sol with 5 kids.!!

  • wannabinup09. Jan, 2012

    Keeping it clean!

  • ReneeParr09. Jan, 2012

    This is my favorite smell-Love Pine-Sol

  • jpohlman8109. Jan, 2012

    Pinesol is teh best. it works wonderfully and makes the house smell spectacular!

  • gumgirl12309. Jan, 2012

    Make No Mistake—-Pine-Sol is the best of the best!

  • Snkdmk061909. Jan, 2012

    I love pinesol. This would be perfect since i have all wood floors. lol

  • mycouponscount09. Jan, 2012

    Pine-Sol is my number one cleaning product. Great for cleaning and disinfecting many items around the house. It gives such a clean, fresh scent too.

  • rgtaction09. Jan, 2012

    Just love the stuff.

  • smacdvm09. Jan, 2012

    Gotta love the smell of pine-sol!

  • jncsmmr09. Jan, 2012

    Got to LOVE the FRESH SMELL
    NEW start for NEW YEAR

  • couponloving09. Jan, 2012

    I would love to win some Pine-Sol.

  • pvaa09. Jan, 2012

    Love this product! Only brand I use!

  • EricSean09. Jan, 2012

    Would love to win the pine sol.I have already started my spring cleaning so this would help alot. Thanks for all the great giveaways.

  • momof5rocks09. Jan, 2012

    I want to Clean like a Domestic Goddess!!!!!!

  • precious2me09. Jan, 2012

    who doesn’t love free stuff:-)

  • Netty10. Jan, 2012

    I had to LOL when I saw this…I just had to borrow a bottle from my MIL this past weekend because I was all out. I didn’t have a coupon so I was waiting for a sale. FREE would be even better. :)

  • iamrisingfawn10. Jan, 2012

    My mom always used PinSol when we were kids….It seemed to disappear for a while. I took your class a couple of years ago…been couponing off and on for years, lots of really good tips/info in your classes.
    My husband recently lost his job after nearly 30 years, now my couponing is more a necessity. Anything ‘free’ is a boost to our bottom line! :O)
    Thanks so very much for taking the time to post here, it’s a wonderful tool and I really appreciate the help!

  • llc10. Jan, 2012

    I could use free Pine-Sol. Put me in for the pick.

  • lauradolci310. Jan, 2012


  • tank51710. Jan, 2012

    Pine-Sol is great!

  • Qcrazy10. Jan, 2012

    great chance to try a different scent

  • vpaguilera10. Jan, 2012

    Thanks so much for this site!

  • YAZ81910. Jan, 2012

    Count me in! I love the way Pine-Sol smells!

  • twinsplustwo10. Jan, 2012

    I love the smell of a clean home!

  • Lisaed10. Jan, 2012

    Luv that pine-sol

  • couponbug10. Jan, 2012

    A great way to start the new year!

  • emmolck11. Jan, 2012

    Would love to try pine-sol

  • free7112111. Jan, 2012

    Just in time for spring cleaning! Thanks.

  • Sonyia11. Jan, 2012

    Pine Sol is used regularly in our home! Thanks for the chance to get one free!!!

  • couponsheila11. Jan, 2012

    What a great way to start the new year! Love the smell :)

  • slbarry811. Jan, 2012

    Thanks, Jill!

  • Micoleli11. Jan, 2012

    I so love Pine Sol !!! I have allergies and this does not bother me! Great cleaner and great scent!!!

  • lorim11. Jan, 2012

    It would be nice to get one of these free coupons for pine sol, to clean my mothers house all up and give it a fresh smelling scent. Before spring gets here.

  • Alifer11. Jan, 2012

    This is my favor cleaner, it makes the whole house smell nice. I’ll love to win this giveaway!!! Thanks Jill.

  • lynnchan101411. Jan, 2012

    I am new to this whole new COUPONING and already I LOVE IT! I am currently unemployed and looking for FREE things for my house! Pine Sol is one of them. I LOVE using Pine Sol. I am so excited my sister told me about you and I WILL STICK WITH YOU so I can learn and put to use everything so I can get the most for my buck!

  • lynnd511. Jan, 2012

    Love Pine sol

  • coll10kee11. Jan, 2012

    Guess I can always use some extra cleaner.

  • jl38136711. Jan, 2012

    thanks for the chance to win!

  • saveabuck11. Jan, 2012

    I love Pine-Sol!

  • eathealthy11. Jan, 2012

    I would like to win!

  • dmaster196611. Jan, 2012

    Being using Pine-Sol since i was a child. I don’t use the knock offs, just the real deal. Pine-Sol has always reminded within my budget and I will not give it up.